Marriage proposals; be original

Marriage proposals come in all shapes, size, and styles. I’ve heard some pretty incredible proposals stories and, unfortunately, some pretty lame ones. As you likely guessed, hubby did it up right when he popped the question.

It was a gorgeous summer day. Hot. Sun shining. Not a cloud in the sky. We decided to drive the 2 hours to spend the afternoon at our fav summer beach. With spectacular white sands and warm ocean waters as far as the eye can see, it’s perfection. We loaded up the truck with all our gear and headed off on our adventure.

When we got there, people were just starting to arrive so we had lots of space to choose from. We settled in with our blankets, chairs and beach umbrella and cracked a cold beer. A little sunning, a little reading; the day was shaping up lovely. To make matters even better, another couple we are close with joined us.

We were all maxin’ and relaxin’ when hubby said he was going to go build a sand castle. About an hour later, he came and asked me to check out his sand art. And there, when I rounded the sand bar, was when I saw it. Hubby had carved a spectacular sand heart with a hand coming out of it. My ring sat perfectly in the hand.

He asked me if I would marry him. I cried and said yes. Our friends gave us a huge cheer. It seemed like the entire beach applauded!!! It was by far the most romantic day of my life.

Yip, the photo at the top is REAL and was my engagement experience.

But I gotta say….this guy gives even hubby a run for his money:

What about you? What is your marriage proposal story? What’s the most romantic (or utterly disastrous) proposal story you’ve heard? Share the wealth…

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