The joy of bad Christmas presents

When I receive a terrible Christmas present, I cover my distaste by being overly enthusiastic. I put on the biggest smile, scream in delight, and talk about the million ways I can use said awful thing. I go on and on for at least a good 5 to 10 minutes in the hopes that the gift-giver has no idea how appalled I am at their insanity! I figure regardless of how nasty it is, they still went out and made an effort, right?

As an adult, I’ve received some real doozies in my life! Lord, I hope the gift-givers aren’t reading my blog?!?!? A single pizza baking sheet (that I knew had come in a pack of two), a set of used wrenches, regifted gifts (finding the tag of the original gift giver on the back), coupons, a neon red plastic bowl, a pair of children’s socks, and my all-time fav…a red and blue foam sword. Yes…a foam sword.

OMG, I LOVE IT!!! A form sword…I’ve like always WANTED a FOAM SWORD!!! How did you know?!!!?!?! This is fantastic!!! I am going to spend the rest of today beating people with it…it’s ahhmazing!! I love that you guys get me THE BEST and funnest gifts EVER!! WOW….THANK YOU!!!

Yip….no joke! I was THAT enthusiastic! I mean, I won’t lie…I did have a blast assaulting everyone at Christmas dinner with it but…a foam sword as a Christmas gift to a woman in her 30s?!?! Not sure what the thinking was there but hey…I tried to be gracious!

Well, these parents put my terrible Christmas presents to shame! I am sure most of you heard about Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube challenge?! He asked parents in America to play a little trick on their kids. A couple of weeks before Christmas, let them open one gift early but give them something really terrible. Capture their reactions on video and upload it to YouTube.

It’s HYSTERICAL. I love how honest kids are. Maybe I should give that a try next time I receive a bad gift?

Lucky for me, this year I scored and averted the terrible Christmas present. Phew! Huge relief. It can be exhausting putting on that kind of show.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

Time to dish the dirt! Tell me about your most terrible Christmas presents ever! How did you cover your reaction or…did you? Come on…share the wealth! Your secrets are safe here!

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  1. I don t think Ive received a gift like these. But we do lists for each other. I jated the Kimmel thing. why would you do something intentionally to hurt a child?
    Off my soapbox and back to work.

  2. ROFL! A foam sword?!

    I’ve been pretty lucky and can’t actually recall anything completely awful. I mean the turkey fryer was an ick but FIL picked it out himself so we simply thanked him (exchanged it later). But your reaction reminds me of the year That Man gave me a set of my own tools. I LOVED it, it was something I wanted so I gushed, but everyone else thought he was off his rocker (probably thought I was trying to make That Man feel better). He got so much grief that year, LOL.

    • A set of tools. ROFL. I can see why everyone gave That Man a very hard time. LOL!! But at least it was a gift you wanted and asked for – thank god. He listens well and takes direction so That Man rocks!!

  3. Elena Aitken says:

    Oh my goodness! I hadn’t seen that video before. I must say…I was impressed with how some of the kids handled it..but some of them! Are you kidding me?! When my kids were little we used to play a game where we’d all run around the house and grab something to ‘gift’ to another family member. then we had to practice reacting graciously to whatever we ‘got’. It was excellent practice for them and they’ve always had the utmost grace when receiving presents.
    That being said…the worst present I ever received was an engagement present. It was a plastic cactus where each bump of the cactus was a cheese knife that you pulled out. It was terrible. But mad did we get some giggles. 🙂

    • What a fantastic idea Elena to teach your children about being gracious!! Wow…because yes, I am sure over our lifetime all of us receive gifts that aren’t quite to our taste. Like the plastic cactus cheese set. OMG. That is simply terrible. I wonder where anyone would even find such a thing!! LOL!! But you are right, it was good for the giggles so there’s always that.

  4. HA-LAR-ious, Natalie! I seriously can’t stop laughing… Just picturing you cooing and dancing over foam swords and neon bowls… It’s too much! What do you do with them afterwards? Return/exchange…re-gift?? 😉 😉

    I aim for honesty, though I try to be diplomatic. I thank the giver for the effort or thought, but don’t throw a love fest when all I can think is YUCK! or HUH?! (You’re far nicer than me! lol)

    • Diplomatic honesty – I might have to try that. LOL!!
      Where do the terrible gifts go!?!? Well to the land of terrible gifts, of course. LOL! Some sadly go to the garbage while others, I give away to someone who might make use of it (I know tons of people who need children socks), and some I actually try to make use of (the neon bowl has become a great chip bowl and conversation piece). 🙂

  5. Natalie, I’m going to be watching you very carefully when I bring you a gift! I promise it won’t be a foam sword.

  6. Now your secret is out! If I ever give you a gift and you gush on and on and on about it, I’m calling you out for hating it. Which just makes me want to give you something lame to see if you gush. Oh, I’m evil, I know.

    That video is hilarious! Those kids get all bent out of shape about their gifts, but some keep it together enough not to say it’s the worst Christmas ever. Poor kids!

    How did I miss Jillian and Jenny’s posts? Yipes, I need to go read those right now!

  7. Yep, you’re secret is out! And, I admit I do the same thing! 🙂

    The video is funny. . . and a bit sad. I’ve been in the room with some of those kids who open bad gifts then behave poorly, and it’s awful. I wanted to throttle them for being so ungrateful.

    Maybe since these kids were getting gifts from their parents they felt they didn’t need to filter their reactions, but, with the exception of a few, they were old enough to have been taught better. Even if the lousy gift was from mom.

    Okay. I’ll turn my tsk-tsking meter off. LOL.

  8. Wow, those were some really bad presents (both yours AND the ones in the video). I once got a really bad present from my parents when I was about 13, and I thought I faked delight really well until a day or two later, they insisted we take it back and get something else. This year, Mr B had me convinced in the lead-up to Christmas that he’d got me a really bad present and I wasted weeks on pretending to him “I’ll love it” though I knew he didn’t believe me, and had extra guilt because he said “It was your mother’s idea. Now even I think it’s a bad present but it would hurt her if she knew you didn’t like it.” Why oh why have I not learned to see through his games!

  9. LOL. That video is awesome. I’ve never gotten any horrible gifts, though I can tell when someone doesn’t think too hard about it. This year someone actually gave me something you get at Hallmark–but they gave me the same thing like seven years ago. 0_o
    One time my mom got a recycled gift. She knew it was recycled because it’s what she got the person the year before. (If you’re going to recycle, you really should keep track of who gave it to you. 😉 )

    • The same Hallmark present 7 years later AND you remembered – wow! I am impressed. I think I’d have not even clued in. LOL!! And I couldn’t agree more, if you are going to regift, A) don’t regift back the gift someone originally got you and B) remove all traces that it was a gift to you. LOL!!

  10. The problem with getting bad gifts is that you have to find a way to get rid of them. I’ve received my share of questionable gifts, but I can’t seem to remember any of them. A family friend gifted us with box of chocolates once. I was a kid at the time, but even I knew it had been recycled as the bow on the box was faded. And worse, the chocolates inside were covered with mold. It definitely wasn’t milk solids!

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