Urban Word Wednesday: Word up, kids?

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Word up, kids?: 1) What a mom says when she’s trying to be cool. 2) What parents say when trying to relate to teens and their friends (features prominently in extremely awkward conversations).

~Examples Of Use:~

“Word up kids? Yo yo yo the notorious M.O.M. is in the house, homeyz! Better eat your dinner before I bust a cap on yo ass.”
“Your mom’s fucked up, dude.”
“I know, eh?!”

Dad: So, word up, kids?
Teen: Hi dad.
Teen’s Friend: Heh. Hey, not much.
Dad: So… what’s you guys’ favorite street?
*Insert stunned awkward silence here*

If I was a Mom, I would totally use this!

As a step-Mom I ABSOLUTELY use this. I know they snicker behind my back. I am ok with it. Deep down, I know they think I am cool…I’m down with the kids!

What words or phrases have you adopted to be “down with the kids?” You know you have…share the wealth…



  1. Um, I didn’t realize you were recording me. Seriously.

    I refuse to be embarrassed because I’m a cool mom and if those kids aren’t hip enough to get me, then I’m just not feelin’ them. Jus’ sayin’. Word.

    Annnnnnd, just for the record, I always say the REAL F word when singing CeLo Green’s ‘Forget You’ cause I’m all gangsta like that and shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    • I absolutely LOVE you Tameri!
      It’s pretty apparent you are soooo down with the kids and are…like…the coolest Mom (step-mom)! 🙂 I agree, you shouldn’t be embarassed – this kind of uberlicious coolness is not something you can deny and I mean shoot…you can’t help it if some kids themselves aren’t hip…like…whatever then!
      I say the same thing when Hubby laughs at my own “coolness” factor. The kids know I am “down with it” even if he doesn’t! Just sayin’!
      Woot woot….

  2. Dude…
    There is a t-shirt that I soooo want:
    Pretty rainbow with the word “gangsterish” written underneath — puhlease — I am so gangsterish — that’s how I roll.

  3. I work with a bunch of kids….16-21’ish. So I learn to say Duuuude a lot. Every now and then I “get jiggy with it” which causes great laughter, and do a mean homeboy rap.

    yo. dude. busta move. homeboy.


  4. ROFL(MAO) – You are all just cracking me up! Toooo funny! I’m not even going to attempt to keep up!

  5. OK, I’ve gotta inject a little real-live Hood influence into the mix. As the girl who grew up in L.A. (in a Crips neighborhood near Hamilton High School), I’ve got a few phrases you missed. You took care not to wear red or blue when you walked in my neck of the woods back in the 80’s.

    My favorites:

    “Did you see that heifer?”
    “Don’t play like that.” (which is usually followed by “I’ll bust a cap in yo ASS.”)
    “Hey man, watch out! Po-Po in da house.” (Po-Po = Police)

    And my all time favorite, which would be magic with teenagers:
    “Don’t start none, won’t BE none.”


    • Seriously?! Like how did you survive. Insane. You are now my go-to-girl for all things hip, trendy, and gangsta!!!!
      Hubby posted on his facebook status this morning – Don’t start none, won’t BE none!
      RIOT!!! OMG!!! 🙂

      • I can’t claim to be hip or trendy, but I do write “the folks” well. My best friend and I call ourselves the Oreo Twins – in part of my formative years, I was the only blond in the entire school. She grew up in Oregon being the only person of color in the entire school. We blend well together and have a great time.

        I thought your hubby would like that phrase. It ranks high on my list too! It’s right up there with, “People who act like assholes get treated like assholes.”

        Be sure to utter the phrase with ATTITUDE. A nice shoulder shrug really adds loads to the “Don’t start none” message.

        • OREO twins – oh my – love that! I can’t imagine what it would have been like for either of you but at least you had each other to lean on and come through it all together!! Hubby LOVED the phrase…he’s been going all “attitude” with it every since I mentioned the shoulder shrug addition. LOL!!!


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