Hands-free drink holder – shut the front door!

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy food and drink simultaneously while at a redneck or tailgate party. I end up looking like a flailing chicken trying to juggle my paper plate loaded down with food, a drink, not to mention my fork, knife, and napkin!

This weekend’s pumpkin day potluck is a case in point. The drink station was located just before the food station which was located before the living room entrance (where I was going to sit to eat). Logically thinking, this was a great potluck line that ensured minimal kitchen congestion however, there I was, juggling a tipsy little plastic cup of juice, plate, napkin, fork and knife trying to dish out tasty delights terrified of spilling my drink into the broccoli casserole. What to do? It was a potluck booby trap…impossible….I was doomed.

We all run into this issue at potlucks, BBQs and tailgating parties. Well struggle no longer! I have discovered the Koozie Pocket Shirt.

Cool in style and loads of functionality, it’s a polo shirt with a koozie style front pocket that comfortably supports my favorite beverage in a can, bottle, or stadium cup while keeping my drink cool, me dry and, my hands free.

SHUT UP!!! I know!!!

Unbeknownst to most, it will look like I am wearing a regular ol’ polo shirt until I go HANDS FREE and stuff my beer can into the insulated front pocket. Then I will grab my plate and start loading up double fisted with grace and ease (and their eyes will pop with amazement – and jealousy! Come on – you know it!).

This is a pocket protector gone ultra cool. Geek chic meets urban redneck! Can you say uberlicious!?!?!

The pocket material is just like a can koozie so my drink stays cold just as it would in a koozie. As well, the pocket prevents liquid from soaking through the shirt. And wait….before you ask I already know what you are thinking “Natalie…come on…does the Koozie Pocket Shirt really keep your drink cold while wearing the shirt”?

Well you know my friends at tailgating.com have put this puppy through the tests and it passed with flying colors. After placing a Coors Light can in the Koozie Pocket Shirt and wearing it for 20 minutes, a digital thermometer showed that the beer was 43 degrees. When the same test was performed on another can of Coors Light in a regular can koozie, after 20 minutes the temperature was actually 44 degrees.

Sweet – now I really will have 3 hands when tailgating!

I think this delightful little treasure is the trashy cousin to the can grip.

You can get your very own Koozie Pocket Shirt for just $24.95 (USD) plus $6 shipping. It’s available green, red, blue, black and tan (yes…I’ve requested that they make it available in pink…HELLO!!?!??!).

I think this would make a swell Christmas gift for the man in your life, especially if he’s a big BBQ guy – think about it!

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What’s cracked you up this week?



  1. I can SO see my son wearing one of these. And my husband. My dad…..as long as you didn’t end up with nipple frostbite, I might think of one too! =)

  2. I with Carrie concerning the nipple frostbite. Heh. Creative as always Natalie!

  3. “Nipple frostbite” hahahahahahahhaaha Oh man, Natalie, I LIVE for these posts! 😉

  4. OMG, this is just what I need for the hockey games. Awesome! LOL nipple frost. Could always wear a padded bra:)

  5. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    Love this. Want one. Enough said!

  6. Natalie, I’m SO impressed with the scientific study results you included! Serious stuff! Should we ask for some testing re this frostbite issue Carrie raised? They won’t want any lawsuits!

  7. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    Natalie, You are the ONE! The one to go to for finding that just right gift or cruisers attire. Thanks!

  8. It needs a long bendy straw too, so that you can slurp hands-free. As for nipple protection, I can see a sports bra look? LOL!

    • Oh my gosh – GREAT idea Bridgette – I love it! A long bendy straw woudl be perfection!!! Sport bra would work wonderfully and maybe men would be more apt to try…LOL!!!

  9. I’m speechless. Now my breasts can be used as a shelf for my favorite alcoholic drink. I definitely think I need a straw, then I can sip and chat, sip and chat.

    What will those folks think of next? More importantly, why are WE thinking of any of these things!

  10. A must-have, especially in hot pink 😉

  11. OMG. This is so stinkin’ funny. Where do you find this stuff? Pure awesomesauce. LOL

  12. Omgoodness! That’s fabulous. 😀


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