Marital jealousy…a battle over BlackBerries

BlackBerry Bold 9900Last June, my work BlackBerry was confiscated when my employer implemented a cost saving measure limiting the amount of people who had work-issued BlackBerries. Personally, I was a bit surprised. I thought communications people would be at the top of the list to have an electronic umbilical cord. I don’t know, call me crazy, in case of crisis or whatever…but what do I know…I’m just sayin’.

My employer might have adjusted to my lack of instant availability but hubby did not. After a couple of weeks, hubby couldn’t stand the lack of connectivity between us so we relented and purchased a BlackBerry for me. Ahhhhh…relief flooded through me. Come back to me old friend…let’s dance! It was wonderful.

This week, hubby’s work implemented the same cost savings measure and poof, hubby found himself without a BlackBerry. Arg! Instead of going through weeks of painful withdrawals (like I was forced to), we immediately headed up to the mall to shop. Hubby was weighing the options; BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android. After talking to the nifty sales dude, we settled on what we know best and hubby got hooked up with a new BlackBerry; the Bold 9900 no less.

I won’t lie, I drooled. Right there in the store. In front of people.

I used shameless guilt manipulation techniques to try and sway hubby into taking my bold 9700 (sooo passé…) and giving me the new toy. I mean seriously, I AM the one in the house who loves gadgets. Come on!

And to his credit, he did offer but in the end, I couldn’t take it. Hubby deserves a brand new tech toy to play with. For the last six months, he’s been stuck with his blocked-to-the-wazzooo work BlackBerry watching in envy as I downloaded apps and showed off everything cool with my toy. It’s his turn. It’s only fair, right?!

This was mighty big of me, I might add  (because I am typically much more self-centered and selfish). Hubby recognized this and dutifully rewarded me with gorgeous flowers this week. Tks hubby!

Back to the BlackBerry, I know what you are thinking, big deal? What’s the different between the bold 9700 and the bold 9900.

Well first off…THE KEYBOARD!

For years, I thought it was my fingernails causing the issue. I had such trouble typing on the darn things. My thumbs would get sore. Constant typing errors. Blasted. Low and behold, it wasn’t my nails, it was the keyboard. The upgraded keyboards has MAJOR uberlicious factor. It’s intuitive and the keys are super easy to press. Seriously, I could write a freaking blog post on this thing. Loooove it!

The 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry yet and is wider making it uber comfy!

Then…hold on to your panties….it’s both a traditional BlackBerry with the optical trackpad and esc/menu keys and it’s also a full TOUCH screen.


It’s the best of both worlds baby. MORE drool!

The thing is hot. The screen resolution is out of this world. And for my technically inclined readers:

  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 24-bit high-res display – 287 ppi – 2.8″ (measured diagonally)
  • Liquid Graphics for fluid animations and instant response times
  • 768MB RAM, 8 GB eMMC – expandable memory up to 32 GB uSD card (optional)
  • 35 key backlit keyboard
  • 5 MP camera
  • HD video recording (720p)

The only thing bad I have to say about it…it doesn’t come in pink! I know. I know. I couldn’t believe it either. I totally complained on all of your behalf! But never fear….check out these amazing Bold 9900 cases I discovered on Amazon that would totally eliminate that whole “not available in pink” issue. Ahhh…if only I had a bold 9900….

Totally ME!

PINK Zebra Print - HELLO!

RAINBOW Zebra Print

Soooo cute!!!

Since hubby is keeping it though…sniff….I guess I’ll be nice and order him his BORING otterbox. Surprise hubby!

Boring Otterbox

I better win “Wife of the Year” this year!

What cool gadgets have you discovered lately? Ever use shameless guilt manipulation to get the latest and greatest from your spouse leaving him/her with an oldie (but goodie)?



  1. Love it! You do have a way, Natalie!

  2. I can totally relate – except my husband is the gadget freak and I usually get his hand me downs. Last year we all made the leap to iPhones and it’s been heaven. Now, he wants the new one that isn’t even released yet and – so do I! Who knew? Me, a gadget girl?

    If I had that Blackberry 9900 thingy, I’d totally get the pink sparkly case with hearts. Totally me as well. Pink!!

    By the way, LOVE the look of your blog. I’m totally drooling here. But I’m alone and not in a store in front of people. Thank goodness. ; )

    • Look at you go – gadget girl – woot woot – I love it! 🙂 The darn things are addictive. Hubby took a picture of me last year on the couch. I had my mini laptop on my lap going strong, my Kindle charging to my left, and my blackberry in hand; what a riot! We were definitely torn between the BlackBerry and moving to an iPhone but with nails, I didn’t think I’d like the touch screen keyboard. But I have a ton of gal pals who own them and love them and have totally glammed them up.

      Isn’t that heart sparkly case fannntastic!! I know…I love all the cases and accessories – so much fun! Go check out and search under your phone for cases and accessories (just type in pink) and you’ll have tons of options!!! And…they are cheap – like $10 bucks plus shipping!

      THANK YOU for the blog luv!!! I just added the new header and colours today. I plan to make the switch to a new theme in the next week or so but didn’t want to shock people so I launched my new header today. Glad to hear it’s a hit – I was so nervous. I’m not a real graphics person so it was a total shot in the dark. I had a blast creating it though. 🙂

      Drooling in private is WAY better – less humiliating!! 🙂 🙂

  3. Thanks for the laugh…I went looking for your books….where are your novels? That voice is SO ready to be heard (read)!

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