How do you stay true to you?

I am taking Kristen Lamb’s Blogging to Build Your Brand workshop and it’s been a great learning experience thus far. We are a little more than half way through and we’ve been soaking up Kristen’s expertise and advice on branding, log-lines, and how to write posts that have a broad, relatable concept and are emotionally charged. At the end of the course we should all have a better sense of how to use our blogs to connect with readers, create a community, and develop ourselves (our name) as a brand.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the workshop has been meeting so many fellow bloggers and writers and creating a community of support. One such blogger Diana Murdock, took all of our lessons thus far and packaged them into a fantastic blog post today: When I Found Myself; I Found My Muse that I just had to share.

In her post, she wrote about how she lost herself for years in the business of life and the needs of others and how she’s rediscovering herself and putting herself first…and writing like mad.

Although I don’t have children of my own, the story resonated with me because like Diana, I struggle with making time for my personal priorities and dreams. I often get overly wrapped up in the busyness of my life whether it is work, friends and family responsibilities, household stuff etc and I put working on my dreams last. Even the pressure to get out and have as much fun as possible during our precious and limited summer days can take over my “dream” time.

It always comes back to the same thing: balance and prioritizing!

For me, blogging helps me stay true to me…Maybe I am not quite ready to sit down and start writing my book but I know deep inside that writing regularly is a priority for me. I love it and it feeds my soul. Blogging gives me that venue to write, to tap into my creativity, to reach out, to express myself and to enjoy the passion and pleasure I get from writing. In this way, blogging helps me stay focused on making time for my dream and keeping it a priority in my life.

How do you stay true to you? How do you find the balance between your life and your passions?



  1. Beautiful post, Natalie! It’s never easy walking that tight rope of balance. Every moment is a choice, and with so many things pulling us in different directions, it takes courage to put ourselves first. Selfish? Absolutely. But what others don’t often understand is unless we are overflowing with self-love and self-joy, no one will benefit from our existence.

    With so many years of resentment crammed inside of me, writing is a release. I can say things to the world that I won’t even admit to my closest friends. My words stem from a conversation between me and me. Everyone else is just listening in. And if others can be entertained, moved, or enlightened in the process, then all the better. Laying it all out there can be intimidating, but it really is empowering.

    Keep true to yourself, Natalie, and to your writing. It really does work.

    • My admiration for you simply continues to grow! Well said and so very true. Without our inner happiness and joy, what do we have to authentically share with others? Nothing. It’s when we honor ourselves, our dreams, needs and wants, that we honor our loved ones in that we can share the best of ourselves with them…otherwise, it’s only a shell of ourselves.

      I look forward to listening in on your conversation for as long as you as you share it. In laying it all out there, you inspire the rest of us to do so as well…thank you for carrying the torch and lighting the path! 🙂 I have every faith that I will continue to be inspired, entertained, and moved by your words and stories. Here’s to staying true…

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