My metrosexual hubby made me realize the power of clothes that fit (no matter the size)

My new boots (photo:

I consider myself a very lucky lady; especially in the husband department. Deep down I think it’s God’s way of saying “sorry for all the shit I threw at you over the years…” but whatever my luck, hubby’s a dream come true!

Now most of you have read that I’ve put on a wee bit of weight in the last year or so (about 25 pounds). A few weeks ago I did a post on the terrible plight of ugly jeans that I’ve succumb to wearing since my ass and thighs exploded. Well no one has to hear about it more than hubby!

Every day I head to the closet to choose one of the only 3 pairs of pants that currently fit. I dig through dozens of gorgeous pants and suits that no longer fit. I pick through my shirt selection that is easily over a year old. And I whimper and complain. I grumble.

For a serious shopping girl like me, this has been torture. I used to go on shopping sprees every few months! But I have simply refused to buy new clothes for this body.

  1. I don’t want to reward myself for putting weight ON.
  2. I don’t want to make it any easier or comfortable to stay this weight.
  3. I want to have the motivation to lose weight to get back into all my gorgeous clothes AND to get to buy new stuff.
  4. I think there might be a small part of me that feels like I should punish myself for letting this happen.
  5. To find pants that fit my shape is cruel and unusual torture.
  6. Not to mention going into stores with young, skinny sales staff that give you the quick “once over” making you feel even more middle-aged and fat as they quickly move pass you to serve other young, skinny people. The nerve!

So I have refused to shop!

Hubby has tried. He’s begged. He’s pleaded. “Please let’s go shopping for you…” and I have stayed the course with my refusal. Socks and underwear, maybe the occasional sweat pant or PJs, that’s it!  

You can’t be THE ONLY ONE this shape. We see hundreds of women larger than you who ALL have great pants?!?!?!” he screams in frustration.

I don’t know what to tell you hubby, those ladies obviously have connections to a Pants Fairy or know of a secret stash and they ain’t sharing the wealth?!?!

Well last weekend, hubby could take it no longer. My complaining took him to the brink of anxiety and he took me out kicking and screaming. He insisted that we would NOT leave the mall until I had a few new pairs of pants; even if that meant buying them 2 or 3 sizes too big and getting the waist tailored.

OMG! I drug my feet as hubby pushed me into the first store.

What’s your size?” he demanded as he started digging through racks.

That’s the problem, I don’t know?!? Every freaking pair of pants fits me differently but I’d start with a 14 or a 36 waist…

And off he went. He enlisted the help of sales people and filled my arms with pants after pants.

Go try them on!

4 hours, 5 stores and over $500 later and I came away with:

  • 2 pairs of black pants that fit perfectly. Not just perfectly but…beautifully!
  • 3 pairs of jeans. One pair needs the waist taken in but the other two fit perfectly!
  • 3 new shirts.
  • 1 stunning, super soft oversized sweater in gray.
  • 1 rockin’ pair of winter boots (you saw them above…HOT or what?!??!) that totally won’t keep my feet warm but will look FAB!

More than the new clothes, I came away with a new lease on my body.

I put on that stunning, soft, luxurious new gray sweater. I slid into my sexy black pants. I laced up those gorgeous, HOT boots and…I felt great. I felt sexy. I felt wonderful. It felt like I dropped 20 pounds. I walked taller and with more purpose. Every hallway became a runway and I channeled and stomped to my inner supermodel heart’s content.

Who would have guess it, hubby knew what he was talking about. You are the weight you are and you might as well do whatever you can to feel good about it while you work to lose it. No point feeling miserable and beating yourself up. Life’s to short! Clothes that fit, whatever the size, and make you feel good are worth it. And, it doesn’t need to be a $5000 shopping spree to make a real difference in the wardrobe.

And…the skinny, young sales people (to my utter surprise) were wonderful, friendly, and totally put me at ease. One in particular, as we stood there watching hubby pick up things for me to try on, commented how lucky I was to be with a metrosexual who would help me shop. Hubby…a metrosexual…shut the front door! Love that!

Thank you hubby; for always knowing when to push and for wanting me to be happy above all else! MUAH! xoxoxox

How about you? Does a pair of hot, sexy, crazy wild shoes make you stand taller and feel sexy? Do clothes that fit and feel great give you more confidence? How has your significant other made you realize you are beautiful just as you?



