Dogs that….tweet?!?!

Sit down and buckle up! All you dog lovers are going to fall off your chair when you see what I have for you today!! What would you say….if I told you….that your dog can now send you….TWEETS.


It’s Puppy Tweets by Mattel, a wireless, electronic tag that I simply attach to my dog’s collar (along with a USB dongle to my home computer) and voila…my baby girl will sent me tweets about her day while I am at work and she’s home.

Whenever Tess moves, barks (or just naps), the tag (which has motion and sound sensors) will send a WiFi signal to my computer which then sends me a tweet.

Barking is the new tweet! Get out of town?!?!?!

What better way to perk up my day than to get tweets from Tess! AND…that’s not all. Best yet, I can invite my friends and family to follow Tess on Twitter and Tess can follow her favorite puppy pals or celebrities. O.M.G. Y’ALL CAN FOLLOW TESS. Sweet! Imagine…she could actually go viral. Her tweets could become famous. Maybe she’ll have more followers than ME?!?! She’ll be the next Internet sensation. She’s not just a pretty face folks. She’s a Master Jedi Tweeter!

I can almost HEAR hubby groaning!

Here’s the deal, Puppy Tweets comes pre-loaded with over 500 phrases that put a humorous or insightful spin on Tess’ daily activity. Her barks will tweet me stuff like:

  • I bark because I miss you. There I said it. Now hurry home.”
  • I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing and…OOUUUCHH!

Dang…I know…I was hoping I could load it full of customized tweets to! Now that would have been FUN!

Puppy Tweets comes in pink (but of course…nothing but pink bedazzled for my baby girl) and blue.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What new tricks is your dog learning?

P.S. Unfortunately when I read the reviews for Puppy Tweets on Amazon, this doesn’t sound like a quality product…sniff…I couldn’t help sharing it with y’all for humour sake but I caution anyone to read the reviews before actually purchasing.



  1. I can see it now “I feel much better now….#rugdumpers, #hallwaypissers”

  2. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    I’m just starting to figure out twitter, now my dog will have it figured out before me. What will they think of next. Wait a minute, I don’t have a dog. Whew! I’m safe.

  3. wonder if they make one for cats. #heremousiemousie

  4. LOL, I’ve heard of this before. My beastie girl, aka dog, likes to tweet the old fashioned way…you know, her paw hits the keyboard of my laptop and randomness ensues, LOL

  5. LOL. I would love to have my little old dog Earl tweet me! What a fun! New tricks for Earl? Maintaining his distance from centipedes. I know, earth shattering.

  6. If only Puppy Tweets had you promoting their product before everyone found out the sad truth about it! They would have earned million$$$. You made it sound like the must-have doggie xmas stocking stuffer! They need to go back to the drawing board and I need to rethink my shopping list! Dang!

    • I know – I was sooo disappointed when I read the reviews because this was totally on my list of must-haves. Dang is right! Here’s hoping they work at it and come up with a new and improved version. One we can also PROGRAM with our own tweets. LOL! 🙂

  7. Okay, forget about the puppy tweets (I’m home with them all day, really they don’t need to tweet me as well) ~ I want a dog that can pick up it’s own poop!

    Buuuuuut until then, I guess this would be kind of fun IF we could load it with out own sayings. Because, you know here at Etherton House, we say things in our dog voices all the time as if that’s really what the dog is saying. Cracks us up! If it could go viral? Awesome blossom!!

    • Now THAT would be a fabulous invention – a dog that picks up its own poop!! 🙂
      I agree, it’d be way funner if we could load it with insane tweets cause hubby and I ALWAYS talk in dog voice to…LOL!!!

  8. Does a dog have to stick to 141 characters? I think they should have to condense their doggie thoughts just like we have to.

  9. Our dog picks up her own poop – once it gets cold enough we refer to them as poop-sicles!
    She loves those tasty lil’devils once they are frozen!

  10. Good grief! People will do anything to make a profit. And I think we should be able to at least customize the tweets. LOL, you’ve got a poop-eater too. Our female doxie is terrible about that.

  11. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    This is hilarious!! I don’t think I want to know what my dog is doing when we’re not at home!!

  12. When I used to travel a lot for training, Hoshi would go to doggie daycare while we were out on the road. Our fave was Fog City Doggie Daycare in San Francisco because they had a Doggie Cam where you could watch your dog on TV.

    Here it is (it’ off at night):

    My big pet-me-pet-ME girl would lay right in front of the cam all day long so my classes used to love to watch her. I can only shudder to think about being tweeted in addition to the doggie cam. Oy,


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