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It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to share the blog luv.

Blog Out Loud:

I got nothing in this category for you this week. Sorry! My excuse; I am enthralled with my “real author” friends right now. Definitely check out the fab links below on writing, laughing, and life. They’re uberlicious!

Write Out Loud:

  • Kate MacNicol is deceitful. She’s a lying bitch (joking!). But seriously, she admitted on her blog (talk about public confessions…wow Kate…you really put it all out there, eh!?!!) that she’s telling white lies to friends and family. And who can blame her? Check out her wonderful post Deceitful Me where she talks about dealing with the guilt of saying “no” to make time to write and blog. We’ve all faced this challenge when making time for our passions. How have you managed your friends and family…and “the look”? Let us in on your secrets!
  • And be sure to check out Kathryn Stockett’s story of being turned down 60 times before becoming a best seller. She also felt the need to be deceitful. Her story will make you laugh and it will give you hope and inspiration to stick with it!
  • Kristen Lamb gives us ten damn good reasons to be writer. I have printed this off as my “to live by” writer mantra. My personal favs are to be a writer to get revenge and to be God. Who can argue with that? This shit’s right up my alley! 
  • Tawna Fenske (I wonder how she pronounces her name?!?!?) gives writers, published or not, a vote of confidence with her post. I wonder if I can still call myself a “real author” even though I haven’t even started my Work In Progress (WIP) yet?!?! Damn straight I can; Tawna said so and she’s a “real author!” folks.
  • Steena Holmes is wondering about your thoughts on writing groups. Ever been a part of one? Honestly, they sound a bit scary to me but I am sure like all things, there are good groups and bad groups and it’s about finding a good fit for you!
  • Jenny Hansen wrote a post that got a lot of attention and chatter about whether writers read differently than non-writers. She highlighted a couple hilarious (and damn her…so true) quirks about things authors think and do when they read books. Can you say BUSTED!!! This is a definite must-read!

Laugh Out Loud:

  • I laughed out loud. I am not joking. This post by the Bloggess had me in tears it was so funny. If you don’t like people making fun of spam prayer emails, you may want to pass on this particular post. For me however….HYSTERICAL!
  • Kristal Lee gives us a taste of Sesame Street gone True Blood. Hilarious but at the same time sooo wrong.

Life Out Loud:

  • You have to go read Angela Wallace’s post on how TLC’s “What Not to Wear” shows us that dressing well, no matter what size or station in life, can be a huge boost to our self-esteem. Awww girl, so true!!!
  • Make it personal! With all the technology around us, when was the last time you wrote someone a letter, postcard, or telegram? Naomi Bulger gives us five fantastic ways to make it more personal. I think I am going to send a telegram and maybe a letter to a stranger; how cool is that!
  • Tameri Etherton is grateful for the little things in life after a foot surgery turned her life upside down for months on end. Now…it’s cooking dinner for her family, talking a walk, and vacuuming (she’s sick…I know but that’s what we luv about her) that bring her joy. What are you grateful for? Go let her know!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s line-up of fantabulous blog posts. Stay tuned for next week’s. I promise to go and spend oodles of time (time away from friends and family I’ll have you know…) to bring you this do-or-die information…My god…you guys must really love me!!

Got any ditties of your own to share? Let me know and maybe they’ll be featured as part of next week’s line-up…

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