Hubby’s Corner: the parking meter and the ass!

It was a cold wintery February when I was on one of my lunch breaks returning to my truck. That’s when I discovered a parking ticket neatly tucked under my windshield wiper. 

And as I pull the ticket off my window and started an internal dialogue “don’t start none – won’t be none!” (that’s for my Blog Bunnies) I quickly noticed that the parking meters were buried about the width of a car back into the snow bank.

Only about 1 foot of the meter was sticking up out of the snow. So of course my wheels start turning and I think to myself “SELF? I bet if I took a picture of these parking meters with me when I go pay the ticket that they will tear up the ticket!”

So I grab the handy digi-cam and snap a photo….then I proudly walk to City Hall with my parking ticket in one hand and “Exhibit A” in the other hand.

I get to City Hall and I step up to the counter. I turn the camera on with the parking meter photo proudly displayed on the LCD monitor on the back. As I hand the guy the camera with the biggest, smug look I can muster, I say “Do you think I should be ticketed for this….I mean those meters are buried in there pretty deep!!!”

As I hand the gentleman the camera I hear an ever so innocent…beep (as he must have hit the “previous” button on the back of the camera)! The guy starts laughing hysterically….and says: “I don’t know whose ass this is…but either way I don’t think they can ticket you for that!” He turns the camera back in my direction to display to my surprise and horror a picture of a big hairy ass!

The time continuum freezes!

At this point I flash back to the previous Saturday night of playing cards and drinks and how the digi-cam was floating around the card table. Oops, I remember that I took a picture of my closed elbow to make it look like a picture of an ass!!!

It’s my elbow…I swear!

And ZAP! I’m back from the memory flash and I blurt out…”oh no sir…that’s my elbow!”

I thought he was going to fall off his chair laughing so hard! And it quickly dawns on me that I just basically communicated that I don’t know my ass from my elbow to a total stranger!

So I show him the PROPER picture of the meters…and in between breaths he tells me that he is only covering for someone and to come back tomorrow. But to leave the ass picture at home and they would likely discharge the ticket.

I was SO embarrassed…I left the building and phoned Natalie as I illuminated York Street with my red face and made my way back to work with my pride and humility in a shit sack dragging behind me!

As a follow-up – I was so embarrassed that I never returned to City Hall for several weeks. When I did go back I didn’t take the camera – I was just going to pay the ticket.  Since I was so late coming to pay the ticket, they had already scheduled a court date, which meant the fine increased 3 times the amount.

So a few week later, I had to go to court to fight the ticket. As I’m sitting on the court bench outside the court room, guess who sits down beside me on the bench? That’s right! The guy I showed the ass picture to. He’s there to testify at my court case! Seems he’s the one that wrote the ticket!

He looks over at me and says “Do you remember me?” And I’m positive I melted into the bench with embarrassment as I replied “YES!” 

He looked at me with the kindest smile/smirk possible and says “We’ll leave out the part about your ass picture!”

By far one of the most em-bare-assing moments of my life!


ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #8

It’s Monday morning and I am late with my ROW80 progress update – sorry gang.

You can find a list of my goals here.

Work In Progress Goals:

  • Another BIG FAT ZERO on WIP
  • I don’t think I even had a chance to catch up with my ROW80 Sista – Nancy J. Nicholson (sorry Nancy…I’ll get back to harrassing you more frequently next week…).
  • I reported on my ROW80 goals one on time and one late.

As suspected, the week and weekend insanity got the best of me and I didn’t get anything accomplished towards my WIP. Again, I am ok since I knew it was coming. This week will be a total write-off as well with the conference coming up. I’ll get back on track Nov 4.

Good luck to everyone starting NaNo tomorrow – woot woot!

Blogging Goals:

  • Blogged 5 days (6 posts) including this post.
  • Read, commented, retweeted/tweeted on over 25 blogs.

How is your ROW80 progress going thus far?

