Urban Word Wednesday: Googleheimer’s

Welcome to Urban Word Wednesday! New words, phrases, and sayings I am learning (and using in my day-to-day life) brought to you by ME…and the Urban Dictionary. You are gonna love these!

Googleheimer’s: a condition where you think of something you want to Google, but by the time you get to your computer, you have forgotten what it was. Signs of severe Googleheimer’s; while surfing the Web, you think “I need to Google that” and by the time you get Google loaded, you forget what you were going to search for.

Examples Of Use:

“Natalie, I’ve got Googleheimer’s so bad that in the 30 second walk from the mail room back to my office, I forgot what I was going to look up on Google.”

“I hear ya Kim! I am battling a severe case of Googleheimer’s myself. I was online yesterday doing research for my new book when I realized I needed to Google a critical plot segment idea. I loaded Google and poof – in the 2 seconds it took to load, the critical element was gone – and worse than that, it never came back to me. I’ve been left with a feeling that something amazing came to me and I missed it. Damn I hate having Googleheimer’s!

Ever suffered from Googleheimer’s? Share the wealth…


Must-have urban redneck belt

What do you think? Hot or what?

This beer belt carries a six-pack of ice-cold beer, cash, and a cell phone all around your waist. Made of heavy-duty waterproof ballistic nylon, the beer can slots are insulated to ensure my favorite beverage stays nice and cold…and handy. How convenient is THAT?!

But wait…there’s more! It comes with an inner zipper pouch for cash, credit cards and most importantly, identification so it’s handy for the impending conversation with a police officer. They truly thought of everything when they made the Beer Belt. With durability like that, I’ll be able to break this treasure out at tailgate parties for years to come.

 At only $21.95 US the value is incredible…it’s a steal of a deal!

And no worries, if pink isn’t your color (gasp?!?!??!), it also comes in leopard print and camouflage (and blue and black…but how boooring!).

I am thinking of ordering one in every color! You?

I’ve got a couple of weddings coming up and I think this is going to come in super handy. It’ll totally match that pink and black dress I have and will look fahhbulous with my killer black stilettos.

I know you’re dying to have one so visit: Beer Belt to order yours.

It’s Twisted Tuesday and that means it’s time to enjoy a smile, giggle or laugh…here’s hoping I’ve provided it in spades…enjoy!

What’s cracked you up this week?

P.S. This post is not meant to offend any beer-belt wearing individuals. It’s simply meant to be entertaining. I hope it’s taken in the light it was delivered.

Romance in the oddest of places

This week is the start of September and that means the closing one of my favorite seasons. No, I am not talking about the end of summer or the return of kiddies to school (although yes, the Dude is going into University this Sept). And it’s not the end of the golf season (still a few months left for that…yipppeee). Haven’t figure it out yet?

It’s the close of another successful yard sale season!

So sad. 😦

Yard sale season is one of the most exciting things about spring. Yes, we are total urban rednecks. Hubby and I get up early Saturday mornings to the thrill of the yard sale adventure. We grab a hot coffee (Pepsi for hubby) and go for long, meandering drives across country and down obscure lanes looking for those amazing deals and new-to-us treasures.

And this past Saturday was our last yard sale adventure of the season and we scored big. We got a pine screen door, a small pine coffee table, a set of massive steak knives, a few wall ornaments, and a retro spice rack all for around $70 bucks. Woot woot. Great goodies for the camp (AKA: HarKen Lodge).

Beyond the treasures we pick up, for me there’s something so romantic about going on a yard sale adventure. I love cruising around for a couple of hours talking about the latest “find” with the radio playing softly in the background. No rush. No hurry. Our driving occasionally interrupted by a hand-holding saunter to pick through other people’s junk quietly whispering to each other “hey…check this out…what do you think….it’s only $5 bucks!”

It’s intimate. It’s he and I time. We are alone. We don’t know anyone. It’s an adventure. It’s always good for a few laughs. And we never know what little treasures we are going to bring home to boot.

Romance is the most unusual of places.

That is until the romantic atmosphere is shattered by the haggling. This is where hubby and I differ. If I arrive at your yard sale and want an item, I am going to pay you the price on the sticker. Hubby says people snicker behind my back and call me foul things like “sucker!” I ignore him. I prefer to think that people respect me for honoring their pricing. I figure you took the time to sort through your shit, haul it outside, and put little yellow stickers with a price on it, the least I can do is pay you want you want.