  1. Metrosexual – we’ll see how that goes over @the camp! LOL

  2. I loved this! Natalie, I’m so glad your hubby made you go shopping, how can we get to a “new” us, if we don’t love the “this” us? Always love yourself, and I love it that you walked away from this feeling sexy and like you’d already lost 20lbs.

  3. You’re so lucky. My husband would rather I kick him the nuts than go shopping with me. But I know your pain – it’s so hard finding clothes that fit, even after you’ve lost weight. And there’s nothing like a great fitting clothes – they do make you feel better about yourself. Those boots are SUPER hot!

    • *spit out coffee*
      Ouch – that sucks Stacy!!! I love that hubby comes shopping with me and I value his opinion cause he’ll definitely tell me if something looks horrid. 🙂
      This is what I am realizing. Finding clothes to fit, no matter what size you are, is hard! So…shop often and don’t be afraid to try stuff on. And, I need to be more open to having stuff tailored to fit. The one pair of jeans that needs tailoring were on sale for $13 bucks – can you imagine? So if I find great stuff that’s on sale and needs tailoring, it’s worth it $$$ wise!
      I simply cannot get over how good I’ve felt since. And it hasn’t zapped my motivation to lose weight because I didn’t go crazy and buy a ton of stuff and ditch all my smaller clothes. A perfect medium I think.
      Aren’t those boots ahhhmazing!! I’ll likely fall a million times wearing them in the ice and snow but damn it, I’ll look good doing it!! 🙂

    • Ha!hahaha…hahaha. Oh, Stacy, I think it’s me imagining that sweet face of yours saying those words. Thanks for making my day.

    • kerrymeacham says:

      ROTFLMAO, Stacy. I go begrudgingly, but I go, i.e. no, I would rather go shopping than get a swift kick in the ….. However, it really pisses me off when they don’t have a husband chair available. How am I supposed to get caught up on my tweets and emails? I have trouble standing up and typing into my phone at the same time? Sheesh. 😉

  4. Shannon Esposito says:

    If I didn’t live in flip-flops I would want those boots 🙂 Okay, you’ve inspired me to shop (not sure MY hubby will appreciate that, but it’s done.) I’m on a mission now. I’ve been living in stretchy yoga pants the last year because I gained weight after a back injury and have refused to buy pants that fit. I mean, that dressing room lighting throws my into an icecream binge everytime, anyway (anyone have a psychology degree to figure that one out?)…I have not wanted to brave it with this extra padding on my butt and thighs. Wish me luck!

    • Oh Shannon – I totally feel your pain. The sales people coupled with dressing room lighting was a daunting task to face but if I can do it, you can to! Trust me, it’ll be worth it. Make a commitment to not leave without a few key pieces that you can wear day/evening (casual and work). It doesn’t have to be a lot to make a big difference. And forget about the number on the tag – find stuff that fits and if need be, have it tailored here and there. I went into dressing rooms with literally 20 pairs of pants (some of the same ones in 3 different sizes). It’s hard but you’ll be happy you did. Like Amy said, we need to be happy and love ourselves as is before we’ll be empowered for change and this will definitely help!
      Here’s to tossing those yoga pants for some sexy jeans and a hot pair of heels! Be sure to come back and let us know how you made out.

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Phew, had to get that off my chest.

    Shopping can be either be painful or awesome, and a great shopping buddy usually has everything to do with that! How cool is it that your shopping buddy is your hubster?

    I’m pregnant with my 4th kiddo, and am in that stage where buying new clothes seems pointless – only a few more months left to go, why on earth would I buy anything else, even though my current maternity wardrobe is so gross and outdated I want to cry?

    But now I’m inspired. I need to go shopping. Quick. 🙂

    • Awwww…thank you Myndi – you totally MADE MY DAY!! LOL!! 🙂 🙂
      Good for you!!! I am so happy you’ve decided to set out shopping. I told myself much the same thing – why bother, hopefully I’ll be 10 pounds smaller in a few months but hubby reminded me – being happy and feeling good is important RIGHT NOW! Like I said to Shannon, you don’t need to spend a pile of cash but a few new pieces to brighten up your closet will add some spring to your step! I’ve decided to start setting a little cash aside every pay check with a commitment to shop more often regardless of size! 🙂
      Congrats on number 4 – you brave wonderous soul!! Woot woot!!!
      Here’s to a FAB shopping adventure – be sure to come back and tell us all about your finds!!!
      P.S. yes…I am lucky to have hubby as a shopping partner – he’s the best! 🙂 A shopping buddy is always helpful….