4 teenagers lose their life to an “alleged” impaired driver

4 lose their life

4 teens lose their life (photo:

Most weeks I give you a round of up the week’s impaired driving stories for an important reason. Laid out all together, I think it provides a sense of the sheer number and prevalence of impaired driving in Canada. Yes, I totally go for shock and awe.

But this week, I gotta say, I was stopped dead in my tracks when I heard of this especially tragic story from the weekend.

A 21-year-old man is facing 11 charges including impaired driving causing death and failure to remain at the scene in relation to a collision near Grade Prairie, Alberta that left 4 teenagers’ dead and another in serious condition. The car with the 5 teens was struck by a GMC Sierra truck as they drove home from a party early last Saturday morning.

Matthew Deller, 16; Vincent Stover, 16; Walter Borden-Wilkins, 15; and Tanner Hildebrand, 15, lost their lives in the crash and 15-year-old Zach Judd was critically injured. The driver, as disgusting coincidence would have it, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Adding insult to injury, he was released on bail with a scheduled court appearance for October 31.

How, as a progressive country, do we continue to ALLOW this to happen? Because to me, it’s our laws and justice system that continue to ALLOW this to happen because it’s tolerated!

Flat out. Straight up. It might be hard to read. You may disagree. But every day 4 Canadians are killed in impaired driving crashes while 190 are injured (source: MADD Canada) and those numbers aren’t getting any lower. The truth (for me at least) is that our Canadian Government REFUSES to take the necessary tough stand against impaired driving that is required to make a difference.

I know there are no easy answers and no one-stop-shop problem solvers. But what we are doing IS NOT WORKING! From my own personal experience I (any anyone with half a brain) can see how our criminal justice system is severely flawed when it comes to impaired driving. And sad to say but most especially when it comes to cases of impaired driving causing death and this is simply unacceptable.

The day that an impaired driver “gets away with it” because the breath evidence is deemed inadmissible (because the judge feels the police did not have “reasonable, probable grounds…”) is a sad day indeed…and it happens ALL the time. Let ALONE the difficulties that exist in getting blood evidence admitted into court – don’t EVEN get me started on that! Honestly, I feel like we (or more specifically our Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice) should hang our heads in shame that these catastrophic loopholes continues to exist without amendment!

But evidence admissibility is just one piece of a very large puzzle! I believe our approach must be two‐fold and all encompassing!

1. Deterrence: by changes to current system

  • Give police more authority to gather pertinent evidence (for example, update the criminal code so that breath and blood samples can be taken when there is suspicion of impairment).
  • Make blood samples mandatory of all drivers involved in a vehicular accident where there is a fatality (the dead people undergo full toxicology screening – make everyone involved in an accident where there is a fatality to undergo the same screening – the person who died deserves no less!)
  • Increase minimum sentences for impaired driving causing death to 15 years (3 and 5 year sentences are a JOKE – it’s murder – treat it as such! Being drunk is not an excuse adequate to alleviate intent!)
  • Increase minimum sentences and fines for first-time offenders (3 months jail-time for first time offenders along with a $5000 fine and a 3-year driving ban would be great).
  • Increase minimum sentence and fines for repeat offenders (seriously…I would go hard-core with no second chances. You drive drunk again, you lose your license for life. It is a privilege after all).
  • Implement vehicle forfeiture program for impaired driving or at a minimum in impaired driving causing death cases (if you use a gun in the commission of a crime, the gun is seized; if you earn funds in commission of a crime, those funds are seized; and if you commit a criminal offence with your vehicle, it should be seized).

2. Prevention: let’s stop impaired driving from happening in the first place!

  • Increase public awareness and education
  • Implement a random breath testing program, which could reduce the incidents of impaired driving by 20% saving 248 lives, 14,624 injuries and our country $16 Million dollars A YEAR!!!