Hubby prides himself on being a master haggler. His yard sale technique is to find multiple items, put them in a box, and haggle (or as I like to call it: low-balling) for a better price for the group of items. Honestly, when he snags himself a little treasure at a great deal (ripping off that poor little old lady whose likely trying to raise funds for food), it’s like a little high for him, I swear! Badges of yard sale honor.

Honestly, he’ll haggle for anything, anywhere including retail stores. I usually run back to the truck, hide in an aisle, or duck out of the store when he starts “working his magic.” The sad part is that he usually gets the freaking deal. Damn them for giving in…it only encourages him!

Where do you find romance? Do you haggle or pay sticker price at yard sales?

I am gushing. I am blushing. I am blown away….and I am sharing the luv!

My friend, fellow blogger, and pink glitter rocker soul mate, Jillian Dodd awarded me with my first-ever blogging award; the Blog on Fire Award. O.M.G. Seriously?!

Thank you Jillian, I am touched and thrilled that you thought to honor me in this way.

Would everyone join me, in the style of Kerry Meacham, and ~clink~ glasses with me as we toast and pay homage to Jillian. She’s a huge inspiration to me with a blog style (who doesn’t love pink plaid and hearts…hello?!?!?!) and a blog voice that I aspire to resonate. NOT only that but she is a published author (I am sooo jealous) of the book That Boy. She invests the time, energy, and commitment required to write books simultaneously raising a beautiful family, kicking ping-pong ass, and feeding a nasty Donald Pliner shoe addiction. I can know you are all-seeing it now; she’s fahhhbulous!!

You can read more about her book, get a free sample (nice perk Jillian), and get yourself a copy at: http://www.jilliandodd.net. You should know that a portion of the proceeds from her book sales are donated to the University of Nebraska Foundation & Make-A-Wish Foundation (in honor of Chi Omega Sorority). Need I say more? The girl freaking rocks!

From now on, when you click the Blog on Fire Award icon on my blog (check it out in the right-hand menu just below what’s “hot” right now; how’s that for appropriate placement), you will be transported to Jillian Dodd’s Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos blog. And let me tell you, her blog is HOT! If you visit regularly, you’ll be entertained with MANdays on Monday (a person fav) where she features hunks of the week to peruse; Wednesday is an anything and everything posts; Thursday she spreads the philanthropy love; and she finishes up the week on Friday with fantastic movie reviews. With her funny and quirky blog voice, I guarantee her posts will entertain you beyond belief.

Now….before I get to one of the best things about this award (I get to tell you seven random things about myself), I gotta do the award justice by passing it along!  Woot woot!

And the Blog on Fire Award goes to……drum roll….

Fellow writing friend and #Wana711 classmate: Diana Murdock.

Cue the APPLAUSE!!!!!!

Why Diana? Cause her uberlicious blog rocks my world! Her posts are intimate, extremely well-written, and often prompt me to think beyond the ordinary; to dig a little deeper. I love them. She writes from her heart and soul. Just recently, when she wrote about her mother reading her diary when she was a teenager, I was devastated for her. When she wrote about letting go of draining friends, I was inspired to clean out my own friend closet. And I especially loved her post on finding herself and her passion for writing. When you read her blog, it’s like having a conversation with your BFF over coffee. Seriously. Go. Now. Read. Her. Blog!

Jillian’s post also inspired me to spread the blog luv because…my GOD there are so many GREAT blogs out there. Although I can only pass the Blog on Fire Award to one, here are a few honorary mentions you absolutely must check out:

