Naughty & Nice: confessions of a reformed bad-a$$

A few weeks ago, the ever talented August McLaughlin did a fahbulous post on how, in some circles, she’s considered a goodie-goodie (all things being relative). She’s embraced her inner goodness and totes a number of real advantages to it. I get it. And I gotta say, I think being a goodie-goodie rocks!

I would probably be considered more of a reformed bad a$$. I used to be naughtier but now I think I am nicer! I can see both sides of the shiny coin and know that each have their pros and cons.

For example, as a reformed bad a$$ it’s super easy to please people. I set the bar so low as far as life expectations that the fact that I am not in jail impresses people. That I am married, have an education and a career…well that just floors them to bits! It’s takes very little for me to knock socks off!

And, although I am very much a law-abiding goodie-goodie now, people give me a pretty wide birth and accept many of my character flaws with relative resignation (my foul potty mouth and a slight temper) because “at least she’s not in jail!”

It’s fabulous!

And if ever the day comes and I want to return to my former bad a$$ glory, I can imagine everyone would sort of shrug their shoulders and say “well, we knew it was too good to be true…” so I can’t lose! I am free to swing to either side of the pendulum with little repercussions or raised eyebrows. To me, I get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

August also incorporated a fun little guessing game that I thought y’all might want to try with me. Can you guess how many of the following are true about me? Are you feeling particularly confidant? Tell me which ones you believe are true in a comment. If no one guesses right, I’ll use my right to remain silent. However, if someone does get it right, I’ll share juicy details…

NOTE: Hubby, you aren’t allowed to play! You know too much.

As a reformed bad a$$, I:

  1. Sang the national anthem and God Save the Queen at a college graduation.
  2. Starred in a phone sex commercial.
  3. Was teased for being a “teacher’s pet” and a “nerd”.
  4. Streaked naked down a street on a dare.
  5. Got “saved” at a Baptist summer bible camp.
  6. Won a Remembrance Day essay contest.
  7. Played the Glock in the school band.
  8. Got suspended from high school for an overdue library book.
  9. Graduated top of my class.
  10. Have 5 godchildren.

Or did I?!??!?!

Hmmm…I wonder if Santa will still find me?!?! I hope so!

Are you more naughty than nice? Where do you fall on the spectrum? DETAILS please! Feel free to take part in the naughty or nice fun and write a post of your own. Come on…surprise us!



  1. Hmm, I say number two and five. Probably happened close together, too. The commercial first then the bible camp. Some of the other things seem like goodie-goodie things. Except the band. The only Glock I know of is a gun. Is there an actual instrument with the same name? I feel like I have a lot in common with you. I, too, am a goody-goody because I never joined a gang, got arrested, or had a baby in high school. That makes me the most successful person I knew growing up. College graduation put me in a whole other league.

    • O.M.G. LOVE that “college graduation puts me in a while other league.” I near spit out my coffee. Fantastic!
      Yes, the musical instrumet Glock is a hand-held piano type instrument that you hit with a rubber mallet. You can see a picture here.

  2. Girl, all rednecks get saved at Baptist summer camps. Your “y’all” privileges get revoked otherwise.

    Streaked naked? Thinking you are too young for the streaking craze unless it looped back in popularity? Hmmm. . . if it weren’t for that first one I’d swear you went to school with me.

    I hope #2 is right b/c I know there’s a good story there. 🙂

    Did you pretend to be Veronica from the Archies when you played the Glock? heh heh

  3. Elena Aitken says:

    I’m thinking they’re all true.
    A little bit o’good and a little bit o’bad = a whole lotta fun. 🙂

  4. I’m SO stoked that you did this, you reformed bad-#$@, you! LOL Thanks for the warm shout out, beauty! Here are my guesses:

    1. Yes. (And I hope you recorded it!)
    2. Yes. (See note #1. ;))
    3. Hmm… No.
    4. With your naughty roots, gotta say yeah!
    5. No, unless this was the beginning of your GG reform…?
    6. Definitely.
    7. Yes! *picturing/loving it* LOL
    8. Yes—a very worthy cause.
    9. Definitely.
    10. Yes, those lucky quints!

