Yes…it’s a pet peek!

Okay, so y’all know how crazy I am about my furry baby girl….I love to spoil her and shower her with love and attention. And…although I don’t really have a need for this fahhhbulous little ditty, I am IN LOVE! When I saw it, I about fell to the floor in giggles!

Ever had a curious dog determined to see what’s beyond your fence trying to jump over it or constantly digging or chewing holes in fences? Well, here’s your solution. Allow me to introduce you to the Pet Peek, a window for your fence to ease their natural curiosity! Eeeekeeee…

Can’t you just picture your little furry baby peeking out at the neighbors or the park next door?!?!? Eeeekeeee…I love it!!!

And wait…it’s not just used for dogs and wood fences but it’s been used as indoor room dividers. I read on the website that the Smithsonian Museum uses a Pet Peek in a display about the moon…funny but that visual totally makes sense.

I was really intrigued by how the Pet Peek came to be. Like…who is sitting around and suddenly has the idea to cut a hole in their fence and stick a plastic dome in it for the dog?!?! Well, according to the website, the idea for the invention came to Carolin Best in 1982 when she and her husband lived in Aurora, Colorado with two small terriers, Little Abner and Noodles. They had a 6-foot wooden privacy fence that had a small knot hole for peeking out but only one dog could peek at a time. And then one of her dogs wouldn’t share with the other. So, Carolin cut a hole near the bottom of the fence and popped a clear plastic dome (the top of an old rug shampoo machine) through the fence.

Can't you just see this adorable face looking out at you through a Pet Peek?!?!

Low and behold, then both dogs rejected the knot hole and instead went straight to their new peek. Can you imagine?!?! So then she had to install another one and Pet Peek was born. In June 2007, Colorado newspaper Westword awarded Pet Peek “Best Dog Accessory” and I can see why! 

I mean…I could totally SEE Tess peeking into one of these. Can you say adorable?!! Unfortunately we don’t have a fence to install one but if we did, I’d be all over this little ditty!

The plastic dome window accommodates a snout and comes with a black trim ring. Installation is simple and retail cost is under $40. You can order this patent-pending invention online here.

And even more uberlicious is that Carolin never forgets those animals who need help. She donates a portion of the profits to non-profit animal organizations.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

Think your dog would enjoy the Pet Peek? How about any other uses? Share the wealth!



  1. When I had dogs, yup this would have been the ultimate! I think they would have liked to get it a bit deeper though, so they could get most of their body in there….lol…like maybe 2 or 3 feet!

  2. We don’t have dogs, but hey, I’ll bet little kids would like it, too! They can’t see over fences, either. LOL, Natalie, great find!

  3. So cute! I want one for my Dudley. Of course, I picture him peeking through with a bowtie on. 🙂

  4. That is so fabulous! I would totally crack up if I walked by a fence with the dog looking at me. It looks like he’s ready for a moon walk!

    I love the story of how it got created ~ why don’t we ever come up with these awesome ideas? If my fence was on the street I’d get one of these. Our fence is too far back for the dogs to see anything, but I love this idea.

    • Can you imagine walking by a fence with a dog peeking out of one of these?!?! I would die….delicious! LOL!
      I know, her story is incredible. I think it’s so neat how some people come up with stuff. I don’t have the mind of an inventor at all but hubby is always coming up with ideas.

  5. Beastie Girl doesn’t need this 🙂 She has a gate through which to spy, bark at unsuspecting visitors at the front door, and torment other dogs walking past. It’s very cool looking though and I love the story behind it. My wee beasties would have loved having that to play with at our old house!

    • Ohhhh…a gate! LOVE it! I can picture it now. Tess has one at the top of the stairs (since her surgery, we don’t want her flying down them to meet guests) and sometimes when we come home and find her sitting there stairing at us through the spindles, it sort of looks like jail cell bars. I expect her to break into Elvis songs. LOL!!! Tooo adorable.

  6. That is such a great idea — simple and effective. Personally, if they’d tint it, I think it would sell as a People Peek too! (No one wants to admit they are spying on the neighbors!)

  7. totally cute. my only problem would be the barking. My fur baby Lucy would bark non stop if she saw anything.

  8. AWWWdorable, Natalie! 😉 I bet my pooch would also love it as a snack container. Hmm, or maybe an astronaut Halloween costume. Wait. That LEADs to more treats, right? Perfect.

  9. I don’t have doggie right now, but I can see how they’d love it. My elderly cat stays indoors and monitors all activity while moving from one window sill to another.

    • Awwww…your kitty sounds fantastic Alicia. Always on the lookout for the unsavory. LOL!! I swear, if they could make those paws work more like hands, kitties would take over the world. LOL!

  10. Cute! If I still had dogs, I’d probably go for this myself. But , like Alicia’s, my cat move from one window to another peeking at people walking by, squirrels playing in the trees and the occasional stray making it’s way through our yard.

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