High-tech keyboard delight!

Seems I am a bit of a gadget geek. I love anything new and techie. Even though, according to hubby (my very own in-house IT tech guy) I seem to have a force field around me that sends anything electronic and computerized into spasms of shock. I like them but they do NOT like me. I think the only electronic gadget I haven’t had issues with yet is my Kindle (knock on wood). Ahhh…it’s a torrid and drama filled love affair!

So, given my obsession with electronics, you know I’m a HUGE lover of the new tablets out there! Although, I have to admit I hesistate in my purchase of this new shiny and wonderous toy because…well…I hate touch keyboards! With nails and large fingers tips it’s a recipe for typing disaster. I am constantly back spacing and facing auto-correct insanity. Not to mention, those keyboards take up precious screen real estate!

Well sit down and hold on to your panties cause I’ve got the solution for us! It’s techno and it’s fahhhbulous!!! Say hello to my new BFF the virtual keyboard!


Seriously, this is the shit! It’s like electronic techno heaven.

The Bluetooth box projects a laser-generated keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface, providing an instant keyboard. I mean, can’t you just see this for your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone.

The keyboard it generates is 9 3/4″ wide by 4″ deep with 3/4″ keys. It recognizes keystrokes in 3D by an optical sensor that detects finger placement at different areas on the keyboard. And wait…it actually distinguishes between a finger hovering above a key and actually touching the key. Seriously?!?!?!? Yes! Using an invisible infrared horizontal plane projected JUST above the surface, it detects actual contact with “keys”. NO WAY?!?!?!?! Can you say ahhmazing!!!

It can keep pace with typing speeds up to 400 characters-per-minute (A) impressive but B) who the hell can type THAT fast…seriously?!?!?!). With a full charge, the virtual keyboard lasts for a solid 2.5 hours.

That means I can take this baby anywhere and voila, instant fully functioning keyboard! I can see it now. Hubby and I are out touring around the trails in the Rhino. We stop so he can have a little fish and I can whip this bad boy out, hook up my phone and get to writing! O.M.G. I bet I could project the keyboard right on the tailgate of the Rhino. Set up a little stool and there I’ll be; writing my book on the back of my bike!!! I’ll be forever known as the tailgate writer. I’ll be famous. People will line up to get my books. This is gonna be GREAT! Wait…hmmm…I wonder if it’s dust proof???

So I know you are chomping at the bit. Where can I get this? How much is it? Well, you can order yours here for a mere $199.95. And of course, it comes with the Hammacher Schlemmer lifetime guarantee, which means that if you don’t like it for any reason; you can return it for exchange, credit, or refund.

Do you think you could make use of the virtual keyboard? How do you like touch keypads?

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

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