Kitty cat tree house

When Tess was a puppy, she came home to live with two full-grown male cats that totally ruled the roost. From day 1, she was their bitch! They’d climb on top of the tallest piece of furniture and perch themselves there. Seemingly sleeping but all the while plotting the dog’s demise. They’d wait until she walked past unsuspecting and they’d attack. Sometimes they’d perch themselves on the couch and again, pretend to be sleeping. Tess would walk up to give a little “sniff” only to find herself on the receiving end of feline karate chops to the snout. Of course, all in the name of fun! If you own cats, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Well…hold on to your panties because I’ve got a fantabulous feline find for all you cat lovers!! For a mere $799.95 US, you can help your kitty cats tap into their jungle instincts with the Feline Tree House. Can’t you just picture them climbing, hunting and likely plotting you and your dog’s assassination all the while peaking through branches, realistic silk foliage, and carpeted plywood platforms? Can you say feline heaven?!?

This is no cheap-ass tree house either! Each of these bad boys are put together with more than 100 individual cuts and takes around 16 hours to build. They are made from mature dragonwood trees, which are left in their natural state giving the feline tree house a truly “out in the middle of the woods” feel. The plywood platforms are custom-cut to fit the unique contours of the tree. I mean, does it get any cooler than that?!

You can order the feline tree house from Hammacher Schlemmer. And…it comes with the Hammacher Schlemmer lifetime guarantee at no additional charge so if the product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return it for exchange, credit, or refund. Wowzers! Now that’s quite the guarantee!

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What do you think…got a kitty cat that would indulge in this treehouse? I’d love to hear your cat VS dog stories?



  1. I would love to provide such an awesome environment for my furbabies. Not at that price though! Holy cr@p. I’m picturing how mad I’d be when they chewed all the leaves off.

  2. Holy crap, 800? What happened to the ones from Petsmart? It’s been a while since I had cats but that’s pretty crazy. And they probably would still rather climb the curtains!

    • I know – a bit pricey for the “real deal” I guess. I’d likely opt for the plastic knock-off from Petsmart and save a bundle but I couldn’t help but be a tiny bit impressed by it. LOL! You are probably right, they’d still scale the curtains. LOL!!

  3. My two cats would have loved this, Natalie! Yet with that price, I would have put then to work modeling or something. My two were brother and sister, so a sneaky (but lovable) tag team. When we met/got them as kittens, they were riding on the back of a Lab surfer style. They also threatened to jump a poodle I attempted to adopt. Yeah, poodle adoption lasted one day. Ha.

    • OMG they sound AWESOME Barbara! The poodle is probably thankful and if he isn’t, ignorance is bliss. LOL!
      Yeah, it’s a fantastic piece but at that price, kitties better be bringing in some cash somehow. LOL!!

  4. No cats around here, but I bet our bird would dig that tree! LOL Love it. He flies around the house, takes showers with us and even “brushes” his teeth. (Makes the sounds and actions while we do…) When we introduced my huge bull dog to my then boyfriend’s bird, she jumped up on his cage like a tiger before prey. (YIPES!) Happy to say they’ve made peace since then!

    • OMG August, you need to take some video of this bird – that is fantastic! What a hoot – brushes his teeth and showers with y’all?!?!? Hysterical!! 🙂
      I can see the bull dog now. LOL!! Thank the the lord they made peace. What a FUN house!!!

  5. OMG! At that price I could see my husband in the backyard with a saw hacking away at the tree and making his own “kitty tree!” LOL But then, I did pay $300 once for an automated cat box. I know, I know. It was a special circumstance. Anywhooo… For some people their pet is their kid. We are kind of pet-less these days. sniff, sniff.

  6. Hubby aka The Blog Heckler says:

    Natalie totally understands the “pets are my children” defense. When I first met Natalie – I went over to her place and I realized the dog’s water bowl was empty – So I picked it up and went over to the tap! Imagine my surprise at a sharp…”WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” – I replied “Filling the dog’s water bowl!”. Swinging her best ghetto neck, she replied – “MY DOG doesn’t drink no tap water! There’s filtered BRITA in the fridge!”

    I replied “Ahhh Forgive Me! I understand now! I just watched the dog just eat a frozen turd in the yard but she obviously requires filtered water to wash it down!”

    Tess has been served tap water ever since! ***unless Nat still sneaks Tess the odd bottled of Sparkling Springs!***

    • I can’t believe you outted me…on my own blog no less?!?!
      Ok ok…damn it…I admit it! If it wasn’t for hubby, I’d still be giving my baby girl filtered water. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for my dog. LOL!!! I do have a sweet spot for the little darlin’…

      • Hey now, Hubby! Don’t be hecklin’ my bitch…do you know some of the crap that comes outta that tap?? I’m just sayin….

        I’ll confess that before my first Baby Girl went to the Puppy Lake in the sky, she not only had every arthritis treatment known to man (pill/shot combo) but we got her underwater treadmill sessions. A package of 10 were $600. Still, she lived to be 14.5 (ancient for an Akita) and she was our only baby at that point. We do what we can to make our furry friends comfortable.

        All that being said, I still wouldn’t buy and $800 tree house for a cat!

