Sunglasses that rock my beer!

Like a lot of you, hubby and I are beer drinkers. There’s just nothing like a cold beer on a hot summer day. Ok ok…a cold beer on any day really! Yum! And this year we got into the new Bud Lite Lime beer. It’s refreshing and goes down smooth with a delightful hint of lime. The only downfall is that the bottles don’t have twist off caps.

Honestly, there’s nothing more annoying than having to cart around a bottle opener everywhere we go. I don’t know how many times we’ve arrived, beer in cooler and no bottle opener. It’s just not our thing. Hubby ends up having to use his belt or sometimes his teeth (if he’s showing off) and that shit’s dangerous.

Well, fret no longer hubby, I have found THE solution! Brewsees.

Brewsees are sunglasses that double as a bottle opener. At the back, the bottle opener is integrated right into the earpiece. It’s reinforced with metal to give them “teeth” that can grab a hold of a bottle cap and take it off in no time.

Shut the front door!

And…of course the folks at put the Brewsees through their paces with a few tests. They swear they can handle all kinds of stubborn bottle caps without fear of breaking the frames, lenses or the earpieces. So not only are they highly recommended by the crew, but they got a “Tailgate Approved” stamp. Woot woot!

Check out this little demo they put together:

And these aren’t cheap ol’ sunglasses either. They have:

  • Polarized Lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Polycarbonate frame
  • 6061 Airplane grade Anodized Aluminum

These are definitely a fantastic Christmas present consideration for hubby. I can just see him now. On the Rhino, canoeing, fishing…whatever! Anytime we stop for a beer, he can just whip off his shades and pop the cap right off. Trés sexy!

Brewsees retail for $39.95 plus $5 US postage. And…they come packaged with a free bottle koozie. The FUN never freaking ends!!! You can order yours here.


I am not sure if y’all saw it in the comments or not but…Team Brewsees wrote us a little note and offered MY READERS a 30% discount (for a limited time so act fast if you are truly interested in a pair). Check it out:

Hey everyone! Team Brewsees here and thank you for writing this great post! Also – happy to extend a short term discount for everyone by using the discount code: 30RACK for 30% off!! We love hooking up anyone and everyone who engages with Brewsees press!! Canadian orders will have to be processed manually – please email with the amount of Brewsees you would like and a google checkout invoice will be sent back to you. Thanks!

Thanks Team Brewsees!! I really appreciate your generous offer to my readers and here’s to your fahhhbulous product selling off the shelves!



  1. OMG, those are some RIGHTEOUS glasses! I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, after sleep has visited me, but a night with pleurisy SUCKS!!!! Maybe I need beer?!?!

    • P.S. When you read my post today, that last comment will make more sense. Why do I often think you can just read my mind? Hmmm….is it just the warped humor we share?

      BTW, Hubby…how was that for a roundabout BLOGJACK???

      • OUCH – pleurisy or a lung infection. NOT FUN! I’ve had both and they are killer. You need to get back to bed for major rest, medication, and fluids. Either can turn into pneumonia pretty quick so take care of YOU!!!
        Beer…hmmmm…wiskey might be better for someone in your condition. LOL!!
        And, just a note, without even reading your blog I had a good idea what you were gettin’ at. Yip….mind reader extraordinaire….along with shared warped sense of humor…hehehehe….
        Now…GO. REST!

  2. Jenny, you crack me up. Every. Single. Time.

    Best blogjacker this side of the Atlantic and that side of the Pacific!

    Okay, so my first response is? Beer glasses? Really? Because carrying a bottle opener is that hard? Oh, wait, you drink Bud light lime. Nevermind.

    But that’s kind of messed up on my part, so I’m going to retract that statement and say that those glasses are hideous! No, no, I mean they are super sweet. Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. Sweet! They just need some rhinestones and I’d totally wear them (NOT)!!
    Won’t the bottle opener thing get caught in your hair?

    Why the heck are you wasting valuable time drinking Bud light lime? At least get Corona and put a lime in it? Or try a good Wisenheimer with a slice of orange.

    For all that is good in love and war, stop drinking crap beer! Oooooh, I get it… you can’t actually SAY you’re drinking good beer because then your red neck friends would give you stink eye. Ah, good plan. I like it. Carry on “drinking” Bud light lime.

