Bringing a little Dominican-feel to the trails

Picture this. Hubby and I are out on the Rhino. There’s a gang of other ATVer with us. We stop to enjoy an adult beverage. Hubby cranks up the tunes and we’re all rockin’ it out! I drop the tailgate and in a few minutes, hubby and I have set up our very own MOBILE TIKI BAR!


Thasss right! Hubby and I will be whipping up drinks with our drill blender and serving up the crew in STYLE….in the middle of nowhere…with the HarKen Tiki Bar (HarKen is a combo of our two last names)! It’ll be like bringing a little taste of the Dominican Republic everywhere we go. I love it! Instant party!

When assembled the bar top is nearly 60” long and around 22″ deep. The counter height is 39″ tall. With the roof, the total height from the ground to the top is 86″.

So this is no tiny little bar – it’s packs a punch!

The makers of the Mobile Tiki Bar say it can be assembled in only 6 STEPS and in less than TEN MINUTES. Wowzers! Check out the video the guys at Mobile Tiki put together:

Impressive guys!!!

It’s custom built to order and made of solid wood and pvc so it’s sturdy while still very light!

Hmmmm…I wonder if it’s strong enough for me to dance on?!?!

HOLY balls – wait a minute!! I could purchase 2 Mobile Tiki Bars and create an L shape or get 3 and create a horseshoe shaped tiki bar. Then….I could whip off the roofs, fire up the ol’ karaoke, kick up my heels and I’ll be the Coyote Ugly of the trail!!! Woot woot!!!

I know, eh?!?! I’ll be PERFECT!

And best of all, when packed away, the Mobile Tiki Bar fits into a large duffel bag (included with purchase) and weighs about 60 pounds.

This bad boy has been featured in Consumers Digest and Tailgater Monthly so you know…it’s the real deal!

Unfortunately, the Mobile Tiki Bar ain’t cheap. It costs around $650.00 US plus actual shipping costs. But I think it’s totally worth it. If you are interest, visit the Mobile Tiki and order yours.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

Could you use a Mobile Tiki Bar in your backyard? Ever Coyote Uglied it up? Come on…share the wealth!



  1. oh my. i simply must have one to set up out here on the farm. tooooooo coooooool. =)

  2. Okay, now this is kind of cool. I really can’t point and make fun of it. Would be something different to have in the summer.

  3. Wait. All that fun fits into a DUFFEL BAG and weighs less than my DOG?!? I can totally picture business peeps pulling the bad boy out during coffee and lunch breaks. (We all need vacation, right??) LOL Love it, Natalie. Thanks for another entertaining dose!

    • I know, eh?!?! It’s like…ahhmazing!
      OMG I never even considered bringing it to WORK but you are soooo right August. This is just the ice breaker we need around here. It’s perfect. Maybe I could use the drill blender to whip up some non-alcohol smoothies and everyone will be at work but feel very relaxed.
      LOL! Love it!! 🙂

  4. Just think how handy that would be for block parties, too. You just take it the front yard, set it up and you’re set.

    Wait a minute! You could totally set that thing up in the summer and sell lemonade from it. (Non alcoholic for the drivers, of course!). Dang, we could make enough in a few weeks to pay for the thing. This could be the start of a beautiful venture. If we got a permit, I bet we could take this down to the beach and sell beverages there, too. Hmmm, I see $$$$$ in my future!

    It needs some bling, though.

    • Tameri, you are a natural born entrepreneur! I absolutely agree and can totally see this. We’ll have this ditty paid for in NO time! Woot woot!!!
      And YES…it needs some bling…we’ll BEDAZZLE it…O.M.G!!! 🙂

  5. I can’t believe how simple this is…block parties, family picnics, ball tournaments (oh Lord would it be fun here), all made more fun. wow

  6. Instant party time!Throw some Christmas lights on at this time of year to keep it festive!

  7. I could convert this to a caffeine stop and set it up in the back of my classroom! Awesome!

  8. Okay, that thing is brilliant. Totally adding it to the ‘must-have-one-day’ list. Having one would mean that there would never, ever be an excuse not to party. 😀

  9. Did it come with little paper umbrellas and a bra made of coconut shells? All you need is a grass skirt and a Santa hat! That says “Happy Holidays!”

  10. Natalie, What a find. I’ll pass as we find these everywhere we go. Someday when we’re back on land, however….

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