I’m in a battle with jeans…

First I’d like to wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving! May it be spent in the company of loved ones with much love and laugher. This year, I find myself thankful for the all the little things in life:

  • my wonderful, loving, and uber supportive husband (I love you hubby – you are the best!)
  • best friends and family that are to diiiieeee for!
  • a blogging and writing community that is over-the-top uberlicious (yes…that means all of you…)
  • and, of course, healthy and happiness!

I could go on and on…but let’s get to today’s post! Jeans. A loaded topic around my house these days.

In September, Stacy Green blogged about the ongoing struggle to find the perfect jeans and boy do I feel her pain. And then just recently, Angela Orlowski-Peart blogged about how she loves designer jeans and how they inspire her.

Before I got married, I wasn’t quite at my ideal weight but I was only around 10 pounds away. I had a slew of great fitting clothes and some hot jeans that I loved (albeit, still a challenge to find). And on a few days here and there, I’d even fit into those dream suits one size too small that I’d invested much $$$ in. It wasn’t perfect but it was workable. I was happy.  Who knew I should have treasured those golden days!?

In the nearly two years since getting married, I’ve ballooned another 23 pounds. Yikes. It’s gotten a little out of control. Hubby and I got into an “eating out” habit and have given into a slight addiction to BBQ cheddar and bacon filled hamburgers on gourmet white buns. Delicious but deadly on my thighs and ass.

Say good-bye to all those beautiful clothes. And jeans – now that’s a laugh! Either I have to buy 3 sizes to big to accommodate my new voluptuous bottom and thunderous thighs and have the waist taken in or I am relegated to the new “comfort” fit jeans. You know…the ones with the elastic waist and a “make-believe” flap where a zipper should be!?!? Oh yes…you know the ones!

"comfort" jeans

These definitely accommodate my bigger bode but when I recently showed them off to a close gal pal, she reeled back in horror and asked me:

Why are you wearing maternity jeans? Are you PREGNANT?

O.M.G. I know!!
They fit and they’re jeans but they are ugly as sin (compared to my hot designer jeans with sparkly embellishments on the back pockets…sniff…how I miss those jeans)! They do nothing for me and certainly don’t make me feel “sexy” in any way, shape or form.
I must admit, I knew my BFF would have that reaction (God love her for being honest). I think I was showing them to her in the hopes my own mortification would spark me to miraculously give up those tasty little treats.
Hubby and I have been trying to get back on the weight loss wagon but it’s a struggle. After almost two years of a food free for all, salads and chicken breast just come up short. Alas, maybe I’ll hang my not-maternity-jeans in the kitchen as motivation.

What do you do when your clothes make you feel worse about your weight gain? How do you stay motivated to get your beautiful bode back?

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