Removing my foot from my mouth…a correction notice

Ever accidentally put your foot in your mouth? I inadvertently did a bang up job last week…and I didn’t even know it.

So last night on the drive home from playing 18 holes of golf (ahhhh…) hubby tells me that he really enjoyed my latest post about Team Tess; the luv and appreciation that I sent out to him. But, he said, at the same time he couldn’t believe that I totally threw him under the bus….

I immediately start wracking my brain trying to think of when I chastised or said something negative about hubby. Since it’s so rare, I couldn’t imagine.

So he clarifies. He was reading my post about my new URL and graphical self-image when he noticed someone had commented that they got a great sense of me from the image. I replied with:

Thank you Annette. I appreciate the feedback. My hubby actually said he thought it was a really good comedic replica of me (although considerably thinner…LOL).

I am still not getting it.

He actually had to spell it out.

The way I wrote it made it sound like HE said that the comedic replica of me was considerably thinner than my real self.

D’oh! Opps!

I must clear this up right away. Hubby never said anything about our size differences. He never would. He loves all my curves and thinks I am slammin’ hot! He said he thought it was a great representation of myself and left it at that. The comment in brackets about the image being considerably thinner than my real self came from me. LOL!

Remove foot from mouth! Sorry hubs. Didn’t mean to toss you under the bus. Love ya…MUAH!

When have you put your foot in your mouth? How did you make it right?



  1. For the record, I got that the parenthetical reference was from you. Poor guy.

    When have I put my foot in my mouth? Oh gosh, when haven’t I?

    Usually I make it right with a heart felt apology and an admonition to not do it again (to myself).

    • He’ll be sooo happy to hear it. He thought he’d be getting spammed any moment with hate mail.
      I know, happens to me allll the time as well and I agree, a heartfelt apology and an effort to do better is about all any of us can offer up.

  2. I live in fear of putting my foot in my mouth. I am working on not agonizing over every blog comment and just posting. (That’s why social media takes me so long. :-P)

  3. I normally I make a huge effort to not comment on this site as it’s Natalie’s voice and area to be creative – her space- her love and her “me time” – but I had to break my silence.

    The comment could have been recieved in a couple different ways but has left me wondering “how may other times have I written something that was taken out of context or misspelled that completedly changed the message?” I’m sure it happens everyone at somepoint or another!

  4. What a sweet post! When I read your comment, I understood it was from you but after I re-read it can see how others would not.

    I’ve learned over the years to do some filtering before blurting my thoughts out (a terrible problem for me in my teen years) but admit I revert to my true nature when I’m shocked or even surprised.

    For instance I was at a semi-reunion party and someone walked up to me with a huge grin on her face but didn’t say anything. I didn’t recognize her. At all. Period. I smiled because I could tell she knew me – and knew me well – but I couldn’t place her. Finally, I got that she was a childhood friend who I had gone to school with and had even exchanged letters a few times.

    I was shocked at her changed appearance, and went on and on about how I didn’t recognize her. Later, another friend took me aside and told me that she had had a lot of plastic surgery.


    • I have often blurted something out and then said with self-reproach “shit, was that my outside voice?” Most of the time, luckily, I don’t think I’ve insulted or offended people. Just perhaps put words to what everyone was thinking anyway. Usually good for a laugh among friends but like you, I’ve worked a bit harder to self-censor.

      O.M.G. I love it!! LOL!! I can totally picture your face when your friend broke the news. I mean, honestly, how could you possibly have known? And I am sure she enjoyed all the gushing that showed that her surgeries were well worth the effort she expended. Opps…LOL!!! What can you do after the fact but giggle…happens to the best of us…

      Thanks for sharing a fantastic story and stopping by the blog! 🙂

  5. In my 20’s – I was at a BBQ once and a friend of mine “G” was there, and “G” had always been very vocal about her attractions for chunky men and “G” was a tall, large framed woman – not over weight just a taller larger framed woman.

    So as I am cooking at the grill – we were discussing relationships and I made mention that “I didn’t like like my women chucky like “G”… I’m cooking the people behind me go silent and I start to think about what I just said…

    I meant I didn’t like my women chuncky like “G” likes her men chunky – not chunky like “G”.

    But it was totally a foot in mouth situation!

  6. I made a ‘foot in mouth’ error today, very very cringeworthy! :s – have a look and let me know your views!

    • Oh mhy land Hazel, that was definitely a foot-in-mouth experience far beyond my own. LOL. Ouch! Oh well, not much you can do about it but smile and carry forward. LOL! Thanks for stopping by for a visit and a comment! 🙂


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