I’m in a battle with jeans…

First I’d like to wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! May it be spent in the company of loved ones with much love and laugher. This year, I find myself thankful for the all the little things in life:

  • my wonderful, loving, and uber supportive husband (I love you hubby – you are the best!)
  • best friends and family that are to diiiieeee for!
  • a blogging and writing community that is over-the-top uberlicious (yes…that means all of you…)
  • and, of course, healthy and happiness!

I could go on and on…but let’s get to today’s post! Jeans. A loaded topic around my house these days.

In September, Stacy Green blogged about the ongoing struggle to find the perfect jeans and boy do I feel her pain. And then just recently, Angela Orlowski-Peart blogged about how she loves designer jeans and how they inspire her.

Before I got married, I wasn’t quite at my ideal weight but I was only around 10 pounds away. I had a slew of great fitting clothes and some hot jeans that I loved (albeit, still a challenge to find). And on a few days here and there, I’d even fit into those dream suits one size too small that I’d invested much $$$ in. It wasn’t perfect but it was workable. I was happy.  Who knew I should have treasured those golden days!?

In the nearly two years since getting married, I’ve ballooned another 23 pounds. Yikes. It’s gotten a little out of control. Hubby and I got into an “eating out” habit and have given into a slight addiction to BBQ cheddar and bacon filled hamburgers on gourmet white buns. Delicious but deadly on my thighs and ass.

Say good-bye to all those beautiful clothes. And jeans – now that’s a laugh! Either I have to buy 3 sizes to big to accommodate my new voluptuous bottom and thunderous thighs and have the waist taken in or I am relegated to the new “comfort” fit jeans. You know…the ones with the elastic waist and a “make-believe” flap where a zipper should be!?!? Oh yes…you know the ones!

"comfort" jeans

These definitely accommodate my bigger bode but when I recently showed them off to a close gal pal, she reeled back in horror and asked me:

Why are you wearing maternity jeans? Are you PREGNANT?

O.M.G. I know!!
They fit and they’re jeans but they are ugly as sin (compared to my hot designer jeans with sparkly embellishments on the back pockets…sniff…how I miss those jeans)! They do nothing for me and certainly don’t make me feel “sexy” in any way, shape or form.
I must admit, I knew my BFF would have that reaction (God love her for being honest). I think I was showing them to her in the hopes my own mortification would spark me to miraculously give up those tasty little treats.
Hubby and I have been trying to get back on the weight loss wagon but it’s a struggle. After almost two years of a food free for all, salads and chicken breast just come up short. Alas, maybe I’ll hang my not-maternity-jeans in the kitchen as motivation.

What do you do when your clothes make you feel worse about your weight gain? How do you stay motivated to get your beautiful bode back?



  1. Ahh the maternity jeans. It took me months to stop wearing mine. So so comfortable. I’m still stalwart about not buying jeans that fit. Probably because I’m lazy…probably because I’m afraid I’ll break all the dressing room mirrors with my visage. My old jeans are still too small, but I wear my Bella band to hide the fact… I will now go cry into my root beer.

  2. I lost 55 pounds after years and years AND YEARS of struggling. How did I do it? It all came down to baby steps. With weight loss we want it now and every single weight loss program promises you can do it now if you do all twenty million of their steps every day. No wonder we lose our will power. It was very difficult to take things one step at a time. ( I signed on with a nutritionist who guided me ) but it was so worth the wait/weight. Best part of all my husband benefited not in weight loss because he’s slim but he lowered his cholestrol and triglycerides to below normal levels. Take it slow, make one change at a time. You can do it.

    • Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kate – that is FANTASTIC!!!
      I absolutely love this! You are so right…part of why we fall off the wagon is because we don’t see ahhmazing results immediately. So we adopt this “what’s the point” attitude. But you nailed it – baby steps and a long-term vision is required!
      YOU are an inspiration!

  3. Natalie
    I’m not sure if you’ve read about my weight loss (it’s on the blog), but I lost 65 pounds on the Ideal Protein diet this year after fighting my weight all my life. It’s a stellar program and it does work – it’s life changing. But it’s also expensive. I think it’s really important to have a support system and meet at least once with a nutritionist. Did you know we only 100 carbs a day or less to maintain? Let alone lose weight. No wonder America is fat – 100 carbs is nothing.

