Urban Word Wednesday: Manolescent

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Manolescent: A man of any age that shirks adult responsibilities.

Examples Of Use:

Me: hubby, can you believe Barry and Carol’s son???

Hubby: huh??? What happened?

Me: he’s 35. He moved back home over 3 years ago and doesn’t clean, shovel the driveway, mow the lawn, or help out around the house. He doesn’t even pay rent!?!??!

Hubby: what a total manolescent!

Me:  I know, eh?!?! Like…absolutely! Wait…the Dude isn’t going to turn into a manolescent, is he? *gasping for air*

Hubby: nahhh…we aren’t cool enough to live with that long….and we ask him to clean and shit…

Me: hmmm…true!

Know a manolescent? HAVE a manolescent living with you? Dating one *gasp*? Share the wealth…



  1. I have known too many. I love this stuff. Keep it coming. 🙂

  2. asraidevin says:

    I know of few of these.

  3. Haha, I love this!

    My dad’s youngest brother is definitely a manolescent — 36 and still lives at home with his parents, though he does have a girlfriend who lives overseas (my grandmother is hoping that they will get married and that she will take care of him, lol). And my last boyfriend was still clinging to the fading days of manolescence. He was 30 with a high-paying full time job, yet still lived (and acted) like he was a sloppy undergrad. (Do you see my ‘meh’ face?) I’m not crazy high-maintenance, but I did want to yell ‘grow up!’ every now and again. :p

    • Oh no. 36 and living at home – yikes! Here’s hoping he gets married off soon. LOL!
      I think we’ve all had one (or two…) of those boyfriends Lena! It’s not much to ask for someone who’s at least a grown up! LOL!!

  4. Oh, they’re out there alright. But not in our house. My two son’s would have gotten their butts kicked (not literally, well maybe?) if they laid around the house. Nope, no manolescent in our DNA!

  5. I know a couple of manolescents. Don’t they know it doesn’t help their datability factor?

    BTW…thanks to you, Natalie, I bought four of the guitar shirts on Thinkgeek! Twang. Twang.

  6. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    I think I dated a few of those. Generated one of my qualifications for marriage material. Must make enough money to support his own habits. It worked too, look, we’re sailing. 😉

    Notice I didn’t say rich, I said, enough to support…. I’m not sure I could have married uber-rich either.

  7. We’ve got a few of those manbabies living across the street. They play video games all day until it’s time to go work at Carl’s Jr. Oh, and they’re 29 & 31, respectively. Of course, I can’t complain because 1) they aren’t my kids and 2) they buy all of David’s video games, so in a way they are helping to pay our mortgage. Just not their mom & dad’s! Ooops.

    I do laugh, though, when I see them get ALL dressed up for Comic-Con. I mean, all out Klingon or Anime. It’s a riot. That’s when I’m super, duper glad they aren’t my kids!

  8. My uncle was like that. My father finally had to have a little talk with him and kindly shove him out of my grandparent’s house. LOL! Gosh, I hope he never reads this. (red in the face)

    • Here’s hoping he’s not reading this…LOL! Well, in the end, your father likely did him a favor. My Mom had to sort of push my brother out of the house and in the end, it was the best thing for him. Tough love. 🙂

  9. It seems like there’s a manolescent in every family. Reminds me of that movie with Matthew McConaughey, where the parents hire the chick to make him grow up?


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