  • Fiction author, Kait Nolan, has a fantastic blog that you will leave you in fits of laughter or nodding your head in shared frustration. Her GIT (Goddess In Training) posts are a riot and the latest one had me in hysterics and at the same time, I totally related.
  • Another fan favorite of mine is The Life and Times of a Self-Proclaimed Saucy Bitch. With a title like that (damn her…I wish I would have thought of it first), I couldn’t resist visiting the first time and have been going back ever since. I love her no-nonsense, hilarious style of writing and her post on swearing on blogs goes down in my blog history as one of the best! And be sure to check out the Make Me Laugh Monday posts of her cat in compromising yet hilarious positions (post a caption and maybe you’ll win a featured spot on her blog for a week)!
  • I am sure most of you have seen or heard of the blog Catalog Living (if you haven’t, go now…riot). I just recently discovered it and I have developed a slight obsession with it. Ok, you got me; an addiction! It’s the amazing and hilarious creation of Molly Erdman, a Los Angeles-based actor, writer, and comedian. It’s a glimpse into the fictional lives of Gary and Elaine who live in catalogue pictures.
  • If you have an aversion to foul language, I suggest you steer clear from my next fan favorite. The Bloggess (like Mother Teresa, only better) is like reading the blog posts of some of my best friends. She’s got a foul mouth (I gotta say, I like it) and is absolutely hysterical. When I read her post on listening to bananas, I was literally in tears from laughing so hard. Hubby thought I had lost it until he read it and nearly died. And her post about a giant metal chicken (need I say more) – O.M.G.
  • Carrie Spencer has a blog called smart ass romance (another fahhbulous title) where she dishes up posts from techie stuff to amazing new must-try drinks like the Captain Jack Sparrow and the Frosted Apple. YUM! These are going to be new HarKen Lodge specials!
  • Angela Orlowski-Peart is a YA paranormal and urban fiction writer so it’s no surprise that I love her blog. She posts a weekly mash-up of things that inspire her and they will inspire you to. And super cool, her flash fiction posts involves her readers! Her blog always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy. It’s like curling up with a feel-good book.

There is a ton of other fahhhous blogs that I follow but for now, I’ll leave you with these because this post is getting brutally long and I still have my seven random facts to write. Yikes! Hang in there, it’s almost over!

And now, seven random things about me…hold on to your hats!

  1. I absolutely love rules. Lawfully imposed, moral, flexible guidelines – I love them all! Most are personally imposed; a matter of perspective and interpretation. For me, they help generate a feeling of structure and security. I also feel a great sense of personal integrity and self-esteem from following rules that are important to me; “my word is my bond” kind of thing. I don’t cheat at games, or in relationships, and I don’t peek into Christmas presents. Rules Rock!
  2. OMG – don’t get me started with how much I ADORE lists and plans. They are my lifeline, my guideposts, and my heroes. If I am feeling frazzled or overwhelmed, all I need to do is sit down and compose a plan with supporting lists and I am a happy, organized, calm girl. They help me feel on top of my game! Poor hubby is inundated with plans and list and bless he heart, he does his best to be accepting of this quirk. Although, I have had to compromise; there are no more Christmas shopping lists – he had to draw the line somewhere.
  3. I like my sleep! Seriously, I would be thrilled if I could get 10 hours of sleep every night, although I usually have to settle for around seven hours. On weekends, ten hours (with an afternoon nap if we have late evening plans) would be ideal! Now mind you, I don’t let my love of sleep control my life but, it does mean that if I’ve had a few sleepless nights, I can get a wee bit rigid on my bedtime till I get caught up.
  4. I am seriously obsessed with being on time! Now I understand, life happens and we are all late from time-to-time. But I strive, almost to a fault, to be on time. As with any obsession, I can take it a bit far. For example, in the mornings, I used to turn into a huge grump bag if we were running a few minutes past our departure time. So…this year I turned over a new leaf recognizing it’s about knowing when being on time is a matter of “life and death” and when being close to on time is acceptable.
  5. I am a total urban redneck. Now, if you look up the definition of urban redneck you’ll get a varietyof thoughts on what that term actually means. For me, when I call myself an urban redneck, it means I’m a country girl at heart (born and raised in the country) but I live (and love) the city life as well. For example, I love NASCAR, camping, tubing, drinking beer, and ATVing (all redneck stuff) but I also love shoes, fashion, cultural events etc. And I can mix and match. For example, when I go ATVing, I have matching gray and black, pink trimmed jacket and pants with a black motorcross helmet with pink skulls….and my goggles have a mirrored lense. You get the picture!
  6. I am obsessed with two soap operas: General Hospital and the Young and the Restless. I tape them (PVR). I watch them every day. When I go on vacation for two weeks in the Dominican Republic, I still tape and watch each one when I return. It’s a sickness, I know.
  7. If I were ever to get a tattoo, I would love to get a lower back tattoo, commonly referred to as a tramp stamp. Promiscuous connotation aside, I think done tastefully, they can be hot and sexy!