Now, I know this post is getting long but hang in there with me because this is the biggee. When I’ve posted comments on news articles about my support for random breath testing, I’ve usually received a mass amount of thumbs down and very little vocal support and I don’t understand why. Random breath testing is widely acknowledged as one of the most effective means of deterring impaired driving. And it has been adopted in New Zealand, Australia and most European countries, and has helped to reduce overall road crashes and fatalities.

First off – what is a random breath testing program?

Random breath testing usually involves a stationary check stop where every passing driver is required to stop and give a breath sample. It is done with a testing device which means drivers remain in their cars, and the process is routine, quick and causes minimal delays.

Why does Canada need a random breath testing program?

Because existing breath screening laws suck and do not serve as a meaningful deterrent to impaired driving. As the law stands now, police can only demand a roadside breath sample if they have reasonable grounds to suspect the driver has been drinking.

This is key. You might think “whatever…they can just say they smelled alcohol on the person’s breath” and voila they are done! But it’s much more stringent than that. Especially if you want the charge to hold up in court!

Take our case as an example. The guy who hit and killed Mamma K was found guilty, BUT the CRIMINAL BLOOD evidence that proved his impairment at the time of the accident was deemed INADMISSIBLE in court (the judge said that the police did not have the appropriate grounds to make the blood draw). We narrowly escaped him being acquitted. Check out my impaired driving page for the whole story.

So I am here to vouch for the fact that we have essentially handicapped our police in fighting against impaired driving. Quite simply, we haven’t given them the necessary tools to do their job! Random breath sampling would change that!

Not to mention how many people can be impaired and show no outwards signs.

Ok – so what’s the deal – it would obviously be awesome so why doesn’t it get implemented?

There are those who criticize random breath sampling as an infringement of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms because essentially the police could ask for a breath sample without having any grounds what so ever! Just cause they wanna…

Our Charter protects us from things like being unlawfully searched. Police must have “reasonable probable grounds” to do so. They can’t just pull you over and search your car for no good reason. And right now, they can’t ask for a breath sample for no good reason.

And I get that! I do.

But I believe that random breath sampling should be an exception because when you drive impaired, you endanger the lives of others! You turn your vehicle into a weapon whereas if you are transporting illegal cigarettes or drugs, you are no more likely to kill someone in a traffic accident as the next guy. It’s a wee bit different!

I believe the safety of our general public far outweighs the charter issues here. Driving is a privilege, not a right!

Not to mention, that I, as a law-abiding citizen have the RIGHT to expect that my government is doing everything within its power to ensure that the streets are safe with appropriately licensed, sober drivers! And it’s not – period!

So there’s my take on the whole deal. I am not saying I know everything, that I have all the answers, or that if we implemented every one of these ideas impaired driving would be eradicated but with random breath sampling lives WOULD be saved! And right now, impaired driving causing death is the LEADING cause of criminal death in our country (nearly doubling our homicide rates). Every year, impaired driving claims more than 1,200 lives and causes some 73,000 injuries. Something different NEEDS to be done and needs to be done YESTERDAY!

WHAT are we waiting for? How many more senseless deaths and lost lives must happen before change happens?!

If you are Canadian and interested in helping support the call for random breath testing in Canada, check out MADD Canada’s site (bottom of the article) for a list of ways you can help!

Two years ago, my beautiful mother-in-law’s life was cut tragically short by an impaired driver. In honor of Donna Jean Kennie, please don’t drink and drive. Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Think about it.

Support MADD Canada and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@maddcanada), and on the Web.

How has impaired driving affected your life? Please…share…I want to know!

P.S. To the families of these teens, please accept my deepest sympathies on your loss! My heart breaks for you…please know you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Links out loud: blogging, writing, laughing and life

It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Blog Out Loud:

  • Some of you may have notice, I’ve updated my Gravatar photo to a real life photo of myself. I also updated my twitter profile picture to match. I had been pondering the idea for some time and after reading Angela Orlowski-Peart’s post on the importance of your profile picture, I took the plunge. Read it – you will to!
  • Kristen Lamb did a great post on what numbers matter and what ones don’t. And then she followed up with this one (where she also features YOURS TRULY in your mash-up of awesomeness…eeekkkkee…thanks Kristen, we are totally BFF). Read them both. It’ll help ease your worries about the number of followers you have and let you know what really does matter.