    • Myndi,

      First off, CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, those maternity store sales people pissed me off so bad…I’m actually going to recommend you just go to Target. Their maternity department rocks.

      Last off, as much as I hate to blogjack, you need to read this post: ~ then go read the one about what rocked my world when the baby came since you’re almost there. 🙂

      • Wow! Blogjacking at it’s extreme!!! Atta girl Jenny – show Nat how its done right!

      • OK, what I should have finished with is: I hate to blogjack anywhere it’s not welcome but me and the Hartfords have an agreement going. If it’s blogs or wine, we jack….and it’s all good. 🙂 🙂

        • Absolutely Jenny – mi casa su casa! 🙂 You are welcome to blogjack to your heart’s content. I love it and I think our combined readers love it as well. Rock on girl…rock on!
          Blogs or wine – we jack – LOVE THAT!!! 🙂 🙂

  6. There’s NO WAY hubby would go shopping with me. Even short excursions to get shampoo become fraught with tension and arm wrestling. But I’m one of those people who buy online, and if I go into a store, I never try clothes on. Most of the time I luck out, but I do have about 5 pairs of pants that don’t fit and still have the tags on them.

    Shhhh…don’t tell hubby. Taking him through the Customer Service line might result in a prison sentence! =)

    • LOL!!! I have a funny feeling there are a lot of hubbies out there that feel the same way Carrie. It’s a shame cause it can be fun if both peeps enjoy shopping (which obviously hubby and I do…LOL)!
      I am with you though, I LOVE shopping online…it’s dangerous really!! And like you, I usually luck out as well…so shop on friend!!! 🙂
      Your secret is safe with me…hehehehe….

  7. My husband spit out his coffee when I read to him Stacy’s comment. I asked him why he felt that was so funny. All these years, and I do means years, he has taken me shopping and he’s relating to the husband who would rather get kicked in the balls? So then I thought, how much love does it take for our husbands to actually go shopping with us when you know that they would actually prefer to be watching ESPN! Really, that is a true until we die kind of love. A sacrifice above all other sacrifices.

    I used to be afraid to tell my girlfriends how good my husband treated me because I knew that they did not receive the same treatment. But good on you Natalie for bragging on yours. He deserves every bit of it! And look how you feel about yourself. You are worth every penny and more that was spent!

    And the boots! They ROCK girl! I would even wear them to bed if I were you. Those boots alone could start some serious action. lol

    • I know – I nearly died when I read it as well. LOL!!!
      Awwww – tell your hubby to suck it up and set the PVR! 🙂 A sacrifice in the name of a wife’s happiness ALWAYS pays off.
      I think we should all brag about how wonderful our hubby’s are to us! Shout it from the rooftops! We all deserve to be treated the best we can imagine….don’t we?! 🙂
      I know…ohhhh hubby is going to read that and LOVE you! LOL!!! I might just have to take your advice on that one…hehehe…make the shopping even MORE worth it!

  8. FOUR kids, Myndi? Girl, you deserve a shopping trip! And mani/pedi AND a spa day. Wowzers. I’ve got two and some days that’s more than I can take. You totally rock!

    Oh, man, Natalie! Those shoes are super hot! Unfortunately, after the surgery I can’t wear anything higher than 1 1/2″, so I can only drool over them and be a tad green with envy. But good on you for going shopping! That hubby of yours… he’s totally awesomesauce with chocolate.

    You’ve discovered one of the biggest secrets of the extra cushiony girl… you CAN look great in clothes. It just takes the right clothes! Once I realized that and stopped wearing stretchy waist shorts every where, I started to feel sexier and zippier. It really is a game changer when your pants actually fit. I’m so happy you discovered your super sexy self again! Whooohoooo!!!

    • Dang, Tameri, you too? For me, it was blood clots, now I’m relegated to low heels. But I have SERIOUS shoe envy over those hot boots!!!

      • Sniffff….that soooo sucks BUT I know there are super cute, hot, sexy lower heeled shoes out there ladies….I know it!!!
        In the mean time, I will rock my hot boots in both your honor!

      • There are Natalie! I’ve made it my life mission to find them. Now I’ll have to share with Jenny, cause you know, she doesn’t shop for herself so I might have to help out. Yay!

        I forgot to mention that my husband would happily join me shopping, but like Jillian, I prefer he not. A) He has NO fashion sense. Seriously, dressing him is like those Garanimals for kids. You put the giraffe with the giraffe honey. No! Never put a tiger with a cheetah, gasp! that’s just wrong.