Thank you again Jillian for the wonderful honor of the Blog on Fire Award! I hope to continue to do the award justice.

Now readers, if you’ve hung on this long, go share your own BOFA (Blog on Fire Award)!

What great blogs have you discovered lately? Got any quirks you’d like to share?

Love at first sight….myth or possibility?

After a first date, a good friend called me last night to tell me that she had a vision that he’s “THE one.” Cue the doves!


Ever the extreme optimist and enthusiast, even I had a tough time with that one. I mean, I am all for miracles and optimism and love at first sight and I so wanted to jump up and down for joy for her but…I found I just couldn’t.

I mean, to her credit, it’s not like she hasn’t spent any time getting to know this new guy. They met via an online dating site a few weeks ago. It’s a paid site so definitely for the “more” serious folks. And it’s a site that does potential mate recommendations based on a long list of compatibility factors, so definitely another positive. They have chatted online for hours and they’ve had a few long phone conversations.

But still? After the first in-person date he’s IT?

On the one hand, I want to tell her that anything is possible; that jumping in with both feet and no fear is what life and finding love is all about. I want to scream “hip hip hooray” for miracles and dreams comes true. I want to believe in love at first sight. I want to start planning the wedding! I want so badly for him to BE IT and for him to make all her relationship dreams come true!

On the other hand, I feel like I need to help her pull the reigns back a little bit. There’s optimistic potential and then there’s putting on blinders that can lead you down a slippery slope where you become so vested in “making this work cause I had a vision, damn you” that you ignore very serious red flags until it’s too late and next thing you know, you are soothing a very badly broken heart.

So what did I end up telling her? A bit of both!

I told her that I loved seeing her so happy and optimistic; that I wished nothing but the best for her and that I hoped this would all turn out perfectly for her. But I encouraged her to not let her emotions sweep her completely off her feet…just yet…

I suggested that perhaps rather than buying into the vision that “he’s IT,” that it might be more useful to think of him as having a lot of great potential. That it’s fahhhbulous to have an air of excitement about what it might lead to but that it’s just as important to maintain a little emotional detachment (just for the first few weeks) so if red flags DO start to show up, you have the fortitude and strength to walk away if need be.

And if he IS IT, a little emotional and optimistic restraint certainly wouldn’t harm anything!

I mean, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news and the buster of bubbles but I also feel I have a responsibility to all my friends to be honest with them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know everything (seriously…I do know everything but I know how totally wrong it is to say that…) and miracles do happen but?!?!?!

In the end, all I can share is my knowledge based on my experiences and then cross my fingers for her and hope for the best. Isn’t that the best any of us can do for our friends and family?

What would you have told my friend? Do you believe in love at first sight?

Hold the press. Break out the band. Get me a drum roll. Cue the cheerleaders.

And the Hubby of the Year Award goes to….


Yes…you guessed it….I was gifted a BlackBerry Bold 9900 last evening.

Hubby read the yesterday’s post and said that he really didn’t care which BlackBerry he had, as long as he had one. Considering how much I obviously love the new one, he insisted I have it. He said it was a Happy Birthday Blog gift. Awwwwwwwww….

I protested. I swear I did. I insisted he keep it. I mean…he deserves a new gadget considering I have a pink mini laptop and a Kindle. But…well…what can I say? He simply wouldn’t let it go. What could I do?! I didn’t want to offend him or throw his gift in his face…so….


I got me a new BlackBerry Bold 9900 and my pink glitter cases are on order.

And in my continued attempts to win Wife of the Year, I did order hubby his favorite otterbox for the Bold 9700 that he inherited.

When has your partner put your wants/needs ahead of his/her own? What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Marital jealousy…a battle over BlackBerries

BlackBerry Bold 9900Last June, my work BlackBerry was confiscated when my employer implemented a cost saving measure limiting the amount of people who had work-issued BlackBerries. Personally, I was a bit surprised. I thought communications people would be at the top of the list to have an electronic umbilical cord. I don’t know, call me crazy, in case of crisis or whatever…but what do I know…I’m just sayin’.

