Wearable rock and roll!

If you read Jenny Hansen’s post about the ROW80 twitter party we had in October, then you know I like to break out the air guitar. Whenever a great tune comes on, I like to pretend I am on stage with hundreds of thousands of fans chanting my name while I rock out my guitar solo! Seriously. Ask hubby. I’ve been known to break it out while grocery shopping, at parties, in the bathtub or sometimes while cooking dinner.

And I take my air guitar playing seriously. I get in my stance, I step into the zone, I strum out the chords, I work the neck, and I rock it out in Super Star Mode! I have even been known to break out the swinging arm or the behind-the-head air guitar playing. Oh yes people. I get down with my bad self!

I mean…did you SEE my Rock the ROW80 photo?!!?!

Well, hold on to your panties!!! You are not going to believe this but I don’t have to pretend any longer. I can channel my inner rock star with wearable rock and roll with the Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt by Think Geek.


I KNOW, eh!?!?!

The Electronic Guitar Shirt is no toy with pre-canned musical riffs, it’s a real musical instrument that enables you to play your fav tunes…and hopefully sound great doing it. All the major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar so the sound is realistic.

The included magnetic pick (I wonder if it comes in pink?!?!??!) allows you to strum the shirt just like it was a real guitar. NO WAY!?!?! I mean…CHECK it out:


The guitar shirt comes with a mini amp that you clip to your belt so it gets plenty loud when you crank it up to 11. And…wait for it…the tone knob on the amp lets you adjust the sound just like a real guitar.

SHUT UP!!! I can totally see myself ROCKIN’ it out with this shirt! Can’t you?!?!?! I can even envision myself cruisin’ the trails on the Rhino putting on little “Rock Shows” for hubby and the gang. Finally…I will be recognized for the air guitar playing ultra rock star that I am!

The makers of this sweet little ditty say it’s incredible easy to play because each button on the neck is a major chord. That means we can play dozens of classic rock songs with very little skill. Woot woot! Now that’s music to my ears.

And don’t worry about washing. The electronic components can be easily removed from the shirt for washing (and good thing…lord knows I’ll work up a sweat rockin’ it out with this shirt!)

You can order one of these fine Electronic Rock Guitar Shirts here and get a little wearable ROCK magic for yourself for just $29.99.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

How do rock the air guitar or maybe it’s the air drums?!?!?! Come on…share the wealth!



  1. Just when you thought you’d seen it all. Amazing.

  2. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    I think a Youtube video would be in order. Does your husband play back-up?

  3. I agree – a youtube video please! Thanks for the lols:)

  4. This is so. Flubbing. COOL!

  5. I bought one of these for my friend’s son. I know he will LOVE it…and his parents will probably be jealous LOL

  6. Oh man… Just when I thought I was done Christmas shopping, you’ve added more fun! 🙂 I MUST get my hands on these rocker-threads.

    My sister once joined me to sing backup on stage and surprised me by “air singing.” LOL (i.e., I did a solo w/ her company… ) Wanna play air guitar in my band??? 😉 We may be on to something here!

  7. Add my vote for your video with Hubby on back-up. We’re waiting!

  8. the biggest problem i could see – and yes, working with the public it WOULD happen! – is other people wanting to play MY guitar. AWKWARD! =)

  9. OMG! I’m getting it for my son for Christmas!

  10. As long as I’m not playing the “air organ” – I’m game for a video!

  11. Please tell me, y’all have Guitar Hero…you, in particular, NEED that for Christmas!

  12. OMG, they’re on sale for $19.99!!!

  13. Oh, Sweet. Petunias.

  14. Omg, I don’t think I would’ve believed it if I hadn’t seen the video clip. This is totally something my last boyfriend would have LOVED. This is actually incredibly epic.

  15. Holy crap! I wish I hadn’t bought the karaoke machine for my nephews! These shirts would make my sister bat-crap crazy! Hmm…maybe I’ll get one for my husband. And a pair of Bose noise reduction headphones for myself.

    ThinkGeek was mentioned as a site for cool stuff in the flurry of family email exchanges today. We’re gearing up for the annual gift exchange. I have to go check it out! Thanks, Natalie!

    • OMG – bat-crap crazy – LOVE that. I am totally borrowing that saying. LOL!! 🙂
      There’s always birthday seasons. 🙂 And I think your hubby would totally dig one. You could maybe track down the electronic drums shirt and you guys could start the same band hubby and I are going to start. LOL!!!
      Yeah, their site is ultra cool. I love it. Tons of really neat, different stuff. Lots of post material. LOL!!

  16. I was thinking you guys need Guitar Hero, too! Please tell me you have it? If not ~ get it now!!! Either that, or Rock Band and then Hubby can play drums and guess what? With Rock Band, you can actually SING! Oh, yeah. I’m the singer in our house and I think I’ve deafened the entire neighborhood and frightened off every coyote in the near vicinity. Yep, I’m that awesomely bad.

    We’re huge, and I mean, HUGE Think Geek fans. Jennifer ~ definitely check it out, but be prepared to get lost in all their zanyness!!

    • I know, eh?! Hubby and I don’t have Guitar Hero or Rock Band. No gaming systems. Thus far we’ve borrowed The Dude’s but we may just have to invest in our own. I could totally see me rockin’ out the mic scaring the neighbors and animals as well Tameri. 🙂 Being awesomely bad rocks girls…hehehe…it’s all about the FUN factor!

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