    It’s a huge commitment, and it’s always going to be a struggle, especially if you gain weight easily.

    One of the best things you can do is keep a food journal so you can see exactly how many calories, fat, and carbs you’re getting.

    Good luck!

    • Wow Stacy – you and Kate are an incredible inspiration – 65 pounds is wonderful! Woot woot!
      Wow – 100 carbs – that’s like nada!! 🙂 Those are some fantastic suggestions. I’ve had my best luck when I tracked my calories and food so it’s definitely something I should take back up. I also think seeing a nutritionist is a wonderful suggestion!!
      Thank you!!!

    • Dang! 3 margaritas and you are over your carb limit for the day…I’d rather walk the entire golf course than give up all drinking on the course. I’m just sayin…

  4. Oy! Natalie, I just lost the baby weight two years ago — the kid was 10. Sometimes it still tries to find me.
    First, my husband and I decided to do it together. That was key, we totally motivated each other.
    him: “I’m going out for a run.”
    me: “Crap. Okay, I guess I’ll get on the treadmill.”
    We added a salad to every dinner (instead of fries) but pretty much kept doing everything else the same. Oh, and we hardly ever ate out…sorry.
    But, I would say the running and exercise more than even the food did it for us.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Wow Amy – that sounds wonderful! Congrats for finding a way to motivate and inspire each other! 🙂 I love it. Hubby and I have been tossing around the idea of starting a learn to run program and we’ve joined a fitness swim class that starts weekly in November so that should help. And we are doing the same as you guys – we pick up a salad on our way home every night now! Now it’s a matter of patience and sticking to it (and avoiding the restaurants)! 🙂

  5. Ugh, I try and avoid wearing jeans at all costs because they don’t fit right. I’ve always had a small, hour-glass waist, but the older I get, the wider my hips get! My legs are long, and I hate for pants to not drag the ground….so – I just don’t wear them! 🙂

  6. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    I’m afraid I’m not fitting into all of my jeans right now either 😦 But the dog and I have been jogging most mornings. I started doing it to wear her out, but it turns out that she’s wearing me out!!

    • You go girl – that’s awesome! I love it! Keep with it – you are inspiring me to get out with my little pooch and work us both! 🙂 Here’s to both of us reaching our goal and treating ourselves to a pair of very hot designer jeans to celebrate!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Girl, you don’t have to eat only salads to lose weight! If you try to do that, you’ll get bored fast and start hating food. You know I’m on that special diet, right? I have to eat lean protein and veggies for dinner – well, I’ve found that the South Beach cookbooks are perfect for yummy meals that fit into what I can have. David and I have made it a challenge to find exciting food that won’t make my butt big again. It’s kind of fun to mess around with the recipes to see how healthy we can make them.

    We’ve also made it a habit to walk every morning. We used to walk seven days a week, but on the mornings I work out with Nicole, we take a break from walking. Taking in around 1000 calories and working off 700 doesn’t really work for a happy Tameri. Swimming is great exercise and if you and your hubby do it together, it will be more fun.

    That’s the key – make it fun and do it together. Pretty soon your butt will be back in those sparkly jeans!

    • Happy Thanksgiving Tameri!
      Thanks for your awesome comment – I really appreciate it. I agree, salads and meat only will make for a very unhappy Natalie as well. LOL. I love your idea about picking up the South Beach cookbook and trying some new recipes. To be honest, I am not very handy in the kitchen but maybe it’s time to play around and learn.
      Yes, I am excited to start swimming and I’d like to stick to walking every day (even through the winter – O.M.G.) but it’ll be so good for the dog!
      I’ll keep you posted on my progress and keep me posted on yours – such an inspiration! 🙂

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Natalie!

    Ahhhh, jeans. I’m so glad you are exploring this subject and thank you for mentioning my blog post 🙂 Regardless of the “dress size” jeans are those devilish things that are hard to wear well.
    As for the weight loss — hard, hard, hard, harder! Darn, it seems like my metabolism slowed down by 75 percent in the last few years. I still fit in my jeans but I hardly eat anything. And I’m cranky a lot. But I have a piece of chocolate (or two) every day. It really helps – with everything.