My employer might have adjusted to my lack of instant availability but hubby did not. After a couple of weeks, hubby couldn’t stand the lack of connectivity between us so we relented and purchased a BlackBerry for me. Ahhhhh…relief flooded through me. Come back to me old friend…let’s dance! It was wonderful.

This week, hubby’s work implemented the same cost savings measure and poof, hubby found himself without a BlackBerry. Arg! Instead of going through weeks of painful withdrawals (like I was forced to), we immediately headed up to the mall to shop. Hubby was weighing the options; BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android. After talking to the nifty sales dude, we settled on what we know best and hubby got hooked up with a new BlackBerry; the Bold 9900 no less.

I won’t lie, I drooled. Right there in the store. In front of people.

I used shameless guilt manipulation techniques to try and sway hubby into taking my bold 9700 (sooo passé…) and giving me the new toy. I mean seriously, I AM the one in the house who loves gadgets. Come on!

And to his credit, he did offer but in the end, I couldn’t take it. Hubby deserves a brand new tech toy to play with. For the last six months, he’s been stuck with his blocked-to-the-wazzooo work BlackBerry watching in envy as I downloaded apps and showed off everything cool with my toy. It’s his turn. It’s only fair, right?!

This was mighty big of me, I might add  (because I am typically much more self-centered and selfish). Hubby recognized this and dutifully rewarded me with gorgeous flowers this week. Tks hubby!

Back to the BlackBerry, I know what you are thinking, big deal? What’s the different between the bold 9700 and the bold 9900.

Well first off…THE KEYBOARD!

For years, I thought it was my fingernails causing the issue. I had such trouble typing on the darn things. My thumbs would get sore. Constant typing errors. Blasted. Low and behold, it wasn’t my nails, it was the keyboard. The upgraded keyboards has MAJOR uberlicious factor. It’s intuitive and the keys are super easy to press. Seriously, I could write a freaking blog post on this thing. Loooove it!

The 9900 is the thinnest BlackBerry yet and is wider making it uber comfy!

Then…hold on to your panties….it’s both a traditional BlackBerry with the optical trackpad and esc/menu keys and it’s also a full TOUCH screen.


It’s the best of both worlds baby. MORE drool!

The thing is hot. The screen resolution is out of this world. And for my technically inclined readers:

  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 24-bit high-res display – 287 ppi – 2.8″ (measured diagonally)
  • Liquid Graphics for fluid animations and instant response times
  • 768MB RAM, 8 GB eMMC – expandable memory up to 32 GB uSD card (optional)
  • 35 key backlit keyboard
  • 5 MP camera
  • HD video recording (720p)

The only thing bad I have to say about it…it doesn’t come in pink! I know. I know. I couldn’t believe it either. I totally complained on all of your behalf! But never fear….check out these amazing Bold 9900 cases I discovered on Amazon that would totally eliminate that whole “not available in pink” issue. Ahhh…if only I had a bold 9900….

Totally ME!

PINK Zebra Print - HELLO!

RAINBOW Zebra Print

Soooo cute!!!

Since hubby is keeping it though…sniff….I guess I’ll be nice and order him his BORING otterbox. Surprise hubby!

Boring Otterbox

I better win “Wife of the Year” this year!

What cool gadgets have you discovered lately? Ever use shameless guilt manipulation to get the latest and greatest from your spouse leaving him/her with an oldie (but goodie)?

My new muse

As most of you know, I’ve been working towards a revamp of my blog. It’s been fun and frustrating. But…there’s hope! Today I learned about a new tool that really knocked my socks off!! It is uberlicious in potential….eeeekeee….

It all started when I signed up for Kristen Lamb’s Blogging to Build Your Brand workshop. As I worked with the incredible #WANA711 group coming up with new content ideas and a posting schedule, I realized that content and consistency were only part of the blog picture for me. I felt I needed a new look to tie it all together; to make sure that visually, when you land on my blog you get a sense of me.

After having surfed and admired a ton of pretty spiffy blogs designs, I developed a serious case of blog envy. This wasn’t surprising for me. I am definitely drawn to colorful, pretty things. For instance, when I took up golf four years ago, I had to have cute, matching gear; a pink bag, pink clubs, and matching pink outfits and shoes (in the right shade of pink, no less). Yes, I even have the cutest pink shot counter. It’s an illness, what can I say?

