ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #17

It’s time to update you on my ROW80 progress. You can find a list of my goals here.

Work In Progress Goals:

Lord, this is getting embarrassing. I got nothing for you on the ol’ WIP!

  • 0 hours on WIP (goal: 5 hours/week)
  • Other than posting on her blog, I haven’t been in touch with my ROW80 Sista, Nancy J. Nicholson yet – I still suck
  • Although I did report on my ROW80 goals on time

I’ve still been sick. Today is really the first day I’ve felt like I am on the mend so I know I’ll get some WIP work done this weekend for sure but most of my evenings since Sunday have been spent curling up to my box of Kleenex. Sexy!

Blogging Goals:

  • Blogged 3 days (5 posts) including this post and my GUEST post – rockstar!
  • Read, commented, retweeted/tweeted on at least 10 blogs.

I did manage to look at the computer screen long enough to do some blogging, tweeting, and stumbling although I haven’t been nearly as attentive to my peeps as I’d like to be. When my eyeballs started feeling like they were squeezing out of my head, I had to put the laptop down. But I’ll get back to all of you soon!!

How is your ROW80 progress going thus far?



  1. *holds back the hounds of nagging* Just this once 😉 Glad you’re feeling better. LOL.

  2. When you’re sick you’re sick. I find that when I’ve been forced into a break (especially when it’s something that tires me out) a great way to get back in the swing is simply proofreading what I’ve got.

    • Hi Camille, thanks so much for the wonderful mantra – love that! And it’s so true. I like your idea of easing into things with proofreading. What a wonderful way to get back into thing! 🙂

  3. Okay, I can’t help myself. LOL

    Would you please get in touch with your ROW sista Nancy J Nicholson for heavens sake, pleaaassseee!!!!!! LOL

    Sorry. See what you’ve started!!!!LOL I am laughing my head off over this one Natalie. 🙂

  4. Thanksgiving threw me for a loop, and I’m lost my writing rhythm. Hoping to get it back soon. I’ve been blogging, but have written little to nothing else since Thanksgiving.

    Sickness always throws me for a loop… hope you feel better soon. Tomorrow is a new day (and new month, how did it get to be December already!?).

    • What is it about things like family holidays or illness that throw us off our rhythm and it feels so tough to get it back? Routine is everything, eh?!
      Well here’s to you and I starting December off RIGHT! Woot woot! 🙂

  5. Sheesh! Give yourself a break. I also did diddly these last few days, but mine was pure non-interest. I’m getting it back though, and you’ll start feeling better too.

  6. It’s tough when you’re sick. I haven’t done a thing on the WIP for a while with querying and traveling. Just get yourself better and do what you can. 🙂

  7. Even though you’re feeling better, take it slow! I don’t want to see you still sick on next check-in …

  8. Didn’t know you’ve been sick, Natalie…so sorry…seems like everyone has had to deal with that flu, ‘cept me so far. *knocking on wood*
    Tough to work when you’re sick, so take the time you need to get better. Then pick it back up. No guilt allowed!

    • Yip, I saw it going around virtually and thought I’d escape it until hubby came home with a nasty cold and sure enough…it found its way to me. Oh well, we are both finally on the mend and better now than at Xmas! 🙂 Here’s hoping you steer totally clear of it! 🙂
      Love that – no guilt allowed! 🙂

  9. We need to talk. Seriously. It’s not like you haven’t been thinking about the WIP…right? You’ve been plotting and planning, considering character and story arcs, mulling over story threads and evaluating goals.

    That all counts.

    Yes, it does! Don’t argue.

    When you feel normal again, you’ll plant behind in chair, open up the WIP file and the words will simply ooze out your fingers with no effort whatsoever. Trust me. I’ve seen it happen.

    • Lesann, have I mentioned how much I ADORE you! Yes. I have been thinking and pondering a LOT about it because it’s about all I have been able to do. I actually obsess about it a little bit. LOL! GREAT point and I really appreciate the HUGE vote of confidence and encouragement – you ROCK! 🙂

  10. This cold is bionic, Nat. I told you. It’s gonna take a few days to get over it. But the end is in sight….

    • My god, deadly and it just seems to HANG on! I usually feel pretty good from around 11 am until 8 pm. But the mornings and evenings are deadly…weird!! But I’ll be better soon enough I am sure! Woot woot! 🙂

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