    • Happy Thanksgiving!
      You are most welcome for the shout out – I loved the post! 🙂
      Yes, weight loss and jeans – the battle continues. I know, it feels like my metabolism hit a wall when I turned 30 – insane! Guess it means we all gotta work a little bit harder. LOL! Love that you have a piece of chocolate every day – what a great idea! 🙂

  9. When I am not wearing sweatpants, my clothing of choice is jeans. I am down to pre-prego weight (the little guy is 2) but I wasn’t thrilled with my weight before I was pregnant, so I am still working on it. I am fitting into jeans I haven’t touched in years before pregnancy, and I even slid into a size 12 the other day (that’s right, I am publicly stating where I am 🙂 ).

    It is a frightening thing that jeans get less cute when you head beyond a certain size. Just because I have curves doesn’t mean I want jeans up to my boobs with fake zippers and pockets!

    I have found success scouring the consignment shops. I got the cutest pair of designer jeans (like the ones you described) for a fraction of the price that look good and don’t cut off circulation .

    Keep working at where you want to be. I am finding that if I embrace where I am and just try to be healthy, the weight seems to come off easier (just slowly).

    • I LOVE this comment Amber! Thank you!!
      Woot woot on getting back to your pre-pregnant weight! And yeahhhh for the size 12!!! :))) Good for you for putting it out there because there should be no shame ever in our size – no matter what it is. Mine is a 13/14 right now.
      And I soooo agree, why can’t they make cute, gorgeous, beautiful jeans in bigger sizes – built for curves. I have no idea why not?!?! I would totally show off my curves with embellishments and sparkle but I do need to breath. LOL!
      Love the idea of searching out great pair at consignment shops – woot woot – definitely going to give that a try!
      And LOVE the attitude – I absolutely couldn’t agree more, that’s likely the best way to lose weight. Slow and steady wins the race!
      Thanks again – you are inspiring!

  10. What a collection of great advice here! Maybe you should add another page to your blog! Every bit of advice was helpful for all of us, so thanks everyone for sharing. Here’s my tip, pick up a pedometer (Marcia and Kate both mentioned them in previous blogs) and walk your dog 10,000 steps every day. I don’t know what it is about that magic number but it really works for me. You can do it!

    • I agree Patricia, what a wealthy of great tips and tricks. Yours included. I’ve heard this one before and a lot of people get great success with it. I’ve been meaning to get up from my desk more and walk – every little bit counts!

  11. I totally relate with this. I’ve always been a bit on the plump side, and losing weight has been a struggle. I slimmed down quite a bit during my last year in college, but I gained the weight back (and then some) during my first couple of years in graduate school. I’m finally trying to get serious about working out and eating well, and yikes, it is a challenge. It’s one of the reasons that I decided to make exercise one of my ROW80 goals — it’s the only way I’ll commit myself to actually doing it, instead of being haphazard in my workout schedule, and then wondering why the weight won’t come off. 😉

    What spurs me on is a pair of jeans that I have hanging in the closet, a remnant from that last year in college. They’re dark denim boot-cut jeans, with black lace and beading that runs up the sides (I am all about the bling). They’re incredibly cute, and one day I am going to squeeze my way back into them.

    • I really thought about putting exercise goals into my ROW80 goals for the same reason you did but then held off because I didn’t want to over commit. LOL! Nice excuse, eh?! Your jeans sound absolutely to DIE for – gorgeous – love the BLING as well! I have a few hanging in my closet that maybe I need to bring out to the kitchen etc for the same reason – they are gorgeous and maybe seeing them every day will motivate me to get my butt into them sooner rather than later. Thanks for the FAB comment Lena!

  12. Elena Aitken says:

    I have friends who swear by these jeans. And I’ve yet to try them, but seriously, I don’t need anything reminding me of those insanely large pregnant day. NOTHING.
    That being said…I’m tempted these days….because my yoga pants are just not acceptable at certain functions.


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