Removing my foot from my mouth…a correction notice

Ever accidentally put your foot in your mouth? I inadvertently did a bang up job last week…and I didn’t even know it.

So last night on the drive home from playing 18 holes of golf (ahhhh…) hubby tells me that he really enjoyed my latest post about Team Tess; the luv and appreciation that I sent out to him. But, he said, at the same time he couldn’t believe that I totally threw him under the bus….

I immediately start wracking my brain trying to think of when I chastised or said something negative about hubby. Since it’s so rare, I couldn’t imagine.

So he clarifies. He was reading my post about my new URL and graphical self-image when he noticed someone had commented that they got a great sense of me from the image. I replied with:

Thank you Annette. I appreciate the feedback. My hubby actually said he thought it was a really good comedic replica of me (although considerably thinner…LOL).

I am still not getting it.

He actually had to spell it out.

The way I wrote it made it sound like HE said that the comedic replica of me was considerably thinner than my real self.

D’oh! Opps!

I must clear this up right away. Hubby never said anything about our size differences. He never would. He loves all my curves and thinks I am slammin’ hot! He said he thought it was a great representation of myself and left it at that. The comment in brackets about the image being considerably thinner than my real self came from me. LOL!

Remove foot from mouth! Sorry hubs. Didn’t mean to toss you under the bus. Love ya…MUAH!

When have you put your foot in your mouth? How did you make it right?

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