Hilarious weather reports

Have you heard about the YouTube weather reports by Megan McGlover? She’s absolutely hysterical. Every time I watch them, I totally crack up! If only this woman could come and enjoy some of our New Brunswick winter weather….lol…I think she’d lose her mind.

Check out a few of my favs:

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What’s cracked you up this week?



  1. Lol. That’s great. No way would I ever live a place where it snows. I live in California, and I was wearing thermals all the way through May. (I have temperature issues. 😛 )

    • I dream of living in California. We get about 5 months of pretty hard winter here. Hard winter means weekly to bi-weekly snow storms with 15-30 inches of snow each time. Ugh. Yes, I drive 4X4 truck! Yes, I hate winter. 🙂

  2. OMG! I love her! She is so Real! But yes, Natalie, if that little bit of snow in the background makes her react, would love to hear what she would say during just one of our “major” snowstorms in the Maritimes! LOL! 🙂 Just once!
    I keep telling my Mom that I was born in the wrong climate! Not a winter fan, and the older I get the worse it is. 🙂 Have a fabulous day!!! xo

    • Isn’t she?!?! I just love her! 🙂 I agree, our winters would blow her mind. She’d never leave her house. I tell Mom the same thing about me…I think I am Dominican at heart and need the heat!! xox

  3. Ha, ha, ha, I can’t stop laughing. She indeed is hilarious!

  4. OMG, that was too funny! Thanks for a much needed chuckle!

  5. Where do I start? She said so many funny things I couldn’t pick just one favorite to comment on! I’m putting her in my favorites. Not that I care what the weather in Atlanta is, I just love her.

    Thanks for the laugh. She’s so awesome.

  6. She is hysterical! I’m going to watch more!


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