ROW80 – Round 1 – Check-in #2

It’s Sunday and that means time for another ROW80 progress update. So far, this week has been bang on! I am praying to the God’s to help me maintain this level of motivation and momentum!

Writing Goals:

  • Complete outline of WIP
  • Write 1750 words a week, on average 250 words a day (can be on WIP or other writings like flash fiction, character development, world building etc)
    1974 words total this week
  • Finish James Scott Bell book
    Read chapter 5
  • Read 2 other writing craft books

Social Media Goals:

  • Blog – post 4 times a week
    5 posts – total word count: 2190
  • Blog – post ROW80 progress reports twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday)
  • Tweet/Comment on at least 10 blogs a week
  • Comment on 1 new blog per week (ROW80 or otherwise)

Healthy Lifestyle Goals:

  • Cardio – 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday)
    Done – yeahhh!
  • BowFlex – 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    Done – woot woot
  • Maintain a daily food/migraine journal

The wins:

  • Exceeded my word goals.
  • Met all my social media goals.
  • Met all my healthy lifestyle goals (didn’t eat out ONCE this week which is huge for us).

Where to improve:

  • Although I exceeded my word goal, I only wrote 3 evenings and for 110 minutes. Word count is the goal but I would like to incorporate writing a bit more often and/or for longer stretches of time. It’ll come.
  • Spend more time reading craft books.
  • Track the blogs I visit better so I know how many and who I visit/comment/promote. This will also help ensure I am visiting new people.
  • Continue to improve on eating healthier.

How are you making out with your ROW80 goals?

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