        And B) the less he knows how much things cost, the better.

        I’m kind of a shopping freak, but like you, I’m waiting until my ass is in the same zip code as the rest of my body before I buy new clothes. The cool thing about being a shopper, I already have tons of clothes in the sizes smaller than I am. So for the ‘interim’ sizes, I’m set. I may love to shop, but I hate wasting money and buying clothes for a few months is just bad juju.

        Love ya girls!

    • I know, Myndi deserves a freaking medal!
      Awwww…girl that bites! But….BUT, there are TONS of sexy lower heeled shoes out there!! Don’t let 1 1/2 inches stop you from rocking the shoe world!
      I read “he’s totally awesomesauce with chocolate…” and I thought to myself “OMG Tameri, what have you done??? He’s going to read that and his ego won’t fit through the door…” LOL!!! But he is…and damn it, he knows it. 🙂
      I couldn’t believe it Tameri. It’s totally a game changer….I am feelin’ FINE these days and that’s worth it’s weight in gold (pun intended…lol). I hope ALL you lovely ladies reading this blog (and men…I know you are reading this too) get out there and don’t stop shopping till you find clothes that make you feel like a rock star!

  9. Very cool boots! It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for not being perfect. We have to love ourselves right now. We can keep working on positive change, but beating ourselves up won’t help.

  10. kerrymeacham says:

    Sounds like hubs is a pretty cool guy. So, you two deserve each other. 😉 Have fun with it, Nat. ~clink~

    • Awwww thanks Kerry! Yes, hubs is a real treat and we are super lucky that we found each other and have made magic together. It’s what I wish for everyone….being the uber romantic and all. ~clink~

  11. As I mentioned above, I’m gonna have to find those sexy boots with a low heel, but I’ll put my fashionistas on it. ALL my friends love to shop, whereas I’d really rather just have the clothes magically appear.

    Thankfully, my BFF started being my personal shopper long ago or I would never have anything to wear. She shops for my honey too, so the Hansen House remains a happy zone.

    I do like to go shopping with friends that love it though. If they’re happy, I’m happy. They have to give me a cocktail at the end though…thems are the rules.

    • A PERSONAL FREAKING SHOPPER!!! Jenny – you and your BFF are my heros! LOL – that’s fabulous. It isn’t necessarily about going out shopping, it’s about being commited in whatever way (people, online etc) to having clothes that help you feel hot, sexy, and good, isn’t it?! 🙂 I am sure your fashionista will find you the perfect lower-heel boots!! Then we can stomp the runway together channeling our Rock Star Selves!
      I am all over your shopping rules – cocktail after shopping – twist my rubber arm – I am IN!

      • Yup, it’s lovely. She dresses us for work. She dressed me for my wedding. She loves it and I hate it, but I hate it less when it comes to my house and then leaves if it sucks. Over time, she’s learned what looks good on my and she’s talked me into things I’d NEVER have bought. I do buy awesome footwear though. 🙂

        Confession: she’s threatened to come over and cut all my jeans at the knee and throw out all my maternity clothes because she hates my jeans. I like cozy, she likes sexy. So, I don’t let her in the house while I’m not there to supervise her. She’s tricky.

        • I bet it’s lovely – that sounds fantastic! 🙂 You are livin’ the dream. LOL!
          She’s tricky – wahahaha – yeah, I have to admit I go for more of a comfy fitting jean as well. If I bend over and my butt crack shows, I am totally OUT! Now it doesn’t have to be HIGH waisted but let’s get real. I ain’t 15 years old. LOL!!!

  12. Natalie, your hubby is awesomesauce 🙂 Mine loves to buy me things but hates to actually shop with me, LOL.

    Good for you embracing yourself as you are! And those boots are seriously sexy.

    • Oh Raelyn, your hubby sounds like a little taste of awesomesauce himself – woot woot!!! 🙂
      Yes, hubby was definitely right on this one and I am lovin’ it. The boots rock my world although I’ll likely find myself rocking my ass on the ground periodically through the winter. LOL!

  13. Natalie – your blogs just keep getting better and better! And they were the bomb to start with! *pompoms and high … well, sorta … kicks* – Tameri, help me out!
    There are a lot of women out there who need to read this. I’m going to tweet it like crazy and I’m sure everyone else will too. GOOD, GOOD, GOOD STUFF!
    p.s. I want those boots too!

