10 random fact about…ME…

Yip, it’s Tuesday and that means it’s time to get a little twisted but before we do, I gotta get Monday’s post up. Yes, you read right: Monday’s post. I was offline all weekend (yes, I had withdrawals…I am jittery as I type this…LOL) and wasn’t able to get yesterday’s post online – sorry gang – so here it is!

There’s a fun game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I’ve been harassed tagged by the lovely Patricia Sands from my #Wana711 blogging class, which was presented to us by (as Patricia said best) social media Goddess and mighty fine lady, Kristen Lamb.

The rules of the game are as follows (and you ALL know how much I love rules!):

  • First, you must be tagged by someone, which I was.
  • Then you list 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Then you harass tag four more people (I suggest, as Patricia did for me and I did for my taggees, you email your tag victims for their blessing before you just TAG them. That way they hopefully won’t delete their subscription to your blog or stop following you on twitter).

Sweet…here we go!!!

10 random facts about…ME!!!

  1. I LOVE pageants. In my late 20s, I took part in a married woman’s pageant system; not once, but twice. The second time I placed first-runner up but then lost my crown…More about that in an upcoming post.
  2. I truly believe that someday I will win a multi-million dollar lottery. Don’t ask me why but I just believe that. Hence the reason I spend like the big pay day is ah comin’!
  3. I don’t have any children of my own. Not because I can’t, but because I have no desire to.
  4. I talk to my father all the time (he died when I was 16) and I believe he can hear me and that he guides me in my life. Likely plays a role in the lottery win delusion belief; of course Dad will someday “rig” my win! Duh….
  5. The book Conversations with God altered my beliefs deep within and gave me the strength to grow in love with myself and life. This book quite literally changed my life.
  6. Growing up, my mother insisted that we have dinner as a family every single night, at 6 pm. And we did. No TV. No reading. No distractions. We ate as a family, together, and we talked. Back then, I thought the entire exercise was useless and strange (none of my friends did it…) but looking back, I realize how it did build a sense of family. That mother of mine DID know what she was doing.
  7. I never really saw the importance of a university degree until I walked across the stage and earned my degree in journalism and got out into the workforce and realized how imperative it was to my career. Phew….good call Natalie!
  8. I am a huge reality TV addict. Right now I am swept up in all things Big Brother and the Bachelor Pad as I anticipate the start of another season of America’s Next Top Model and Survivor (both premiere on Sept 14 – O.M.G – big TV night at my place…) to name but a few of my shows of choice.
  9. My Mom is my greatest hero, inspiration, and best friend. I have learned so much from her and have the most profound respect for her. Together, we’ve overcome more than anyone can image to create a dream team mother/daughter relationship. It wasn’t easy but the critical factor that made it happen; SHE NEVER, EVER GAVE UP ON ME OR STOPPED TRYING! Thanks Mom – you rock my world!
  10. Television advertisers LOVE ME! Whatever I see on TV, I want. Hubby tries to limit my exposure to infomercials and the home shopping channel. Can you say DEADLY on the pocket book! I believe everything they say and immediately want to order. Sign me up for today’s showstopper, blockbuster, as-seen-on-tv offer!!!

So, wadda ya think? Interesting? In love with me yet? BLUSH, I don’t blame you, I am really quite fascinating!

Now for the fun part! I’ve actually got SIX keen bloggers waiting to share their random facts with you. Woot woot ladies – rockin’ my world! Tag…you are all IT!

Readers….your mission (should you choose to accept) is to show them some blog luv by visiting their blogs, get to know them, and give them some comments.

Tell me some random fact about yourself! The more “out there,” the better!



  1. Elena Aitken says:

    Oh Natalie, your random facts are way more interesting that mine are going to be. I’m also a reality tv junkie.
    Other than that…I got nothing.
    Must start thinking…

  2. Anne Marie Hartford says:

    Now, you went and made me have an ugly cry. I love and admire you so much!!!
    You, on the other hand have been my greatest teacher. You taught me to respect because you would not accept any less from me. You taught me patience because nobody else ever drove me to such distraction! You are passionate and powerful. You are uncompromising and loving. Intelligent, stunning, and competent. You are an inspiration to all of us who know you and love you. I like the idea of you winning a million $s!!!!!!

  3. I’ll play. 🙂

    1. I have been the only child, youngest, oldest, and middle child all in this lifetime. Yeah it confuses a lot of people and a flip-chart is required. 🙂 No Family Tree for me! I have a Family Forest!
    2. I introduced my husband to three different single friends of mine before we became a couple and am very grateful he wasn’t interested in any of them. 🙂 Very grateful! I am married to my best friend!
    3. I am the Mom of handsome twin sons and Step-Mom to two beautiful daughters.
    4. The books “Conversations with God” also changed my life. The first one was introduced to me by my “now” husband. My life made more sense and some gut instincts became more clear.
    5. I have buried three fathers. Another long story which would become clear (well maybe) with the flipchart required for number 1. (I can hear you laughing Anne Marie!)
    6. I have great hair! (Anyone who knows me knows this) 🙂 But my hubby says that of course I do because I am a Leo and my hair is my mane.
    7. My mission statement: I bless all my life experiences because they made me who I am and it is my desire to utilize these life experiences to help others.
    8. Not a fan of reality TV (sorry Nat!). So much drama and I have had enough of that in my real life which once again would make more sense with the flipchart. Teehee!
    9. I was the Mom that also insisted on family dinners at the table and apparently my daughter-in-law has been informed that my son will keep this tradition going. Good thing she likes me!
    10. I have the most amazing, wonderful, valuable, loving Friends in my life who I admire and respect and love!

    • Awwww…love it Donna!!!! Flip charts and family tree forest…LOL….too cute! I love how you’ve always kept your head above water and taken life in stride with joy and peace in your heart – beautiful lady! Love ya…xoxoxox

  4. You are such a crack up. I hope one day my daughter says such nice things about me. And your dad? Yep, he hears you and I’ll bet he answers you in the most amazing ways. I’ll have to check out that book, Conversations with God.

    I love that each week I find out more and more about you and I love all of it! Oh, and I can’t wait for ANTM next week! Ohmygosh, All Stars!

    • Awww…thank you Tameri!! I have no doubt your daughter will speak as highly about you when she gets older. I think it’s when we grow up a little that we truly appreciate the gift our mother’s are. Mine is my best friend now and my world would crumble without her in it! Hubby refers to her as “the oracle”! 🙂 And thanks for the kind words about Dad – I definitely like to think so! 🙂
      Conversations with God is an amazing book. Whether you believe the author’s experience or not aside, the messages and the power of the ideas knocked me off my feet and helped me reshape myself entirely. It is a bit of a thick read (especially at the start) but if you hang in there, it’s amazing. I’ve read and journalled while reading it four times. LOL!!
      Thank you Tameri – I love how we are all getting to know each other more and more week after week through our blogs. I feel like we are building this incredible community of blogging family/friends that just warms my heart!! I just adore you too!! 🙂
      TV next week is going to ROCK!!!


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