The joy of bad Christmas presents

When I receive a terrible Christmas present, I cover my distaste by being overly enthusiastic. I put on the biggest smile, scream in delight, and talk about the million ways I can use said awful thing. I go on and on for at least a good 5 to 10 minutes in the hopes that the gift-giver has no idea how appalled I am at their insanity! I figure regardless of how nasty it is, they still went out and made an effort, right?

As an adult, I’ve received some real doozies in my life! Lord, I hope the gift-givers aren’t reading my blog?!?!? A single pizza baking sheet (that I knew had come in a pack of two), a set of used wrenches, regifted gifts (finding the tag of the original gift giver on the back), coupons, a neon red plastic bowl, a pair of children’s socks, and my all-time fav…a red and blue foam sword. Yes…a foam sword.

OMG, I LOVE IT!!! A form sword…I’ve like always WANTED a FOAM SWORD!!! How did you know?!!!?!?! This is fantastic!!! I am going to spend the rest of today beating people with it…it’s ahhmazing!! I love that you guys get me THE BEST and funnest gifts EVER!! WOW….THANK YOU!!!

Yip….no joke! I was THAT enthusiastic! I mean, I won’t lie…I did have a blast assaulting everyone at Christmas dinner with it but…a foam sword as a Christmas gift to a woman in her 30s?!?! Not sure what the thinking was there but hey…I tried to be gracious!

Well, these parents put my terrible Christmas presents to shame! I am sure most of you heard about Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube challenge?! He asked parents in America to play a little trick on their kids. A couple of weeks before Christmas, let them open one gift early but give them something really terrible. Capture their reactions on video and upload it to YouTube.

It’s HYSTERICAL. I love how honest kids are. Maybe I should give that a try next time I receive a bad gift?

Lucky for me, this year I scored and averted the terrible Christmas present. Phew! Huge relief. It can be exhausting putting on that kind of show.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

Time to dish the dirt! Tell me about your most terrible Christmas presents ever! How did you cover your reaction or…did you? Come on…share the wealth! Your secrets are safe here!

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