Even hubby didn’t find it unusual when I started talking about wanting my blog look to match all the new, great content (not to mention my sparkling personality) that I had planned. But…how???

I use www.worpress.com for my blog and the great thing about it (other than it’s free), is that it’s very plug and play. You sign up; pick a template and BAM, your blog up is up and running in minutes. And there is some functionality you can to customize depending on the template such as the header, background, widgets etc.

But with all these great, fabulous designs visions floating in my head, I am finding the template thing kind of limiting. I have surfed and searched through all of them and nothing speaks to me. Nothing stands out. Nothing rocks my world. I mean what I have is ok, it’s nice; but it’s not me.

When I read Carrie Spencer’s post on domain names and WordPress, it became clear to me that to gain the freedom I want, I’ll have to make the move to www.wordpress.org at some point. Although it requires self-hosting, meaning there is a cost, it gives you true design freedom. However, even with the thousands of templates and plugins to choose from, I still feel like I’d still need some CSS or web design knowledge to take my blog design to the Natalie level I envision.

Well then Adobe steps up the plate with a whooper in my inbox this morning and I’ve fallen in love.

They have launched a new technology called Muse (beta form) that enables graphic designers to use familiar, free-form tools that we are used to in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to design and publish HTML and CSS websites—all without writing code or being restricted to templates.


Check out the videos at: http://muse.adobe.com and be prepared to have your socks blown off.

I downloaded the beta version immediately and am super psyched to get started playing around (stay tuned for my feedback in later posts). I mean, I am not graphic design genius but I certainly know my way around Adobe’s three design suites to perhaps pull something together.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t envision having my own blog designed from scratch tomorrow. I still have a lot to learn. I will stick with my plan and buy a premium theme this month to get the “pop” that I want while learning about web design via Muse. But at least now I feel like my web design learning curve may not be quite as steep as I thought. And that’s…uberlicious!

What do you think? Do you have enough graphics background to use this tool to take your design to the next level? Think you’ll try your hand at Adobe’s Muse?

Music that moves you…

Isn’t it amazing how music can move us? Across culture, race, language, or genre; it’s one constant that speaks to all of us. It can make us cry, laugh, or dance. It can comfort, encourage, and give us hope. It can sometimes feel like it physically lifts us up, give us faith or strength, and helps us feel more alive!

One song in particular that has always stood out to me is Amazing Grace. There’s something about it. It doesn’t matter if I am hearing it sang at a local church, as part of a professional concert, or on the radio; it feels like it fills my spirit. And every time I hear it, it brings me to tears. It’s simply stunning.

One of the most spectacular renditions I’ve ever seen is the performance by Il Divo in the ancient Roman Colosseum. The Colosseum, built in 70-80 AD, lends itself to creating an atmosphere that only enhances the power of the song. It blew me away. I could watch it a million times and never tire of it.

If you watch it, be sure to wait for the piper, it gave me shivers and goose bumps.

What songs move you to tears every time?

Removing my foot from my mouth…a correction notice

Ever accidentally put your foot in your mouth? I inadvertently did a bang up job last week…and I didn’t even know it.

So last night on the drive home from playing 18 holes of golf (ahhhh…) hubby tells me that he really enjoyed my latest post about Team Tess; the luv and appreciation that I sent out to him. But, he said, at the same time he couldn’t believe that I totally threw him under the bus….

I immediately start wracking my brain trying to think of when I chastised or said something negative about hubby. Since it’s so rare, I couldn’t imagine.

So he clarifies. He was reading my post about my new URL and graphical self-image when he noticed someone had commented that they got a great sense of me from the image. I replied with:

Thank you Annette. I appreciate the feedback. My hubby actually said he thought it was a really good comedic replica of me (although considerably thinner…LOL).

I am still not getting it.

He actually had to spell it out.

The way I wrote it made it sound like HE said that the comedic replica of me was considerably thinner than my real self.

D’oh! Opps!

I must clear this up right away. Hubby never said anything about our size differences. He never would. He loves all my curves and thinks I am slammin’ hot! He said he thought it was a great representation of myself and left it at that. The comment in brackets about the image being considerably thinner than my real self came from me. LOL!

Remove foot from mouth! Sorry hubs. Didn’t mean to toss you under the bus. Love ya…MUAH!

When have you put your foot in your mouth? How did you make it right?

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