        • Word!
          I love it Jenny! I would totally do the same thing for my Tess although hubby would probably just about keel over from a heart attack but…they are our babies!!!

      • LOL! You are all crackin’ me up! My baby dog died long ago and only lived seven years, I believe it was. Which is probably the right length of time for a Dane. But we spared no expense at the end to try and help her, paying for all kinds of treatments. My kitty got the works in dental and annual workups. She was costly, but well worth it. But still – no $800 kitty tree. I did buy her one just as tall once. I can’t recall the price ($200 – $300), but she never used it. I gave it to my step-sister and her cats use it all the time. Go figure. My baby preferred my lap or a well hidden spot where the kids couldn’t find her. LOL I no longer have any furry pets. They are all waiting for me on the other side.

        • Debra, I love it when I read about the extents people will go for their furbabies. Yours obviously came from an outstanding home with love and commitment to helping them live their best lives. Wow! I am so impressed and it warms my heart. They are definitely waiting for you on the other side with open paws…
          You are so right, they are always worth the investment of money and time…they give so much back in return!

  7. You guys are hilarious! lol

    Sad to say, I have no pets right now. After our dog died and our boys moved out, well things just got easier and we kinda liked it. Then we moved and are renting with no pets allowed. I miss our dog. But we do have a neighbor’s cat that has taken possession of our patio. She sleeps there everyday. Soo cute. Uh, as you can guess, no snow. And today it’s supposed to be near 80 degrees. Beautiful day! Is it January? Love sunny southern California weather! Sorry, I just had to brag a little. Now watch, we’ll probably have an earthquake now. 🙂

    • I am soooo jealous of your weather!! I want to move to SoCal!! 🙂
      Well, I get it. Hubby and I have talked at length about going “pet-free” when the baby girl makes her exit (hopefully a long time from now). It would likely make sense for our lifestyle, always on the go etc. But…hard to say. I have a funny feeling my obsession with having another puppy/dog and hubby’s obsession with making all my dreams come true could collide and result in another long-term love affair with a fur baby! LOL!! But we’ll see….

  8. i’ll take 6 please. I’ll have to sell my house to do so, but as long as the kitties are happy…..=)

  9. Uhm…. $800? I don’t think so. My brand new kitten got a cheap scratch thingy from PetSmart, ha, ha. But he’s only a baby – we’ll see what his demands will be in a few months! Yikes, I better start saving. What? No more designer shoes for me?

    • As you fall deeper and deeper inlove, the dollar signs will simply fade away as you are swept away by the image of your furbaby’s happy little face as he perches within the trees. LOL!! Ok, maybe not quite at $800 but?!?! LOL!!
      No more designer shoes?!?! That is a travesty!

  10. I could totally build one of these for about $20!

  11. Kerry Meacham says:

    I’m with hubby, maybe cheaper. The next time a good storm blows through, get a good broken limb and spray silicone that bad boy. Then get some Home Depot pressboard remnants and go to town. Sheesh…cat people. ;-). Love you guys.

  12. very sweet 😉

  13. First thing I thought when I saw that, “I can totally make that!” Just get a fake ficus tree and a cat perch, fiddle around with it for a bit and voila! A cat tree for way less than $800. Then there’s the possibility that your cat won’t go near it, like ours, but hey, you had fun building it. My poor son has bought his cat so many cool toys and she just ignores them and sleeps on his bed. She has major cattitude.

    That video was so cute! Those puppies just wanted to be that cat’s friend in the worse way. Poor dears. Our Ganon (the Aussie) loves our cat, but the Jack Russel (Zora) thinks she was put on this earth just to be an animate chew toy for her own pleasure. It’s odd to see one dog grooming the cat (and the cat loving it), and the other dog snapping and snarling at the cat. Talk about opposites! As for the cat, she just whacks Zora with a claw every now and then.

    • You and hubby will be out there in the back yard building a cat tree house, I can see it now. He says he can put it together for $20! LOL!!
      OMG your furbabies sounds AWESOME! I’d love to see pictures of Ganon grooming the kitty…hehehehe….and I am sure Zora learns her lesson to not get “too” close all the time. LOVE IT!!!

  14. I’ve seen that before and would love to get that for my cat. She’s so spoiled. Too bad I can’t afford it! Plus, there’s not exactly a place in my tiny apartment. Another thing on my list of once I become a best-selling author. 😉 (Yes, I plan on spending my fortune on my cat. :-P)

    • Ohhhh…well this is the perfect “I just became a best-selling author so you deserve a tree house” kind of gift for your cat! She’d love it!! And until then, hubby thinks he could whip one together for like $20 bucks so maybe you know someone closer to your location who could hook you up with a knock off version. LOL! Love that you spoil your furbabies! 🙂

  15. What a delightful product. It did give a giggle. Thanks

  16. hmcmullin says:

    I love it! Any cat I’ve ever had would have first ripped all the leaves off and then used it for aerial attacks on humans and dogs. I don’t think I’ll show it to my cousin, though – she has nine house cats and they’d probably all want one.

    • OMG ROFL at the visual of “aerial attacks on humans and dogs”!!! LOVE that. Hysterical. And so true…
      Yes, do not share this with your cousin who is obviously a saint!! 🙂

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