Guest posting AND taking the ROW80 plunge

So first up…I am losing my guest post virginity today. I am excited and delighted that my good friend Jillian Dodd at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos, invited ME (me of all people?!??!) to guest post on her Monday MANday.

Each week, Jillian tirelessly searches for photos of hot shirtless men to make your Mondays suck a little less. Love that about her! And she invited ME to guest post for one of her MANdays….eeeeekkkkeee…seriously?! I was IN like FLIN so I hope y’all will set off to her blog to see my rendition of an urban redneck Monday MANday! I hope you…ummm…enjoy the lineup we put together for you.

I’d like to send out a huge thank you (and piles of air cheek kisses) to Jillian for the invite. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose my guest post virginity to anyone else. Ok, so that sounded a bit weird but you know what I mean! 

Taking the ROW80 plunge!

Second…and so exciting is my ROW80 news! ROW80 is a writing challenge that knows people have a life. How wonderful. Sounds like just what I need to help me get started on my VERY FIRST Work In Progress (WIP).

As an author (I refuse to say aspiring – published or not – WIP or not – I am an author damn it), goals and accountability are key. Without them, I’d never stop surfing the Web for new tailgating delights or urban redneck words to infuse into our worlds. I’d never get a darn thing done on my writing. I am the definition of procrastinator (hence no novel yet…).

The ROW80 is designed to challenge me to set attainable and measurable goals. Taking it a step further, it will help keep me focused and accountable because I have to update my fellow ROW80ers on my status towards attaining goals twice a week; every Wednesday and Sunday right here.

Honestly, this scared me a bit. Given that I’ve never worked on a WIP before, I wasn’t sure what reasonable goals would be. I don’t want to bite off too much or too little. Not to worry, ROW80 is not rigid (again the whole understanding you have a life thing) and there’s flexibility. As I move forward, if I find I was over ambitious or too slack, I can update my goals as I go. Sweet!

So how’s it gonna work?

  • I have created a ROW80 page (check it out). This is where I’ll declare my writing goals publically (and update as I go).
  • I will post my ROW80 progress reports every Wednesday (don’t worry, Urban Word Wednesday is not going anywhere) and Sunday for the next 80 days!
  • I’ll link all my ROW80 posts on the ROW80 page so you’ll always be able to find everything in one place.
  • I’ve created a ROW80 category so you’ll be able to search out my ROW80 posts easily.

How’s that for the Art of Cross Referencing! LOL!


The ever-talented Jenny Hansen is hosting a ROW80 Twitter Bash on Wednesday October 5 (12:01 AM to 11:59 PM ET in the US). SHUT UP…Jenny you ROCK. Woot woot!

We are going to light up the Twittersphere like a redneck Christmas Tree.

Party Details:
  • Theme: “Rock the Row”
    However you want to work that in is great. I leave it to your outrageously creative imagination!
  • Date: October 5th, 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM ET in the U.S.
    This also happens to be the first day of check-in so there should be a ton of ROW80 fun happening around the blogosphere.
  • Party will be held at the #ROW80 hashtag.
    Fire up your Tweet Deck or HootSuite and let’s get jiggy with it.
  • Photo Competition:
    You can start now…we won’t tell. Start digging for or taking photos that reflect the theme. We’ll do our best to gather them and decide on the best to spotlight in a post at the ROW80 blog. Once the readers vote, the 1st place winner gets a copy of Kait Nolan’s latest book, Red, in e-book format!!
  • Friendly Blog Competition
    We will also post a mash-up of favorite ROCK THE ROW posts at the Row80 blog.
There’s also going to be dancing! Jenny made a “Rock The Row” playlist! All these details can be found at her ROW80 post. Co-host Nicole Basaraba’s post can be found here.
What is a Twitter party?
This is where we all stop in to the #ROW80 hashtag all day long and play and party together – trading news, pictures, music and jello shots. It’s going to be a great time! Please promote it as much as you can between now and then. Click here to get to the linky tool to list your post!
Eeeeeekkkkeeee….DEFINITELY check out Jenny’s blog for ALL the uberlicious deets!

I’ve never been to a Twitter party so I am super excited. 

What a wild week…I am losing both my guest posting AND twitter party virginities. Phew….I’m gonna be exhausted!!



  1. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    I love that you lost your virginity. That made me laugh! Glad to have you at Glitter, Bliss, and Perfect Chaos today! Everyone come check out the HOTTTT cowboys!!

  2. Welcome to Row80! I really enjoyed the first round. Was nice to have a cheering section when things got tough. Heading over to check out the urban redneck man;)

  3. Elena Aitken says:

    So proud of you for rockin’ the ROW80 this time! And so jealous that I’m not joining…But I’m totally cheering you on.

  4. Things are heating up Natalie! Ready, set, go! Our Wana711 cheerleaders are poised, pom poms (red and pink!) in position! Rock the ROW80!

  5. Yay!! Natalie! You’re going to do great on ROW80! I’ll be there with you…but I can’t stay–gotta go see your post on jill’s blog and all those hunky cowboys!

  6. I’m so glad there is so many of us, wana711 classmates, doing row80 together! Yippee!
    You got a great list of goals! I’ll be cheering for you 🙂

  7. Great you are taking the plunge and attacking your first WIP! From following the postings and feedback from the round 3 ROWers, ROW80 is definitely the place to start getting it done in a realistic timeframe. Like I don’t feel any angst about facing my new goals (well…getting back into the habit to regularly drive to the gym not past it is messing with my head) as I think I would if facing a challenge to get a crazy WIP count done in a short period of time. You can do it and I and the other WANA711 posse will be following along. 🙂

    • Woot woot! It rocks to have so many of the WANA711 posse all together continue to support one another. You can do this Barbara! All your experience thus far has prepared you and I am thrilled and excited for you! We’ll be here shaking our pom poms and cheering you on! 🙂

  8. I’m sooo happy you mentioned “christmas tree” because I was tempted to say that i was going to Rock around the Christmas tree for the Twitter party. But I guess I will Rock around the Christmas party after the completion of Round 4. 🙂

    Looking forward to your ROW80 updates and partying with you on Twitter.

    P.S. Loving your fancy blog!

    • Thanks so much Nicole! :)) We are gonna rock the Xmas tree all ROW long! :))) Can’t wait to kick it with everyone on Twitter as well. Here’s to making a pile of friends. I will be over to visit your neck of the woods with my cheering section later. Tks for swinging by and thrilled that you love the blog design. 🙂

  9. First of all, GREAT guest post on Glitter, Bliss, & Perfect Chaos. You totally rocked that MANday!

    Second, you’ll do great with the ROW80 challenge. Just take it slow and embrace everything you learn along the way. Writing a novel isn’t scary, it’s fun!

    I’ll be here with pink glitter pom poms cheering you along the whole way.

    • Thanks so much Tameri – it was a hoot to guest post at Jillian’s!
      Woot woot – I sooo appreciate your support on the ROW80 goals. I am trying to think of this first WIP as a huge learning opportunity – no pressure – just get my feet wet, get some experience, and learn a ton!
      LOVE your pink glitter pom poms – you rock my world girl! 🙂

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