Public displays of affection gone wild???

Hubby and I enjoy "reasonable" PDA

What’s your take on public displays of affection (PDA)?

For me, I am pretty much in favor of lots of PDA. Growing up, my parents were very openly affectionate with each other; always holding hands and kissing in the kitchen while making dinner etc. They were happy and the most in love couple I knew so I’ve always associated reasonable PDA as a symbol a healthy and vibrant relationship.

Lucky for me, hubby’s on board. We almost always hold hands everywhere we go. It’s not unusual to see me curl up to him if we are standing in line. I will rub his back as we semi hug each other. He’ll bring his head down to kiss me on the forehead.

We engage in the occasional kiss in public. We aren’t talking lip locked, tongue exchange R-rated kissing. Just a nice, semi mouth-opened smooch. It has more meaning and substance than a peck but I think is classy and tasteful. We obviously aren’t gearing up for the bedroom or anything.

At parties, friends usually make snide remarks because we typically stick together. We’ll enjoy drinks and laughs but are always delicately pawing at each other. Kisses, winks, pats on the bum. They’ll tell us to get a room…I think they’re all just jealous!

It’s something I love about us! I think it keeps things sparkly, fresh, and feeling new and exciting. I also think it keeps our passion and romance alive and well.

But how much PDA is too much?

Last week I got my answer. Hubby and I pulled into the parking lot for death by swimming. It was dark out. The public pool is part of a middle school that offers a number of after-school activities for kids and families so it’s a pretty busy spot. The parking lot was about half full (around 20 vehicles) with families arriving and leaving.

We circled around the bulk of the cars and came around the back of a 4-door car parked towards the furthest of the bunch (but certainly not off on its own). As we did, I noticed a young guy, teenager, sitting in the back seat. It struck me as odd but not totally unthinkable. Maybe he was waiting for his parents who were inside picking up his kid sister, right?

Isn’t that weird….” I said to hubby sort of indicating with a head gesture towards the car.

He’s totally getting a blow job…didn’t you see him pat her head as we drove past?” hubby replied.

No freaking way. No! Stop it. You are sick and demented. Who would do that in the semi-lit parking lot of a middle school with families and children around?

I mean, it was dark out and the parking lot wasn’t lit up like Christmas but still?!?! If this guy was getting a blow job surely he would have parked further off to the darkest, unoccupied edge of the parking lot so as NOT to be seen for sure…by a child no less! As we were having this conversation, we circled around to the front of the car in question so our lights shone RIGHT in it for a good 30 seconds. I took a good, HARD look and honestly, I didn’t see any “girl” doing anything. I chalked it up to hubby’s sick and perverted imagination (I mean…dirty, wool cock sock…need I say more!?!?).

We were there a few minutes shooting the breeze while we waited for our other swimming partner to join us.

That’s when hubby said “seeee…there’s a girl sitting up now?

I looked and nope…I didn’t see anything. Hubby’s on crack! But…wait…wait a minute…wait….


There was a girl sitting up, in the backseat….smoking a CIGARETTE no less. My mouth fell open….I was stunned….

To make matters worse, not 2 minutes later, 2 other teens came strolling along out of NO WHERE and jumped in the driver and passenger seat and the car took off. My stomach lurched! They had obviously gone for a “walk” so these two could get their freak on.

Hubby looked at me, winked, and sort of gestured his head as if to say “my turn?”

In your dreams big guy….I am all for going “parking” but NOT in a packed, middle school parking lot. I have standards. It’d have to at least be in the woods or something…

What’s your take on PDA? Ever go parking? How about going parking in public?

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