    If Santa knows what’s good for him, he’ll spoil you rotten. LOL

  5. So glad you decided to play!

    1. No?
    2. Somehow, I think yes.
    3. Even I didn’t get teased for that. And I was more than a pet.
    4. I’m with August on this one. Yes.
    5. Isn’t that what happens at Baptist camp? 🙂 I say yes.
    6. Of course!
    7. I never hoped so badly that something was true.
    8. YES!
    9. Yes, Smarty McSmarterson.
    10. Based on your personality, I totally see this privilege being bestowed upon you. So, yes.

  6. Coleen Patrick says:

    How about number 2! And I’m going to have to google glock now. Ha ha.

  7. I think 3, 5, and 8 😉 Despite others voting yes on 2, I personally don’t think so (but I might have to eat my words when the juicy truth is unveiled!)

    I love those goodie-goodie posts. I think August has started a revolution, ladies and gents! Who’s next?

  8. What a hoot! Wait . . . Did you steal my list? . . . No. I never owned a Glock. I stick to S&W and Sig Sauer. . . . That’s a relief.

    I’ll go for #2 and #5. 🙂 Thanks for a fun post! I, too, have relatives who are relieved at how I turned out.

  9. I think the entire list is true, with the possible exception of #1. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now, I’ve got to get back to my ducks…

  10. 1) I don’t think you sang at graduation, but you totally wanted to.
    2) You stole that phone sex commercial thing from me and I could’ve really used the money!
    3) Of course you were the teacher’s pet and a nerd! You were such a bad a$$ that you had to charm the teachers into letting you stay in class and then you fell in love with learning. Duh.
    4) If you didn’t streak, then when I visit sometime in the near future, we’ll have to change that one.
    5) Totally
    6) Of course!
    7) Unfortunately, so.
    8) Oh, yeah, it was ‘the library book’ that did it. Uh, huh.
    9) You better have! There were only four kids in your class.
    10) Absolutely! Everyone loves you and fears you, that’s the best sort of godparent to have.

    You are so uber super duper fabulous! Love this list and this game!

  11. Umm…considering my own checkered past, I’m willing to believe any and all of the above. You’ll notice this is NOT a game I would be playing in a public forum because, well there are statutes about certain things…

    And (heaven-forbid), there might be photos still out there floating around. Not to mention that my “professional” work has involved some unorthodox activities.

    But you GO girl! I’m hoping some of these options are going to show up in that novel….

  12. Here’s what’s scary about this for me. As I went down the list, I kept putting a check-mark beside each one, usually with a giggle, and saying “Yup, I can see our Natalie doing that.” Number 3 caused me to hesitate since you wrote an earlier post about being a bully and a mean girl. But maybe that was because you were teased about being a teacher’s pet and a nerd. Oh, life does get complicated. We’re all eagerly awaiting the big reveal post!

  13. Although I have a moral obligation to keep my wife’s secrets – I might be persuaded to devulge hints and ah hell who am I kidding – I got the deets – get em while they’re hot! haha just kidding!

    Standing by my Hubbette! My lips are zipped!

  14. I’m guessing 1, 4, 8, 9, 10. Fun post!

  15. Love this! August may just have hit on the best blog game in the universe 🙂

    1 – Um, no, but you wanted to.
    2 – Yes. (And I’m with August and hope you recorded it.)
    3 – Yes, you had to stay on their good side.
    4 – I’m going to go with no, but you wanted to 😉
    5 – Doesn’t everyone?
    6 – Yes.
    7 – Had no idea that’s what those things were called. Yes.
    8 – I have a hard time believing ANYONE would get suspended for an overdue library book. No.
    9 – Yes. (see #3)
    10 – Yes, and you spoil them rotten 🙂


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