Write Out Loud:

  • Awhile ago, someone mentioned to me in my comments that I had a great voice for chick lit. Until then, I hadn’t really thought about a genre for my WIP. When I started investigating, I got confused over what constituted chick lit and what was women’s fiction. Well this week, Roni Loren featured guest contributor, Sierra Godfrey, who interviewed Roni’s agent Sara Megibow  (if you were able to follow THAT…gold star for you!) on just that topic! Thank you ladies because now it’s clear!
  • One of my favorite bloggers, the Hack Novelist, wrote a great post this week about the importance of getting honest feedback from objective folks for your novel. Fantastic read and he makes a poignant argument!
  • Do you…and be honest here (this is NOT a trick question) know the difference between editing and proofreading? Because…there is a difference. A big one. If you aren’t sure, be sure to swing by Nicole Basaraba’s blog where she featured a fantastic guest post by the uberlicious Jenny Hansen who breaks the editing/proofreading mystery down for you.

Laugh Out Loud:

  • Need a laugh? Heard about twitter’s latest and hottest hashtag the #pantypeeps (long live the #pantypeeps)? Well…head over to Jenny Hansen’s blog to get the low down on that and so much more (hand-knit g-strings in fun fur, and…the truth behind Thunderwear). I promise, you’ll be in mass giggles!
  • Paige Kellerman had me giggling with her post on making do and tightening the old purse strings now that they are down to one income. I am not sure how the glued-together-envelops will make for toilet paper but it’s unlikely to be a hit. Although, I give her an A for effort! LOL!
  • Ummm…Noa Gavin has a stalker…and she did a video about it. O.M.G funny!

Life Out Loud:

  • I read the most heartfelt post this week. Stacy Green’s brother (age 50) has been battling stage 4 throat cancer for nearly eighteen months. His story is one of inspiration! He is a hero in his spirit and his positive attitude. He is a living reminder to all of us to cherish life. As Stacy said “Life’s too short to waste time being angry or hiding behind our fears. Embrace them and move forward.” Ain’t that the truth Stacy?!?! In her brother’s honor, I hope you will join me in living large!
  • My good friend and ROW80 Sista Nancy Nicholson did a wonderful post this week about preparing for life’s next steps. In the sailing business, it’s all about being as prepared as possible and then…well…just going for it. Life is much the same, isn’t it!?!?! Great post Nancy!
  • Take a morning stroll with Patricia Sands through Antibes, France. I guarantee her photos will sweep you off your feet!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

Urban Word Wednesday: tr;dl

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

tr;dl: literally: “too rambley; didn’t listen”. This spoken phrase is a takeoff of the popular “tl;dr” (too long; didn’t read). Pronounce the letters, namely “tee are. dee ell”. This verbal response indicates you stopped listening as the other person was blathering on for too long and you lost interest.

Examples Of Use:

Natalie: So what do you want to do for dinner tonight? We can do Mexican, Italian or Chinese. I want to invite Jenny, Tameri and their husbands, but of course you know that Jenny doesn’t like Chinese and Tameri can’t eat late. But the only good Italian place is really crowded so the wait would be really long early…which I guess leaves either that burrito place…or that not so good Italian place, where the waiter was rude to us the last time. So, what do you think?

Hubby: tr;dl

Happens to me allll the time. I can ramble on and on to hubby about the most mundane, insignificant things and I suspect he tunes me out. Although when given an impromptu quiz “what did I just say????” he usually repeats it back verbatim. Damn him!

Ever have your spouse give you the tr;dl? Share the wealth…

ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #7

It’s Wednesday morning and it’s time to update you on my ROW80 progress.

