Dear blog…the healing journey discussion

In May, I wrote a post about making the decision that I was healthy and how that was a key moment in my journey to attain self-worth and love. My Mom, who subscribes to my blog (bless her heart), works for a local non-profit counselling organization and after reading that post, she asked me if I would lead an informal lunch-time discussion about it entitled “the healing journey.” To advertise it, she wrote an editorial in our local newspaper with a few details from my post.

I was touched and honored and extremely nervous. It took place Monday and when I arrived, I was a bit surprised by the demographics of the group. We had 10 people covering the ages from around 15 to 80 and everything in between. I guess the quest to heal knows no boundaries and I was instantly engaged and captivated by the group.

It was a wonderful opportunity (thanks Mom!). In sharing my story to open the discussion, others were able to open up about and share about themselves. It never ceases to amaze me how common all of our struggles are. I think we all believe we are alone or that no one would understand when in reality, I think we’d be shocked and surprised to know how many people, even those closest to us, feel the same way.

When I do these types of presentations, that is the greatest gift I think I pass along. It’s like a collective sigh of relief goes around the table as people realize “I am normal…I am not alone…she went through that to?!?!” And then the most amazing thing happens; strangers open up to one another in ways they normally wouldn’t (not even to their best friends or family) and they share…intimately, exposing their inner most fears and thoughts. And a group of total strangers bonds together and learns from each other.

It’s a most beautiful thing.

Ever opened yourself up to a group of strangers before? How did it feel? Why do you think you were able to?

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