Urban Word Wednesday: Webtrovert

Now for some early evening (in my time zone) giggles….

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Webtrovert: someone who is a shy introvert in real life, but turns into a full-on extroverted party animal on Internet forums and social sites.

Examples Of Use:

Man…Natalie and Jenny Hansen were on Twitter and Facebook flirting with everyone, talking about the wild Rock the Row Twitter party, and posting all kinds of crazy photos but when we met them in person, they both just sorta stared at the floor and mumbled every time we asked them something.

Yeah, they are total webtroverts.

Sooooo utterly impossible but hey, I love fiction!!

Very uber hot cousin to netglow.

Are you a webtrovert? Come on…be honest…share the wealth…



  1. Well, I can assure you that Natalie and Jenny are NOT introverts in real life. Pffft! But then, I’ve never actually met you in real life, so you might be… hmmmmmm, something to ponder.

    Isn’t it amazing what internet anonymity does to people? Those same webtroverts probably are the same folks nerdjacking everyone’s blogs!

    • Wahooo…I love it…webtroverts nerdjacking everyone’s blogs! Woot woot – you rock Tameri! So true!!!

      Yes, I am certainly not a webtrovert. I am actually a little more insane (although I prefer the term enthusiastic) in real life! And my guess is that Jenny is as well…hehehe…hmmm…quite likely most of us uberlicious ladies are!!! I so wish we all lived closer!! Maybe we’ll meet someday!! 🙂


    • Jenny here…Natalie is correct. There’s not a lot of staring at the floor in my life. Even when I want to, my inner Maven that needs to help EVERYONE ELSE be comfortable jumps in to try to put people at ease. It certainly helps in the classroom. 🙂

      I’m pondering the DFW conference in May + RWA2012 is here in my neck of the woods (Orange County, CA).

      • LOL – we LOVE that about you Jenny!!! Your inner maven makes us all feel part of the “in” crowd and we love it.
        Sweet – you’ll have to let us know what you decide and your experience – they both sound exciting!!!
        I can actually be a bit of both a webtrovert and webextrovert! LOL! I suck at networking alone with groups of strangers. I can actually turn into a wall flower. I know I know…shocking…But as soon as I meet even just one person and get more comfy, I’ll be dancing on the bar in no time befriending everyone! 🙂

  2. Diana did mention something about Vegas next year… In so in if we do!

  3. *raises hand* My name is Kate, and I am a webtrovert. But I’m trying to get better, I swear! I don’t stutter as much anymore and I’ve been able to keep my head up with my eyes level. Now, I just need to learn how to actually hold a conversation…

  4. You know, I used to be way more of a introvert, but I’m getting better. I’m still way more outgoing online, though, so I’d classify myself as a webtrovert.

    LOL … Jenny as an introvert. Right!

    • A real life webtrovert! 🙂 Actually, I’d say I am probably a little the same. It’s easy to be less shy and intimidated online. I will follow people and comment on strangers’ blogs or start up twitter conversations when in real life, I wouldn’t just step into a strange group of peole and start talking to them. LOL!
      I know, eh?!?! LOL!!

  5. I admit it…I’m definitely a Webtrovert!

  6. Elena Aitken says:

    VEGAS? I’m in!
    And I love the term webtrovert! Awesomeness. I think I’m a bit border line. It depends on the day…but yes…I can’t imagine very many of you as introverts in real life! 🙂

    • I am shocked. You??? In for Vegas??? LOL!!!
      I am with you there girl – I am can definitely swing both ways….oops, that sounded so wrong…but you know what I meant! LOL!

  7. Well, it depends…sometimes I can be a total webtrovert and other times I feel like the new kid at school — the new really old kid, sheesh! Seriously, though, I agree — if I feel comfy with one person, then I’m good to go too. And that’s in real life as well as on line. If I’m in my element, then I’m the life.

  8. OMG, I can hardly imagine you or Jenny to be shy girls in real life. You both rock!
    Oh, yeah – Vegas, baby!

  9. I think I’m definitely a Webtrovert! Love that word. 🙂


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