So let’s go to it! You can find a list of my goals here.

Work In Progress Goals:

  • Had a great email with my ROW80 Sista – Nancy J. Nicholson about doing what you can when life throws you a curve ball. Or in her case, a busy waterway.
  • I reported on my ROW80 goals on schedule.

As suspected, the week’s insanity caught up with me and I didn’t get anything accomplished towards my WIP. Sad but I am ok with it. I know the next two weeks are gonna be crazy so I’ve accepted it and moved forward. I’ll do what I can and get back to going hard after Nov 4.

Thanks to everyone for your fahhhhbulous words of encouragement on this front! I really appreciate it.

Blogging Goals:

  • Blogged 3 days (4 posts as of later today) including this post.
  • Read, commented, retweeted/tweeted on over 15 blogs.

Got a few posts in the Wednesday folder plumped up. Gotta do some for Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

And….exciting news….guess who’s going to GUEST POST soon…thasss right…HUBBY!!! Stay tuned…

How is your ROW80 progress going thus far?

Hands-free drink holder – shut the front door!

There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy food and drink simultaneously while at a redneck or tailgate party. I end up looking like a flailing chicken trying to juggle my paper plate loaded down with food, a drink, not to mention my fork, knife, and napkin!

This weekend’s pumpkin day potluck is a case in point. The drink station was located just before the food station which was located before the living room entrance (where I was going to sit to eat). Logically thinking, this was a great potluck line that ensured minimal kitchen congestion however, there I was, juggling a tipsy little plastic cup of juice, plate, napkin, fork and knife trying to dish out tasty delights terrified of spilling my drink into the broccoli casserole. What to do? It was a potluck booby trap…impossible….I was doomed.

We all run into this issue at potlucks, BBQs and tailgating parties. Well struggle no longer! I have discovered the Koozie Pocket Shirt.

Cool in style and loads of functionality, it’s a polo shirt with a koozie style front pocket that comfortably supports my favorite beverage in a can, bottle, or stadium cup while keeping my drink cool, me dry and, my hands free.

SHUT UP!!! I know!!!

Unbeknownst to most, it will look like I am wearing a regular ol’ polo shirt until I go HANDS FREE and stuff my beer can into the insulated front pocket. Then I will grab my plate and start loading up double fisted with grace and ease (and their eyes will pop with amazement – and jealousy! Come on – you know it!).

This is a pocket protector gone ultra cool. Geek chic meets urban redneck! Can you say uberlicious!?!?!

The pocket material is just like a can koozie so my drink stays cold just as it would in a koozie. As well, the pocket prevents liquid from soaking through the shirt. And wait….before you ask I already know what you are thinking “Natalie…come on…does the Koozie Pocket Shirt really keep your drink cold while wearing the shirt”?

Well you know my friends at have put this puppy through the tests and it passed with flying colors. After placing a Coors Light can in the Koozie Pocket Shirt and wearing it for 20 minutes, a digital thermometer showed that the beer was 43 degrees. When the same test was performed on another can of Coors Light in a regular can koozie, after 20 minutes the temperature was actually 44 degrees.

Sweet – now I really will have 3 hands when tailgating!

I think this delightful little treasure is the trashy cousin to the can grip.

You can get your very own Koozie Pocket Shirt for just $24.95 (USD) plus $6 shipping. It’s available green, red, blue, black and tan (yes…I’ve requested that they make it available in pink…HELLO!!?!??!).

I think this would make a swell Christmas gift for the man in your life, especially if he’s a big BBQ guy – think about it!

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What’s cracked you up this week?

Family traditions: a love/hate relationship

Pumpkin Day

Pumpkin Day

So this weekend, hubby, The Dude and I all took part in one of my fahhhhvorite family traditions: Family Pumpkin Day! Woot woot! Every year, hubby’s family (who all rock by the way) including two sisters, his father, aunts and uncles, his grandmother, and many cousins (and all their significant others and children) gather together at hubby’s middle sister’s house to carve pumpkins. We have a huge pot luck lunch, tons of big delicious pumpkins get carved (see a few of the samples above – mine is the traced out hand), and we spend the afternoon carving, laughing, eating, and bonding.