    • Oh Patricia – you totally MADE MY DAY! Wow – thank you….seriously!!! Your words are so kind and I appreciate them soooo much!!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for your fahhhhbulous support always – you rock!!!
      P.S. living in TO, I am sure you have a SLEW of places to pick up some rockin’ boots! Be sure to forward pictures!!! 🙂

  14. What a good man! I had a similar experience about a year ago. I had put on weight (unfortunately, I’ve still got it) and I was wearing ill-fitting, uncomfortable old clothes. I think, like you, I was partially punishing myself, and didn’t want to admit that this was now me. Mr B dragged me out shopping and I came home with five new dresses, all which could crossover from work to weekend, and I felt beautiful again. These men are smart, aren’t they!

    • Mr B is awesomesauce with chocolate TO!!! These men of ours are smart. And as women, we need to stop beating ourselves up so much and start being more forgiving, loving, and gentle with ourselves.
      I am sooo happy you feel beautiful again….

  15. Wow! What a guy! My husband HATES shopping, so consider yourself uber-lucky! My husband won’t go into a store with me, but to his credit, he didn’t flinch when I told him how much my latest pair of shoes cost.

    I’m signing on with a trainer. I’m on the treadmill every day, but I need the extra push. I’ve backed off buying clothes (and yes, I do know how you felt!) for now. And really, I don’t think it’s all about weight or being condemned to double-digit sizes. Embrace those curves and be your own goddess!

    • Well at least your hubs doesn’t flinch at the shopping bill – that in and of itself deserves some awesomesauce! 🙂
      Look at you go Jennifer – wow. Trainer and the treadmill – sounds amazing. You’ll have to keep us posted on your progress and know that we are here chearing you on!
      Love your advice and so true – we all need to embrace our curves and be our own goddess – woot woot!

  16. I’m glad you finally broke down and went shopping. It is important to have clothing that fits right and makes you feel good about yourself. Your husband is a star. Make sure you tell him so all the time. 😉 BTW, I LOVE those boots! I have a huge boot fetish. Can’t ever seem to get enough.

    • I shower hubby in praise and thanks cause he is a shining star in my world! 🙂
      Boot fetish – I KNOW! There are so many ahhhmazing styles out there right now. I have larger calves so I struggle with the higher boots (that I of course…love) but I think there are tons out there for any shape, size, and need. Love the trends!

  17. Enough about the boots – let’s get our blog-on by revisiting the awesome-sauce and the chocolate!

  18. I’ve put on some weight in the last year and I’m struggling to fit into my jeans…a shopping spree may be in my future! It’s amazing how much well-fitting clothes make a difference. Your post made me want to watch reruns of What Not to Wear! Glad you found some clothes that make you feel great 🙂

    • Annalise, don’t put it off. I went nearly a year in jeans that hurt after an hour and then terrible ugly jeans that made me feel like a blimb and I soooo wish I would have just sucked it up sooner. It’s not about being vain but about not beating ourselves up or punishing ourselves. It’s about accepting what it is, is and trying to make the best of it! We each deserve to feel wonderful in what we wear – period!
      LOVE What Not to Wear! 🙂

      • Yeah, that BFF we talked about? She keeps threatening to submit me to that show. I’m afraid to watch it.

        • No?!??!?! You haven’t seen it yet! Honestly…you can’t be that bad with a personal shopper taking care of you!!!
          You must watch it.
          I almost wanted to fake dress badly (cause you gotta be REAL BAD to be on it) so hubby could submit me and I could score the $5000 shopping spree and makeover…I know, I am a terrible person! LOL!

  19. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    I think it’s awesome that hubby took you shopping. My husband rarely goes shopping with me, but I kinda like it that way because he also is clueless as to what I spend. I think he likes it that way, really.

    But you have a good man and some killer boots, so you should be rocking!! I am a firm believer in buying shoes. A great pair of shoes make you feel good, and when you try them on your never feel fat!!

    • LOL – well at least your hubby isn’t wound up about what you spend so you can shop till you drop. I think either world rocks. 🙂
      I agree, it’s amazing how GOOD a great pair of shoes can make a person feel. Seriously sexy!

  20. This is a great post! I so agree with you. My husband rarely goes shopping with me, but I like it when he does. Having him give the thumbs-up to an outfit is more convincing than a girlfriend saying, “Buy it!” (Your girlfriend always wants you to buy something, right?) Those boots are gorgeous, by the way!

