Marking special anniversaries

Hubby and I

Hubby and I

Hubby and I celebrate all kinds of anniversaries in our relationship. I mean, don’t tell me you’re surprised…we are like totally that kind of uber romantic, will take any occasion to celebrate and gush about ourselves kind of couple. LOL!

Let’s see, we have our latest and greatest one, our wedding anniversary, which is April 14 (2010). Then there’s our “been together since” anniversary, which was also our first official “date” and first kiss, November 18 (2004). And of course, the first time we…ummm…you know?!?!?! (I am not giving you that date…girl’s gotta keep some things private and I DO have a reputation to maintain…). And….this past Saturday was another biggee. It was 7 years to the day that we met.

Hubby and I actually met in quite possibly THE most corniest way; at a coworker of mine’s wedding. She and hubby had known each other for years because he had worked for the same organization I did but a few years before my time. And when all the women there found out hubby and his ex had split (again…), well…I mean…they went INSANE and raved about how fahhhbulous he was. And about how uberly perfect we would be for each other. They went on and on and on….seriously….it was a bit embarrassing!

I have to say though….I had my doubts. From what the gals told me, hubby and his ex had a history of breaking up and getting back together. And we all know the greatest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Add to that, they shared a son and I know how much parents try to stay together when there are children involved. So from my perspective, the chances were quite high that they’d be back together in no time.

Great guy or not….I did NOT have stupid tattooed to my forehead!

Not to mention, I was 10 months into my commitment to NOT date for 1 year and I was determined to meet my goal. I could not be persuaded. He’d have to be GOD to get me to waiver and there was no way this guy was GOD?!?!?!

Well, the rest is…as they say…history. Hubby may not be God but he’s pretty damn close. I had my doubts and reservations, but he saw something in me (and in us) and he persevered. He totally and completely won me over. He melted my heart with his thoughtfulness, his generosity, and his attention to detail. He was the first man who ever jumped through hoops for me and was willing to do whatever it took to prove to me he was worthy of my love and my trust. And worthy he is!

And in 7 years, I can honestly say, he’s never let me down. Oh yes, we have our ups and downs. We’ve had our share of disagreements and issues. But, hubby has never let me down. His love is unconditional and profound and….he knows ME…the real me…the honest me…the raw me…and he loves all of ME!

It is truly a gift to be loved like that….and to love someone back that way…

Happy 7 years (anniversary number 1) hubby! Here’s to another glorious zillion anniversaries to come!

What anniversaries do you and your significant other celebrate?

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