It’s a glorious day. Yes we all come away with some of the most amazing carved pumpkins but more than that, we come away with great memories and a feeling of connection and family strength.

I love family traditions! But, I gotta be honest, I didn’t always! WHAT?!??!?! Me…not enthusiastic about something?!??!! Yes, I  know…shocking!

When my Dad was killed in a car accident when I was 16, family traditions became a stark, dank reminder of everything that was missing, everything that was torn away from me, and everything I used to have. They were like God’s cruel joke. Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s day. My god, for a while it seemed like there wasn’t a month without a blasted holiday or tradition to painfully acknowledge.

Constant never-ending reminders, a stake through the heart as I watched hundreds of Father’s Day/Christmas commercials with perfect “gift ideas for Dad” to remind me that I no longer had one, to remind me of all the fun I’d never have with my Dad again, to remind me that I was missing a part of my world. It was awful! It was torture!

I began to hate family traditions. I became cynical and bitter and I loathed families who enjoyed them. What’s the point? You just get all settled in a tradition and something will happen to tear it away from you?!?!

Fortunately for me, the years passed by and my pain and anger eased. I healed. My mother remarried and I grew to love a new and larger family. More importantly, I came to once again fall in love with family traditions. They symbolized a renewal and I rejoiced in feeling whole again.

And when hubby and I got together, we started making entirely new family traditions. My family grew and expanded. My heart filled with even more joy! I was so tired of living in fear of having everything torn away from me that I gave in, I let go, and I celebrated each and every tradition with enthusiasm.

I really have had a love/hate relationship with family traditions. We’ve come full circle. And after seeing both sides of the fence, I gotta say that for me, I see them as the glue that holds us together. They are the symbols that create our unique blend and flavour of family.

Whether they are inner sanctum traditions, like between a husband and wife or part of a larger family circle, I count on those  crazy, zany, fun, and ok…sometimes even a little torturous get-togethers to keep us close, connected, bonded and strong as a family. 

After having lost the feeling of “family” once before, I now treasure and guard it!

So bring on the Pumpkin Days, Easter, Halloween etc. I am in! Let the traditions begin!

What family traditions do you have and why do you love (or hate) them?

ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #6

It’s Sunday and it’s time to update you on my ROW80 progress. If interested, you can find a list of my goals here.

Work In Progress Goals:

  • 1 hour since Wednesday for a total of 3 hours on my WIP this week (goal is 5 hours each week):
    • Did some brainstorming around Idea 1 and came up with a few good plot points.
  • My ROW80 Sista, Nancy J. Nicholson, and I had a great check-in earlier this week and she her and crew are now out at sea until tomorrow.
  • I reported on my ROW80 goals on schedule.

I didn’t get as much done this week as I had hoped to. But I am super pumped about the ideas I did come up with. This story idea is really starting to grab hold of me and I have inklings of it taking shape. It’s thrilling to be quite honest! Shaping the idea still needs a ton of work but for me, seeing it take even a hint of structure is the momentum and confidence building I need to move forward so big win for me!

I suspect my 5-hour goal for this week and next won’t be met due in large part to a major event coming up at work. It will mean insane work days, working evenings and likely some weekend hours. Add to that, I also have a bachelorette that I am co-hosting (in another city) next weekend. So life is going to be a bit insane for the next two weeks and I suspect I’ll be lucky to maintain my blogging goals let alone much WIP but we’ll see. I’ll keep at it!

As an aside, I saw a great idea on Jenny Hansen’s check-in post. She has as a goal to visit and comment on two new ROW80 people each week. I think this is simply an uberliciously great way to be supportive and make new friends so I am going to try to implement the same idea (thanks for that Jenny – fahhhbulous). But…only after the next 2 weeks of insanity!

