ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #2

It’s Sunday and it’s time to update you on my ROW80 progress since Wednesday. FYI, you can find a list of my goals here.

Work In Progress Goals:

  • Read another 2 chapters (4 and 5) of Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to Success by K.M. Weiland
  • I got my 5 hours in on my WIP outline:
    • Flushed out story idea (basic – something to work from).
    • Wrote “perfect” review.
    • Defined outline method: Mind Map with bits of pictorial outlining.
    • Downloaded and printed a google calendar to keep timeline.
    • Crafted basic premise sentence – will require tweaking as the story idea solidifies.
    • Did a list of 20 what ifs (expected and unexpected), 4 or 5 possible big moments and 2 possible complications for each.
  • It wasn’t outlined as a goal but I secured a ROW80 Sista; Nancy J. Nicholson (also a WANA711 Sista). She has graciously agreed that she and I would be each other’s accountability partner and cheerleader. Considering our goals are quite similar (you can find her’s here – outline and regular blogging), I know it’ll be a match made in ROW80 heaven! We got the idea from Gene Lempp’s blog post on the benefits of having a ROW partner.

Blogging Goals:

  • Blogged 6 days (8 posts) this week including this post.
  • I read and commented on over 15 blogs (for a weekly total of over 50).
  • I retweeted/tweeted on over 10 blog posts (for a weekly total of over 50).
  • I reported on my ROW80 goals on schedule.


So far, I am still feeling really good about my progress. Well, we are only a week in so I should hope so. LOL!

I got some great feedback from a lot of you about balancing my WIP and blogging/tweeting (thank you ahhmazing friends…)and although I didn’t do so great on the earlier part of the week on my WIP, I took control of things and achieved a better balance through the later part of the week. A good part of going to the camp and not having Internet access means that the only thing I CAN do is read/write!

How is your ROW80 progress going thus far?

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