Dear blog…no more home phone, Internet, and extensive channel line up…is the world ending?

So….we have decided to cut our satellite package back to basic and disconnect our home phone and Internet. I know…I know, I can almost hear you all now “NO INTERNET AT HOME???” I feel you!!!

As we make this radical move and the anxiety builds, I ask myself, how will I survive?

We are paying $135/month for our Satellite package which gave us six theme packages; around $85/month for our home phone and Internet; and $130/month for two Smartphones. So, we are dishing out about $350 a month for entertainment.

That’s insane! That’s more than my car payment was. When I sat down and looked at it, my mind was boggled. Do we need all that? Do we USE all that? Honestly, there’s only one way to really find out effectively what matters most to us, take it all away and see where it hurts!

I started with Satellite and upon review, realized that out of the six packages we are paying for, we really only watch three channels, and sporadically at best. Could we live without those few shows? Could we live with less television options as a whole? I think so! More and more I am realizing the affliction and addiction most of us have with mindless television that takes us away from connecting with our family and being more active. To be honest, I contemplated getting rid of the entire system but I think that would have created a mutiny in my house! Regardless, I think less TV is a good thing! Ok – I don’t think that part will hurt much although I’ll definitely miss my HGTV and Say Yes to the Dress!

Then to the phone. We NEVER use it! It’s a land line so it’s definitely more comfortable to talk on then a blackberry but regardless, we might make or receive five or ten calls a month, which could easily be transferred over to our Smartphones. And there are tons of expensive gadgets I can get to increase my comfort when talking on it! Done. No brainer! I don’t think I’ll miss it a bit!

Since the phone is part of a “bundle” with Internet, to really get a savings, we gotta lose both. With Internet access at work, which is 15 minutes away and with both of us using our Smartphones to access social sites and lite Internet browsing like the weather or the movies at home, there doesn’t seem to be much point to shelling out $60/month for Internet. Couldn’t I write my blog posts at home and post them at lunch or on a break at work? Couldn’t we just “work around it” and manage? I think so but I gotta be honest, out of everything, cutting the Internet is the one thing I worry about missing most! But I do think that cutting it and then seeing how tough it is will help us determine if it’s a worthwhile expense or not.

So that will bring our monthly entertainment access bill down to $219/month, saving us $130 a month or $1560 a year. When you put it like that – it definitely has punch!

Around $200 a month is a little more reasonable but sometimes when I think about the deals and rates my neighboring American’s can get for Smartphones, Internet, Satellite and home phone, it really gets my blood boiling. Lack of competition and total market ownership seem to put us paying a lot more for the same connectivity!

How much connectivity and entertainment options do you have at home? How much do you think is reasonable to spend on all of that stuff? Is being a fully Internet connected home a ‘must have’ these days?

Maybe it’ll be pain-free, maybe not – I will definitely keep you posted!



  1. we talk about cutting our cable back all the time but haven’t gotten around to taking action on it yet. We definitely have and pay for more channels that we need. As for the Internet though, oh I just couldn’t say goodbye to that.

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