ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #22

It’s time to update you on my ROW80 progress. You can find a list of my goals here.

Work In Progress Goals:

Ok, so I’ve joined Jenny in Slack Land. I got distracted by all the pretty lights and dancing sugar-plum in my head. Instead of putting in the hours building my beautiful character interview and bio that I started, I decorated a Christmas tree, finished most of the Christmas shopping, and did a few more Xmas cards. Today I’m baking cookies and bread (an annual tradition) with my aunt and Mom.

What about doing some writing tonight, Natalie? You ask. Well, unfortunately I am all booked up with visiting. I guess it’s par for the course this time of year.

  • 0 hours on WIP for a total of 1 hour this week (goal: 5 hours/week)
  • I am terrible. I haven’t emailed my ROW80 Sista, Nancy J. Nicholson but we do keep cheering each other via the blogs. I’ll try to drop her a line this week as we finish up ROW80.
  • I reported on my ROW80 goals on time.

Blogging Goals:

  • Blogged 6 days (7 posts) including this post
  • Read, commented, retweeted/tweeted on at least 20 blogs.

How is your ROW80 progress going thus far?



  1. Total slacker here too. Of course I had computer issues so Jenny couldn’t crack her whip at me…bawhaha. Awesome work on your blogging/social media goals though. Happy baking day 🙂

  2. Oooooh, you’re making bread?! I’m bummed to not be getting to that this year. I’m sticking with the bare basics, which in my family is candy. 🙂

    Remember ROW80 is the challenge that knows you have a life…we’ll get back to goals next week. 🙂

    • This year Mom got a big start on the bread since it does take about 12 hours so she taught me how to make the cookies between bread risings. Everything turned out yummy! I think after Christmas she’s going to teach me how to make buttertarts – eeeekeee!
      Candy – yummmmm!! Would love to be able to make candy…

  3. Yay, have a blast with all of the holiday prep! I agree with Jenny — goals can (and should!) be suspended during the holidays. Enjoy yourself! 😀

  4. Tis the season, I think. I’ve been actually making my word count goals, but everything else, including keeping up with ROW 80 and visiting other folks’ blogs. Go slackers! LOL!

    You do have my address, right? I love me a cookie!

  5. It’s almost Christmas, everyone is allowed to be a slacker lol We have next round to make up lol
    Btw, send some bread here pls! 😉
    At least all your blog posts and check-ins were on time 😉
    Have a great week!

    • So true. I am hoping to kick some serious butt on the next round. 🙂
      Yeahhh…if I could ship bread out to all you lovely peeps, I sooo would! It’s delicious toasted with oddles of dripping, melted butter.
      Have a great WEEK Juliana! 🙂

  6. enjoy the festivities and forget the guilt theres always next round a couple of weeks only away:)
    see you next year

  7. Well, Natlaie, I’ve slacked off on Christmas. And, guess what, the deadline is looming and I’m sooooo unprepared. So pat yourself on the back and enjoy yourself!

  8. Natallie, Christmas is a hard time to keep up the speed we like to work at but you haven’t given up and that says a lot about you and the work you will produce. I slacked off to assess my writing plans. An idea began brewing January 2010 and I kept putting it in the recesses of my mind. I’m a non fiction writer. What was I doing having fiction thoughts? I am giving in and plan to write a fiction project in 2012. *holding my breath* I’m diving in.

    • Ali, that is soooo exciting!!! Wow – I can’t wait to hear more about your 2012 fiction project. It’s wonderful to be on the cusp of something new and wonderous. DIVE in and I know you’ll do wonderfully! Yeahhhh!!!

  9. Slackers Unite! Whooo!
    Or, perhaps, slackers wouldn’t get that excited…ah well, such is writerly slackerdom. I’m just not going to get upset about it at this time. And if I know how you role, you’ll be raring to go come the first of the year. As will I, grasshopper, as will I.

    Hope you’re having a marvey time with your mom and aunt!

    • Wahoooo! Love that – writerly slackerdom! Fahhhbulous! 🙂
      Yip, we shall take 2012 by storm Amy, tearing up the writing world one word count at a time. Woot woot! Grasshoppers unite! 🙂

  10. Baking with your mom and your aunt rules! Those are the best kind of traditions and, seriously, any writer who isn’t slacking off at this time of year needs to get a life. Enjoy every bit of your holiday festivities and I know there will be a wealth of great blog posts as a result … probably even a few ideas and details to stash away for your WIP. That’s how it goes. A merry, merry, happy, happy, ho,ho,ho to you and your family!

  11. There are so many of us in Slack Land now, we should elect a mayor! I did great last week, but this week I’m catching up on all of that Christmas shopping. Apparently, we’re five days away from Christmas! Who knew?

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