    • ROTFL!!!!! OMG!!!!
      Well…this should help and perhaps I should have stated it. I wouldn’t wear the sunglasses. They’d be for hubby who is in charge of opening my cold beer. I, like you, must wear sunglasse of the highest fashion statement, not functionality. LOL!!!
      I LOVE Bud Lite Lime. LOL! I like Corona as well but having to remember and cart around a lime and possibly a knife was getting annoying.
      Girl, I AM a redneck. LOL!!! Ok, maybe more like a redneck with a splash of city. 🙂

      • For Hubby? Well, that changes everything. Okay, he can have them.

        My sister and I have this constant argument about beer ~ she thinks Coors is a perfectly acceptable beer and that I’m too high maintenance and hoity toity with my specialty beers! So, that’s where my whole, ‘no Bud light lime!’ comments came from. It’s always fun to banter with her and well, I just love you so much, I thought you were my sister!!!!

        • LOL – we can banter away anytime – suits my sense of humor perfectly. Trust me, I have friends who are into the different beers and are amazed that hubby and I can stomach such crude beer. LOL!! I just love your hoity toity self so keep it comin’ Sista! 🙂

    • Amen, Tameri!

      (What she said!!! Had I been awake, that’s along the lines of what I’d have said. Bud Lite Lime? REALLY??!!? Pleaeeerk… *that’s the sound of spitting out that beer with a blerk*

  3. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    Love the glasses! You always find the bestest things!!

  4. oh now I do enjoy bud light lime..of course i enjoy corona with lime too! And coors with a lime…and vodka with a lime….and ……=)

  5. Those are awesome. Talk about a great stocking stuffer, lol!

  6. Elena Aitken says:

    Awesome! I have a few friends who would LOVE to get these in their stocking this Christmas.
    Also, Natalie, you should check out the Reef flip flops with a built in opener. My hubby impressed some neighbors the first time he used his foot to open the beer. And yes, I realize how much is wrong with that. 🙂

  7. My nephew has a pair of flip flops with a bottle opener either on the bottom or the side…can’t remember which — all I can think, though, is eeewwww. Opening a bottle with something that’s been on the ground — not for me.

    The glasses are pretty cute, but my brain is saying, don’t you have twist off tops in Canada? Sorry.

    P.S. Love Corona, also Honey Weisswith a lemon, Bud Lite Lime is good too.

    • LOL – I think that’d be so cool and a real party hit – flip flops that open a beer. WAHAHAHA!!! But yes, the glasses are a bit cuter. LOL!!
      We do have twist offs but for some reason, Bud Lite Lime isn’t – at least not yet. Ugh!

  8. LOL! These beer posts are too funny. Ladies, did I mention one of my sons is the Brewmaster for a very well known brewing company? When we plan our first Wana711 Plus (not to leave anyone out)
    Writers and Bloggers Conference I might be able to score us some free kegs. It won’t be BudLite Lime though (breathe easy Tameri …), but I did drink that for several years out of loyalty when he was with Anheuser Busch. Great stocking stuffer idea from Stacy!

  9. Hey everyone! Team Brewsees here and thank you for writing this great post! Also – happy to extend a short term discount for everyone by using the discount code: 30RACK for 30% off !! We love hooking up anyone and everyone who engages with Brewsees press!!

  10. Also..

    Any Canadian orders will have to be processed manually – please email with the amount of Brewsees you would like and a google checkout invoice will be sent back to you. Thanks!

  11. I think I officially need those glasses. I usually carry around a bottle opener in my purse (you never, ever know when you will need one, IMO), but on the rare occasions when I fly, I have to remove it and sometimes forget to put it back…

    But this! Absolutely brilliant, and will work quite well for my impromptu ‘work periods’ at the beach, when I smuggle a beer or two along to drink while I read for class. :p

    • Carry around a bottle opener in your purse – that rocks! Are we related? LOL!
      I agree, the glasses are brilliant. Not sure how the ends will work in hair but I’d be game to try em’ out.
      Your impromptu “work periods” sounds ahhhmazing!! 🙂

  12. kerrymeacham says:

    LOL – TV ad campaign…”Because sometimes you’re just too drunk to retrieve the bottle opener out if your pocket or purse.”

  13. I would have killed for a pair of these in highschool. Uh, not that we were drinking beer or anything. Soda came in bottles back then. Really.

  14. Those sunglasses crack me up! But the idea that your husband might open a bottle with his teeth? AhHHHHHHHH. Chipped tooth? AHHHHHHHHHH! Sorry, I have to get hold of myself.

    Have to go with Tameri on the beer too. Try some Sam Adams Octoberfest. Yum……


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