    • I agree, I think hubby knows me best and is always honest with me so I can count on him to pull no punches. He’s also practical about buying stuff that I can wear to work and out on weekends where my girlfriends would be apt to convince me to buy something I might wear once. LOL! He’s the voice of reason and encouragement at the same time.
      You’ll just have to use your powers of persuasion to lure your hubby out shopping.
      Thanks – I love boots to. And you know, they are quite comfy!

  21. First of all….LOVE THE BOOTS!!!! (My hubby teases me about my shoe/boot fettish!) Second, again I admire your honesty and openness…always!
    You and some of the people who posted could be spokes people for the show “What Not To Wear.” One of the reasons I like the show is for exactly what you are talking about. It doesn’t matter what size anyone is…they can feel good in good fitting clothing! Bless you, Scott, for being such a supportive and loving husband!
    When my Hubby and I “Rose In Love” I had a 5’8″, 126lb, TaeKwonDo trimmed and toned body. Over time I gained enough weight to take me up at least two or more sizes. I didn’t feel sexy anymore and also mourned the beautiful clothes hanging in my closet. For someone who loves to shop and is a bit of a clothes horse, I avoided shopping as well. It was also hard to feel good in the sexy lingerie I loved to wear. “How can you find me attractive now when you initially were attracted to my ‘other’ body,” I cried. My Hubby, who is also my Best Friend, tried to console me, reminding me that he had also “put on a few pounds,” but I refused his efforts. Until one day, he asked me to do him a favour. Because I trust him, I agreed to lie on our bed totally nude while he held a full length mirror lengthwise and asked me what I saw. What I saw was my new body through his eyes and then my own. It was life-changing for me and I learned to accept my new body. Funny enough, once I started to love and accept the body I had, the Universe delivered me to a new job that September at a Montessori Pre-School and by Christmas I was down almost two sizes! LOL!
    I am still not the 126lb firm and fit woman I was 14 years ago…nor do I aspire to be…but I can accept that and the fact that at 52 years old, my body is going through other changes as well. Gravity and the natural progression of wrinkles will keep working their magic but my Hubby and I will grow old Gracefully together.
    Love to you always, Natalie! xo

    • What an amazingly empowering story Donna. Thank you soo much for sharing it! It touched my heart and you are such an amazing spokesperson. Isn’t it true though – it’s about loving ourselves, period! And when we do, I think losing weight and getting fit comes more naturally because we are doing it out of love and self-admiration instead of punishment or “have to”! But even if we don’t, it doesn’t matter. We still have the “right” to feel good about how we look and feel good in the clothes we wear! Feeling “sexy” is a state of mind, not a clothing size!
      Congrats on getting there….and here’s to growing old gracefully always…
      Love you Donna! xoxoxox

  22. Love the term “metrosexual”, ha,ha. You are a lucky girl, Natalie and it’s so awesome that you tell your hubby about that. You guys rock.

    I WANT those boots, darhlin! Where did you get them? Oh, so totally fun.

    I’m glad you found not one, but several pairs of pants that fit and make you feel good. It’s hard for me to find clothes that really fit well and when I do, I feel like I won a prize, hah.

  23. What a fabulous partner! Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that hosing it down and putting on some nice clothes give a girl a new lease on life. You are inspiring me to get in that closet and find something that will put a little bounce in my step. Those shoes rule.

  24. Yes, yes, yes, this is so true! We have to dress the bodies that we have, not the ones that we wish we can have. There’s nothing like dashing about in clothes that fit us properly — it makes us happier, and more confident!

    I am pea-green jealous for those boots! And I lovelovelove that your hubby is so awesome. Go on and strut your stuff in your new things!

    • OMG so true – dress for the body we HAVE! Love that Lena! 🙂
      You must go order yourself a pair…they are super comfy and make you feel like a dreamy sex goddess!
      Hubby rocks, eh?!?!
      Thanks for swinging by for a visit! 🙂

  25. Awesome, Natalie! What can I say that others haven’t already said…I think what you realized is what we all need to realize. My husband is like yours in this way. He’s better than having a girlfriend along on the shopping trip. This is going to make losing those few pounds a lot easier. Being mean to ourselves is something we all do, but it never has the outcome we hope for.
    Those boots are hot and just my style…if only I could wear that size heel still!

    • So true Marcia – it’s with love that we do ourselves the best! 🙂
      Love that you have a hubby like mine that you enjoy shopping with. Woot woot! And like I’ve been telling the other gals, there’s lots of HOT lower heel boots styles out there right now. Go shopping!

  26. antonylevine says:

    Those shoes are fantabulous! Not my style cuz i’m a man, but my gf would LOVE IT!


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