Blogging Goals:

This week on track again:

  • Blogged 5 days (6 posts) including this post.
  • Read, commented, retweeted/tweeted on over 40 blogs in total so well past my goal of 10/week.

Although not one of my goals, I have pretty much depleted my stock of “prepared” draft posts to pull from so I need to spend some time getting my folder plumped up again. Would have been ideal planning had I recognized the INSANE two weeks ahead and done it beforehand but hey…I like a wee bit of a challenge so woot woot!

How is your ROW80 progress going thus far?

Impaired driving…this week’s news

Two years ago, my beautiful mother-in-law’s life was cut tragically short by an impaired driver. In honor of Donna Jean Kennie, please don’t drink and drive. Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Think about it.

General News

  • Now THIS is what I am talking about. South Carolina, US: a female impaired driver who hit and killed a 23-year-old man got 25 YEARS IN PRISON! The driver had been a repeat offender: DUI in 1992, 1995 and 1996 and with driving under a suspended license in 1995, 1996, 2001 and 2003. 25 years in jail sends the message to impaired drivers that if you kill someone, it’s MURDER! Wish we could see this in Canada!
  • More results from Operation Impact! Kennebecasis, NB: RCMP from District 3 in NB (which covers areas including Sussex, Hampton and Grand Bay-Westfield) did 251 check stops from April to mid-October. As a result of those check stops, 42 people have been charged with impaired driving and 20 drivers have been given week-long suspensions meaning their blood-alcohol level was approaching the legal limit of .08, but not over it.
  • New data shows Canadian drivers are much less likely to be under the influence of alcohol when involved in a fatal vehicle accident in the United States.

Here’s this week’s line up of impaired driving news.

Impaired Driving Causing Death

  • 1 acquitted
    • Saint-Wilfred, NB: Family is outraged after a 24-year-old man is acquitted in an impaired case. The man had been driving a personal watercraft when it collided with a boat and a 36-year-old passenger died in the collision. The judge stated that he suspected the man was impaired given his flight from the scene after the collision but suspicion was not enough to support a finding of guilt.

Impaired Driving Causing Bodily harm

  • 1 at trial
    • Whitehorse, Yukon: trial for a 30-year-old man charged with 6 counts of dangerous and impaired driving causing bodily harm began this week. The driver rolled his vehicle and 2 of his friends were injured, 1 being a 23-year-old woman who sustained severe spinal injuries and lost the use of both her legs.
  • 1 pleaded guilty
    • Saskatoon, SK: 28-year-old man pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing bodily harm after he lost control of his car and his four friends were injured.

Impaired Driving

  • 6 charged
    • Ottawa, ON: 26-year-old man charged with criminal negligence causing death, impaired driving, and failure to provide a breath sample when 27-year-old pedestrian woman was killed by the driver who was driving the wrong-way. She was about to embark on a career working in social justice, something she had dreamed of for years, after graduating from law school in May. He was released from custody pending his trial and is able to drive. Here’s hoping the guy’s charges get upgraded to impaired driving causing death!
    • South Delta, BC: A witness reported an impaired driver and then followed the vehicle providing updates. A traffic stop was initiated and after the driver failed a roadside screening test, the subject was issued a 90-day driving suspension and the vehicle was towed. Yeahhh to the witness!!
    • Sault Ste Marie, ON: 60-year-woman and 52 year-old man were both charged with impaired driving at Canada Customs on the same night but in two separate instances.
    • Machar Township, ON: 21-year-old man charged with impaired driving after he lost control of his car on a curve and ended up in the ditch, striking a rock.
    • Toronto, ON: 38-year-old man was charged with impaired driving after the tractor-trailer he was driving jackknifed across a highway and caused a 3-vehicle crash where 4 people suffered minor injuries.

Support MADD Canada and follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@maddcanada), and on the Web.

How has impaired driving affected your life? Please…share…I want to know!

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