Urban Word Wednesday: tr;dl

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

tr;dl: literally: “too rambley; didn’t listen”. This spoken phrase is a takeoff of the popular “tl;dr” (too long; didn’t read). Pronounce the letters, namely “tee are. dee ell”. This verbal response indicates you stopped listening as the other person was blathering on for too long and you lost interest.

Examples Of Use:

Natalie: So what do you want to do for dinner tonight? We can do Mexican, Italian or Chinese. I want to invite Jenny, Tameri and their husbands, but of course you know that Jenny doesn’t like Chinese and Tameri can’t eat late. But the only good Italian place is really crowded so the wait would be really long early…which I guess leaves either that burrito place…or that not so good Italian place, where the waiter was rude to us the last time. So, what do you think?

Hubby: tr;dl

Happens to me allll the time. I can ramble on and on to hubby about the most mundane, insignificant things and I suspect he tunes me out. Although when given an impromptu quiz “what did I just say????” he usually repeats it back verbatim. Damn him!

Ever have your spouse give you the tr;dl? Share the wealth…



  1. I be tripping ah’ight! Dat sh!t’s dope! (That’s for Hubby’s Angels)

    I’m dying over here – I’m reading your example and thinking to myself – that this “conversation” so sounds like our usual “so what’s up tonight” conversations. Hahaha – You nailed it!
    *arms crossed* – WORD!

  2. Oh. MY. God. I mean, OMG! My husband will look at me and say, “Is this an ‘Amy’ story?” I have a tendency to go on. And on. I love tr;dl. But I won’t tell my husband about it!

  3. OMG, you slay me! We were twins separated at birth because I’m certain that’s the exact conversation Iv’e had with my husband before. I’ll have to try that on him when he’s talking about games – tr;dl. Except, I would probably tune out and not remember what he said. Whereas, my husband can do that repeating back thing, too. Ugh! So frustrating!

    I have to confess, when I first saw this, I thought it was code for ‘turtle’ and I was like, what’s that about?!?!

    Now it allllll makes sense. And how did you know I can’t eat late!?

    • LOL…that’s it…we are twins!! MUAH xoxox!

      Hilarious, eh!? I can’t wait to try it on hubby and no doubt, since he reads this blog, he will use it on me! :))

      Lucky guess…lol!! :))

  4. LMFAO, how awesome. My husband needs a stamp of this that he can put on his forehead!

  5. I saw this come across my email this morning and started laughing (in the middle of a restaurant, I might add). I’ve been trying to get back her ALL DAY to show you the line that set me off and made me yell ROAD TRIP!:

    “I want to invite Jenny, Tameri and their husbands, but of course you know that Jenny doesn’t like Chinese and Tameri can’t eat late.”

    p.s. Jenny loves Chinese and every other damn thing except curry and really, really spicy food…I think heavy curry smells like dirty socks and super-spicy food makes me cry!

    p.p.s. Great post, Natalie! (Did you know I always want to call you “Nat”…I don’t know why.)

    • O.M.G. ROTFL! Jenny, your comments seriously MAKE my posts better. LOL!!
      Woot woot – road trip and WAHOOO fahhhbulous…Chinese it is…I am with you, I’ll eat just about anything as long as it’s deep fried! Curry or spicy isn’t really my thing.
      One time hubby made himself some SUPER spicy pickled eggs (cause he’s retarded like that…) and let’s just say that after the follow-up bathroom incident (grosss…I know…), he’s been totally off the spicy food. Actually, he told me to kick him in the bag the next time he considers going that route…LOL!!! So Chinese is perfect for us!!
      Everyone who knows me eventually calls me Nat, so feel free. I mean, we are BFF now after all! xoxoxo

  6. I soooo do the ramble speeches and especially when I’m excited abotu something these can happen at warp speed. The only man who I know that finds it entertaining and can repeat what I said verbatim is my brother! Its funny because he is entertained by how fast I can talk, and that it makes perfect sens, as he says.

    • LOL! Your brother is too cute. I do the SAME thing when I get super pumped about something. And I usually start talking faster and faster AND louder and louder. Drives poor hubby batty. LOL! But he’s a saint and he always tries his best to plug in and stay engaged…LOL…true love I think!
      Love that this is a common trait among us – I say we are “enthusiastic” and that’s a rockin’ characteristic to have! 🙂

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