Dear blog…it’s back to court we go…

Donna Kennie (1949-2009)

Well tomorrow is the big day; it’s back to court we go.

Trent Albert Mallet, who was found guilty of impaired driving causing death in February 2011, in relation to the car accident on August 1, 2009 that killed my mother-in-law, Donna Kennie, will be sentenced tomorrow; on what would have been her 62nd birthday! Finally this torturous trial will be behind us.

It’s not that the grief or pain will stop but at least this part of the process will be behind us and I think we will be able to start to heal. It’s closure for a wound that has been open and festering for over 18 months. It’ll be a huge weight lifted from our shoulders.

His sentence will never be enough. To be honest, it’ll likely be a slap in the face as Canadian impaired driving laws are laughable to say the least. You get more time for dealing marijuana than you do for driving drunk and killing someone. But at least he’ll be held accountable for his crime, which is more than most people in our situation get, giving that majority of impaired drivers who kill, aren’t even charged, let alone charged and convicted; the Canadian Criminal Code of Loopholes, as I like to refer to it.

Regardless, the system is what it is right now and we can’t change it for our immediate case. So we work within it and take the wins that we can!

I heard that there have been about 20 victim impact statements submitted for the judge to read. And there are a number of us who will be reading our statements aloud. I am sure it’ll be an emotional day to say the least.

I am nervous to read mine. I have no issue around public speaking and actually I welcome the opportunity but I am still nervous. I know when I get up there to speak my belly will be just churning, my palms will be sweating, my heart will be pounding, and my throat will feel like it’s suddenly the Sahara desert but that’s ok. Nothing will stop me from having my say. It’s the only opportunity we have to ensure that Trent hears how his choices and actions on that fateful day have affected us and how they will continue to affect us for the rest of our lives.

He gets to serve his time in jail, get out, and go on with his life, as if nothing ever happened while Donna’s family and friends are the ones left to serve a life sentence. We will miss and mourn the loss of this most spectacular woman, mother, and friend forever.

I will keep you posted tomorrow on the outcome. Stay tuned….

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And just in case you are interested in getting involved (if you live in Canada): answer this Call to Action (for random breath testing, which will prevent these accidents from happening in the FIRST place).



  1. so very sad. I hope this brings the closure you and your family need.

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