Impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal death in Canada

Two years ago, my beautiful mother-in-law’s life was cut tragically short by an impaired driver. In honor of Donna Jean Kennie, please don’t drink and drive. Impaired driving is 100% preventable. Think about it.

Here’s this week’s line up of impaired driving news.

Impaired driving causing death – charged

  • Montreal, Quebec: 18-year old charged with impaired driving causing death after allegedly hitting and killing a 17-year-old pedestrian.
  • Kitchener, Ontario: Man charged last weekend with second-degree murder, impaired driving causing death, and dangerous driving cause death after his best friend got out of his truck, walked in front of the vehicle and was hit.

Impaired driving causing death – sentenced

  • Ottawa, Ontario: Jack Tobin, 24, sentenced to 3 years in jail and prohibited from driving for 7 years. On Christmas Eve 2010, Alex Zolpis was killed in a downtown parking garage. Jack plead guilty to impaired driving causing death. The two had been long-time friends. During sentencing he said: “There are no excuses. I know how senseless this has been and how preventable Alex’s death was. I truly wish that I had been the only victim of my actions that night. The consequences of drinking and driving are deadly. They are real, they are enduring — a nightmare from which you never wake up.

Impaired driving causing death – paroled

Impaired driving causing bodily harm – evidence excluded

  • Moncton, New Brunswick: Three charges against an RCMP’s daughter of impaired driving causing bodily harm were withdrawn after an officer on the same police force bungled an affidavit for a court order to seize the accused’s hospital records, a judge’s ruling says.

Impaired driving – charged

  • Sudbury, Ontario: Between August 20-31, five people in Greater Sudbury were caught drinking and driving, including one driver who fell asleep while getting gas.  
  • St. Catharines, Ontario: 21-year-old suspect charged with impaired driving. A 20-year-old man sustained life-threatening injuries and a 21-year-old had minor injuries.
  • Brampton, Ontario: Impaired driver drives into police canine unit.
  • Sudbury, Ontario: Suspect charged with impaired driving, refusing to provide a breath sample and breach of recognizance.

Impaired driving – found guilty

  • Kelowna, British Columbia: A construction contractor was found guilty of impaired driving at twice the legal limit.

Impaired driving – sentenced

  • Saint John, New Brunswick: 61-one-year-old man was sentenced to 3 days in jail and received a 3-year driving ban and was fined $2300 an after being caught driving at more than double the legal limit. This wasn’t his first offence.
  • Burton, New Brunswick: A habitual drunk driver was sentenced to six months in jail for his fourth impaired driving offence and this time he was caught driving an ATV. The judge also imposed a 3-year driving ban.
  • Sudbury, Ontario: Repeat offender, 54, was sentenced to 13 months in jail after 9 previous impaired driving convictions. He was under a lifetime driving prohibition for his previous record at the time of his arrest. Other than the jail time, he was served another lifetime driving ban (since the last one was so effective).
  • Mississauga, Ontario: 29-year-old truck driver was so high on heroin that he had to be put on life-support after getting caught careening along a highway. He was sentenced to 90-days in jail (served on weekends) and 15-month driving ban. 

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