International Day of Pink…in honor of me?!?!?

Today, my gorgeous new WANA friend Karen McFarland declared today International Day of Pink in honor…of…ME. WOOT WOOT! Can you believe it!?!? I know. Soooo cool…thank you Karen! It’s so lovely to be appreciated and loved so deeply. MUAH!

And in honor of this fahhhhbulous distinction, you can find me guest posting over at Karen’s uberlicious blog digs today. It’s a hilarious post on blogging advice I…well…sort of ignored and made my own. Definitely swing by and be sure to read some of Karen’s other ditties – they rock!

And…also in honor of today being International Day of Pink AND Twisted Tuesday, I decided to feature something truly uberliciously, sparkly, bedazzled and PINK

Y’all know that hubby graciously gave me his new Blackberry bold 9900 that I blinged up with a gorgeous rhinestone case to give it some sparkle. Well I found THE PERFECT bling accessory to go with it. A pink crystal rhinestone Bluetooth earpiece! OMG it’s uberlicious and I love it! And I can order it from Amazon for just $37.99.

This is perfect timing because, as most of you know, New Brunswick passed new driving distracted legislation in June. So in our province, you are no longer allowed to use your cell phone while driving; no texting, fiddling with an iPod or talking on your cell phone while driving. Legislation I support 100% given that driving while texting is tantamount to driving drunk.

So….that means if I want to talk on my blackberry while driving, I need a bluetooth so I can do so hands free. And the pink crystal rhinestone Bluetooth is perfect and will match my already blinged up Blackberry to perfection!

I know…isn’t it fahhhbulous!?!?! I had no idea such a thing even existed. And now my imagination is going a million miles a minute wondering what other blinged out electronics I can find; ear buds, iPod case, laptop case…ohhhh…the possibilities are endless, aren’t they?!?!

Like, how about this matching pink crystal rhinestone keyboard and wireless mouse from Amazon for only $74.99?!??! EEEEKEEEE…

I know what you might be thinking “Natalie…do you think this might be a wee bit too much bling?!?!

Ummmm…hmmmm…NO! Duh?!?! Did you read my little profile blurb on my right-hand menu: “If I owned a BeDazzler, I’d be dangerous.” I wasn’t kidding!

I am PRAYING Santa brings me these two little ditties. I’ve been sooo good this year! My heart is just tickled PINK with idea…stay tuned for more PINK insanity to come!

Now, please go visit me over at Karen’s….and let’s CELEBRATE!

It’s International Day of Pink and Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

How do you BeDazzle your life?



  1. You rock pink better than anyone I’ve ever known or could possibly imagine! Truly … I’ve heard it said that thanks to your sparkly and bedazzled descriptions, PINK is now the totally number one, super-fahhhhbulous, uberliciously, ultra-cool, ahhhhh-some colour (that’s COLOR ~official translation~) of the year! WOOT, WOOT, EEEEEEEEKEEEEEEEE, MUAH! (Hey! it’s even fun writing like you!)
    p.s. Glad to hear NB passed the hands-free driving law! I hope they enforce it better than ON!

    • Woot woot!! LOL!! Thank you Patricia – LOVE IT!!!!
      Yes, it’s unfortunate because a law is only as strong as its enforcement and sadly, like impaired driving, driving while texting etc is pretty hard to catch. A cop essentially has to be RIGHT there and see someone doing it. I see people every day still driving and talking on their phones etc. Sad. When will they learn?!
      Now…let’s ROCK the PINK!!!

  2. Happy Day of Pink, Natalie! Hm, I could go for the bedazzled keyboard, though in a different color. Maybe purple. I don’t think the mouse would be very comfortable to use though–like scrolling with a pine cone. Still, I hope Santa brings them to you!

    • I think they come in PURPLE Angela!!! I’ll have to go on a search for you. And yes, I had concerns about the mouse being a little “gritty” as well. LOL!!! Here’s hoping Santa loves me…hehehehe….

  3. Elena Aitken says:

    I love it! I’ve only recently embraced pink in the last few years, and I must say…it makes me happy. We also have the distracted driving law here in Alberta. And since my car has an internal blue tooth thingy, I don’t need a sparkly blue tooth thingy. It also means my kids get to hear all kinds of interesting conversations when I forget to remind people they’re on the speaker-car phone. 🙂 ha ha
    Happy pink day!

    • Woot woot – I am so happy to hear that you are embracing the pink Elena. I only came into a few years ago myself and have been happy ever since. LOL! 🙂
      Ohhhh I love those! My galpal has one in her new truck and it rocks. Although yes, indeed people get to listen in to sometimes odd conversations. On the drive back from her bachelorette, her hubby-to-be started telling her all the things he was going to do when she got home before she had a chance to remind him the truck was full of her galpals. LOL!!! 🙂 Better us than her 8-year-old triplets. LOL!!!
      Happy PINK day too!

  4. Hey girl, love that earpiece! That’s got to be the best!

    We in California also have the same law, but I fortunately have bluetooth which makes it so much easier and not to mention Safer!

    Happy “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PINK” !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sooo much fun!

    Love ya my new friend! 🙂

  5. Hi Natalie! I just read your guest post on Karen’s blog. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I don’t have a bluetooth. If my phone rings while I’m driving, well, I don’t answer it until I’m stopped. I have to say that’s a mighty cute bluetooth, though!

  6. Fabulous — by “accident” I’m totally celebrating “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PINK” today! Last night my 6 year old daughter decided to choose clothes for me to wear today (I usually choose her clothes, unless she insists on assembling her own look). And what did she choose? Of course a hot-pink, sleeveless shirt! 🙂 How did she know, hmmm…

  7. Happy International Day of Pink (a day or two late!)

    I must have all of these! There is never too much bling. Ever.

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