Woot woot…no more sneaking pints into the concert!

Ok. This newest gadget I am going to tell you about is…well…I gotta be honest. I can’t pull any punches. Flat out….it’s not sexy. It’s no hitch stripper pole. But what it lacks sex appeal, it’s makes up for in uberlicious practicality!

Let’s face it, paying $9 for a beer inside a stadium or at a concert is insane – who can afford that? Add to that, most stadiums don’t sell cocktails so forget about getting a rum and coke or a gin and tonic. And I don’t know about you but I am so tired of sneaking pints in my pants or buried dangerously at the bottom of my purse. Then heading off inconspicuously to the bathroom with my coke paranoid it’s obvious I am sneaking off to spike my drink (not to mention, that is so high school).

Well those days are over boys and girls. You heard it here first. Allow me to introduce you to the Booze Belly; my new fav gadget! Yes, I know in the photo it looks somewhat similar to a catheter but don’t let that scare you off. This baby is prime for functionality. It’s about making your party time a lot more affordable. Who doesn’t want that!?!?

You can wear this little gem around your waist and it holds about 32 ounces of delightful drink that is easily concealable and accessible. Can you say fantabulous?

The only negative is you really do need to wear something a bit baggie in the belly and it does kind of add a few pounds to an area we are never looking to add chunk. Never fear…I have the perfect solution; have hubby wear it for you! Woot woot. Hubby the booze belly hero!

Check out this video demo on how to use the Booze Belly:


I know, I know…GENIUS, eh?!?!

Get your very own Booze Belly for less than $15 (shipping included) and never pay for drinks inside again! To order yours, click here.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What’s cracked you up this week?



  1. Oh my goodness, laughing so hard right now. This is awesome.

  2. You sure it won’t leak? What? Oh just asking for info not for me. What fun Natalie! 🙂

  3. OMG- – that is crazy! Thanks for making me laugh this morning. 😀

  4. That is so funny! But on a serious note, if you’re going to drink at a concert or a sporting event, MAKE ARRANGEMENTS AHEAD OF TIME FOR A SOBER RIDE! 32 ounces is a lot of alcohol. Vendors at these events are sort of the alcohol gate-keepers, and have been trained to spot intoxicated guests and refuse to sell them more (I know, I went through that training, and there are undercover “alcohol police” to make sure the vendors are actually doing this). So if folks are going to circumvent that precaution, we’ve got to be smart about it.

    Just my two cents. 🙂

  5. Well, you did it again, Natalie! What an awesome invention. Apart from the colostomy bag look, I can see where this might be advantageous for concerts and sporting events.

    I think if you bedazzled it, you could get away with wearing it on the outside of your shirt. Think about it! All those gems would mesmerize the security guards.

    • LOL – apart from looking like a colostomy bag – LOVE that! I agree, a little bedazzling here and there, and I could make this baby look just like a fancy smashy fanny pack – no security guard would be the wiser. 🙂

  6. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    This is awesome!!!

  7. Very cool idea, Natalie. Definitely let your hubby strap it on, but don’t ever let me catch you drinking right from the nozzle like the girl in the video. Imagine what people will think you’re doing…leaning over, drinking from below your hubby’s belt! LOL

    • LOL!!! I nearly spit out my coffee when I read this!! Luv it. I think it’d look perfect on hubby and of course, ever the lady, I’ll restrain myself from drinking right from the straw…LOL!!!

  8. Hilarious! But honestly – there is something unsettling in this idea, ha,ha!

  9. I have several issue with this whole idea
    A) The great point someone brought up about it leaking – I don’t want to be in the center of 80000 people looking like I just pissed myself.
    B) I’ll look like I pissed myself while wearing a bedazzled fanny pack.
    C) I already look like I’m wearing a full once of these all the time – way to knock a chunk out of the ol self esteem on that one.
    D) I cringed when Marcia suggested “Definitely let your hubby strap it on!!!”” WHOA WHOA! Let’s back this truck up a little!
    E) Picturing how’d I’d look in the ladies room spiking Nat’s drink with that lil’tube!
    F) The smulated – down right crewl – drinking from the tube. Any Hubby with half a heartbeat will quickly clue into the “position” he’s found himself in and try to take full advantage!

    • Oh hubby….LOL!!! And here I thought you’d be totally game for this one…hmmm…gonna have to rethink my strategy!! 🙂

      • There’s no “halfway inn” around here (if only my name were Richard) – I’m in like Flynn!
        I’ll strap it on and take one for the team! Although at a mere 32 ounces, I’m afraid I’d have to strap on 2 or 3 of these things – I mean my Bubba Mug is 52 ounces!!!

        I can’t wait for you to sip from the tube — ba bump! ba-bump! Haha

        • LOL…oh my…you definitely ate your power cheerios this morning! Glad to hear you’ll take one for the team and funny, I thought the same thing: “hmmm I don’t think one will be enough for us…” LOL!!!

  10. LOL – love to laugh first thing in the a.m. It’s definitely in need of some of your creative design ideas, Natalie! That nozzle placement has got to go! Did you watch the outtakes at the end of the video? I’m so the person behind the camera! (And I’ll send them a note about the spelling error … I can’t help it. It’s the teacher in me!)

  11. LOL. So needed the laugh right now. Fun redneck post as always:)

  12. Wow. I don’t know what to say. It reminds me of a pee bag!! 🙂

  13. Elena Aitken says:

    Seriously? Where DO you find this stuff?! Awesome. And really…it IS a good idea.

    • LOL…online girl…hubby actually sends me piles of goodies that I then research. And I am sad to say it, but a lot of this stuff, I’d actually use. LOL!!!


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