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It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Blog Out Loud:

  • In my tremendous wana711 group (about 40 folks from around the world that took Kristen Lamb’s summer 2011 blogging class) we’ve been having a conversation about blog commenting etiquette. For most of us, with an average of 5 to 25 comments, responding to each and every comment with some sort of thought-provoking, “aha” moment type response is easy peasy. But what about when your blog gets 50 comments or 100 comments? Or….eeeeekkkk….what about when you start getting 100+ comments??? (A girl can dream…) Well have no fear. Jody Hedlund covered that very topic here and here. What‘s your take?
  • Another question that’s been on the minds of myself and my fellow wana711 peeps is the use of photos in our blogs. I mean, for the most part we are all just starting out in this blogging world (and are all starving artists…writers ARE artist you know!!!) so it’s not like we can afford a jag of credits from istock. So what do we do? What can you use and how do you credit the source? Well this week, Carrie Spencer turned us all on to a great article on 4 incredible free sources for photos to use in books/blogs by Joel Friedlander that answered all our questions and gives us some great photo resources.

Write Out Loud:

  • Kristen Lamb (social media guru) wrote about how self-publishing is the American Idol of the publishing world. I soooo want to be the next big winner but I fear I could end up being featured in the blooper reel talking trash about how Simon knows nothing and spouting rants that all of my friends “said I could write.” Yikes!
  • Chuck Wendig’s posted on 25 things to know about self-publishing can obviously go under this category but it could have easily gone under the Laugh Out Loud category. Dead on, tell-it-like-it-is knowledge, and hilarious. Not for the faint of heart. Enjoy!
  • Tawna Fenske talked about how she values feedback from a variety of sources (published authors, unpublished authors and even non-writers) on her material in her post on who has the right to say you suck?
  • Jenny Hansen posted a great article over at the Writers In The Storm blog about non-linear writing and how she’s come to accept and embrace her writing style; making it work for her. She gives us tons of writing resources that will have me reading for hours (hubby’s gonna get blog jealous again)! And while Jenny was writing about the non-linear approach, Laura Drake took the opposite end of the spectrum with her post on linear writing vs the scattergun approach.

Laugh Out Loud:

  • Ever been to a unisex bathroom? JM Randolph has. One with instructions on how to flush (yes, you read that correctly) and is equipped with an encased panic button. LOL! I’m with her; I’d have a hard time not pushing the button for fun. It’s screaming PUSH ME!!!
  • As promised, I’ve spent oodles our hours out there searching for new and exciting blogs for you to check out and today, I deliver. When I read Telling Dad’s post on buying his wife a toilet, I nearly died.

Life Out Loud:

  • “Do you make decisions without knowing why?” Linda Burke wrote a great blog post about how she had been making unconscious decisions in her life that were shaped by her childhood. Hmmm…sounds very familiar to me Linda. It never ceases to amaze me how unconsciously we all live at times; driven by belief, habits, or patterns we learned as children.
  • Angela Wallace is gearing up to release her new urban fantasy series called Elemental Magic (yeahhhh Angela – you go girl!). As part of her research, she explored the four classic elements and what they represent. After reading it, I realize I am a mixed bag of shit! Seriously, I think I need to go back into therapy. I am a total combination of 3 out of 4 of the elements; water, air, and fire. Hubby can attest to it…to all of it! 
  • It’s healthy to look back and Barbara McDowell did just that last week. When she was 17, she wanted to be the next Debbie Allen but ended up in a marketing communications career. Although there’s no telling what the next 20 years will bring. Go for it Barbara!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

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