Romance in the oddest of places

This week is the start of September and that means the closing one of my favorite seasons. No, I am not talking about the end of summer or the return of kiddies to school (although yes, the Dude is going into University this Sept). And it’s not the end of the golf season (still a few months left for that…yipppeee). Haven’t figure it out yet?

It’s the close of another successful yard sale season!

So sad. 😦

Yard sale season is one of the most exciting things about spring. Yes, we are total urban rednecks. Hubby and I get up early Saturday mornings to the thrill of the yard sale adventure. We grab a hot coffee (Pepsi for hubby) and go for long, meandering drives across country and down obscure lanes looking for those amazing deals and new-to-us treasures.

And this past Saturday was our last yard sale adventure of the season and we scored big. We got a pine screen door, a small pine coffee table, a set of massive steak knives, a few wall ornaments, and a retro spice rack all for around $70 bucks. Woot woot. Great goodies for the camp (AKA: HarKen Lodge).

Beyond the treasures we pick up, for me there’s something so romantic about going on a yard sale adventure. I love cruising around for a couple of hours talking about the latest “find” with the radio playing softly in the background. No rush. No hurry. Our driving occasionally interrupted by a hand-holding saunter to pick through other people’s junk quietly whispering to each other “hey…check this out…what do you think….it’s only $5 bucks!”

It’s intimate. It’s he and I time. We are alone. We don’t know anyone. It’s an adventure. It’s always good for a few laughs. And we never know what little treasures we are going to bring home to boot.

Romance is the most unusual of places.

That is until the romantic atmosphere is shattered by the haggling. This is where hubby and I differ. If I arrive at your yard sale and want an item, I am going to pay you the price on the sticker. Hubby says people snicker behind my back and call me foul things like “sucker!” I ignore him. I prefer to think that people respect me for honoring their pricing. I figure you took the time to sort through your shit, haul it outside, and put little yellow stickers with a price on it, the least I can do is pay you want you want.

Hubby prides himself on being a master haggler. His yard sale technique is to find multiple items, put them in a box, and haggle (or as I like to call it: low-balling) for a better price for the group of items. Honestly, when he snags himself a little treasure at a great deal (ripping off that poor little old lady whose likely trying to raise funds for food), it’s like a little high for him, I swear! Badges of yard sale honor.

Honestly, he’ll haggle for anything, anywhere including retail stores. I usually run back to the truck, hide in an aisle, or duck out of the store when he starts “working his magic.” The sad part is that he usually gets the freaking deal. Damn them for giving in…it only encourages him!

Where do you find romance? Do you haggle or pay sticker price at yard sales?



  1. Like you I pay the price on the sticker. The funny thing is my sister-in-law is the anti-haggler. If I’m selling something I usually give in if it’s the end of the day and I just want to get rid of it so I don’t have to take it to Goodwill or put it back in my garage or attic. My sis-in-law who is a perfect sweetheart 362 days of the year turns into this glazed look demoness when someone wants to haggle. It’s hilarious to us. Not so much for the haggler. Tell your hubby to be aware…

    Fun post Natalie. I’ve found some really nifty antiques at yard sales. I love old china. Big sigh…

    • Funny thing is, like you, when I am having a yard sale, I don’t mind people haggling in the least. If I can make a nickle, I am ahead of the game. Take it. Just get it out of my sight. At the end of the day, everything is free. But when hubby haggles for a steal of a deal with strangers, I run for the truck embarrassed. LOL – love your sister-in-law and even more, I’d love to see him come up against her – woot woot!
      There’s something about the treasures you can find yard saling, eh?! So nice….

  2. Fun post, Natalie. I stop by garage sales from time to time to search for books, especially children’s books — my kids read a TON. Sometimes I see interesting stuff, sometimes not. But it’s always fun to talk with people and browse through what they are parting with.

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I loved the first part of this post, the intimacy of your yard sale explorations, and whispered consultations on the price. I never thought about it but you’re right, it is romantic in its own way. Mr B and I are both terrible at haggling. Mr B has spent a lot of time in the third world, where’ he’d deliberately go UP from the asking price because it was still so darned cheap and he knew the people needed the money. We’re taking the family to France and Italy next month, and I just know we’ll be mercilessly ripped off by street vendors. I can practically feel it coming.

    • Hubby said the same thing about the post – how wonderful it was until he got to the haggling part – LOL!!!
      You and Mr. B sound absolutely wonderful. I love how you pay more for things when you know people need the money. What an incredible thing to do.
      Hubby may haggle for the sweet deals at the yard sale table but when it comes to the kids’ lemonade and cookie stand, he hands over the cash and it always warms my heart and he redeems himself hand over fist. 🙂
      Merciless ripped off by street vendors…lol…well in the end as long as you have fun and enjoy the trip to the fullest, that’s all that counts, right?! Have a truly remarkable trip (I am sooo jealous) and be sure to blog about the trip with tons of pics!!!

  4. We don’t often take the time to go sale hopping, but I can totally relate to the intimacy of that time together. Last spring we did spend a Saturday cruising the area and stopping for yard sales. My son’s eyes got SO big when he saw toys and books and tools…he thought it was the best thing ever! (he’s 4…so, yeah).

    I like the image your post conveys. = )

    • It’s one of the funnest summer activities we do. I can imagine for kids it would be like Christmas in July…LOL!! 🙂
      Thanks Lesann – I appreciate the feedback. Have a fantastic day!

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