My metrosexual hubby made me realize the power of clothes that fit (no matter the size)

My new boots (photo:

I consider myself a very lucky lady; especially in the husband department. Deep down I think it’s God’s way of saying “sorry for all the shit I threw at you over the years…” but whatever my luck, hubby’s a dream come true!

Now most of you have read that I’ve put on a wee bit of weight in the last year or so (about 25 pounds). A few weeks ago I did a post on the terrible plight of ugly jeans that I’ve succumb to wearing since my ass and thighs exploded. Well no one has to hear about it more than hubby!

Every day I head to the closet to choose one of the only 3 pairs of pants that currently fit. I dig through dozens of gorgeous pants and suits that no longer fit. I pick through my shirt selection that is easily over a year old. And I whimper and complain. I grumble.

For a serious shopping girl like me, this has been torture. I used to go on shopping sprees every few months! But I have simply refused to buy new clothes for this body.

  1. I don’t want to reward myself for putting weight ON.
  2. I don’t want to make it any easier or comfortable to stay this weight.
  3. I want to have the motivation to lose weight to get back into all my gorgeous clothes AND to get to buy new stuff.
  4. I think there might be a small part of me that feels like I should punish myself for letting this happen.
  5. To find pants that fit my shape is cruel and unusual torture.
  6. Not to mention going into stores with young, skinny sales staff that give you the quick “once over” making you feel even more middle-aged and fat as they quickly move pass you to serve other young, skinny people. The nerve!

So I have refused to shop!

Hubby has tried. He’s begged. He’s pleaded. “Please let’s go shopping for you…” and I have stayed the course with my refusal. Socks and underwear, maybe the occasional sweat pant or PJs, that’s it!  

You can’t be THE ONLY ONE this shape. We see hundreds of women larger than you who ALL have great pants?!?!?!” he screams in frustration.

I don’t know what to tell you hubby, those ladies obviously have connections to a Pants Fairy or know of a secret stash and they ain’t sharing the wealth?!?!

Well last weekend, hubby could take it no longer. My complaining took him to the brink of anxiety and he took me out kicking and screaming. He insisted that we would NOT leave the mall until I had a few new pairs of pants; even if that meant buying them 2 or 3 sizes too big and getting the waist tailored.

OMG! I drug my feet as hubby pushed me into the first store.

What’s your size?” he demanded as he started digging through racks.

That’s the problem, I don’t know?!? Every freaking pair of pants fits me differently but I’d start with a 14 or a 36 waist…

And off he went. He enlisted the help of sales people and filled my arms with pants after pants.

Go try them on!

4 hours, 5 stores and over $500 later and I came away with:

  • 2 pairs of black pants that fit perfectly. Not just perfectly but…beautifully!
  • 3 pairs of jeans. One pair needs the waist taken in but the other two fit perfectly!
  • 3 new shirts.
  • 1 stunning, super soft oversized sweater in gray.
  • 1 rockin’ pair of winter boots (you saw them above…HOT or what?!??!) that totally won’t keep my feet warm but will look FAB!

More than the new clothes, I came away with a new lease on my body.

I put on that stunning, soft, luxurious new gray sweater. I slid into my sexy black pants. I laced up those gorgeous, HOT boots and…I felt great. I felt sexy. I felt wonderful. It felt like I dropped 20 pounds. I walked taller and with more purpose. Every hallway became a runway and I channeled and stomped to my inner supermodel heart’s content.

Who would have guess it, hubby knew what he was talking about. You are the weight you are and you might as well do whatever you can to feel good about it while you work to lose it. No point feeling miserable and beating yourself up. Life’s to short! Clothes that fit, whatever the size, and make you feel good are worth it. And, it doesn’t need to be a $5000 shopping spree to make a real difference in the wardrobe.

And…the skinny, young sales people (to my utter surprise) were wonderful, friendly, and totally put me at ease. One in particular, as we stood there watching hubby pick up things for me to try on, commented how lucky I was to be with a metrosexual who would help me shop. Hubby…a metrosexual…shut the front door! Love that!

Thank you hubby; for always knowing when to push and for wanting me to be happy above all else! MUAH! xoxoxox

How about you? Does a pair of hot, sexy, crazy wild shoes make you stand taller and feel sexy? Do clothes that fit and feel great give you more confidence? How has your significant other made you realize you are beautiful just as you?

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