Charity & Blog of the Month: the SPCA and a Saucy B

This month I am shaking things up and doing a combination post. My friend at The Life and Times of a Self-Proclaimed Saucy Bitch wrote a great post this morning about animal hoarding. A huge animal lover, the prevention of animal cruelty is an incredibly important issue that I feel very passionate about. And I want to give a huge Shout Out to Saucy B for bringing this subject up and putting it out there!

Summary of the Blog

Saucy B is a huge animal lover and she is passionate about helping animals. She volunteers are her local animal shelter. Her blog is a humorous look at her quest to “have it all” as a wife, working woman and everything in between.

Why I like the blog

Saucy B is about as down to earth as it gets. Her posts are real life insight with sense of humour that resonates with me. Reading her posts, I honestly feel like we are BFFs.

Some posts that had me giggling:

What Happens When You Leave Your Husband Alone with Your Blog? What a riot. This could have totally happened to me since Scott and I swap computers for any number of reasons.

Make Me Laugh Monday is part of a series of Monday posts with hilarious photos! And the best part, her readers get to comment on the caption. Saucy B then chooses the best one and she features that blogger in her side bar all week. So fun and cool!

Delusions of Grandeur is a hysterical post on her delusions of grandeur; I swear I nearly spit my coffee out reading this post. I think I found it incredible funny because I can relate and have envisioned doing the very same thing!!! 

Be sure to check out at The Life and Times of a Self-Proclaimed Saucy Bitch! It’s definitely a worthwhile, fun visit and I guarantee, you’ll keep going back for more.

And that brings me to my Charity of the Month…

In keeping in line with Saucy B’s lead today, I would like to highlight the organizations that work towards the prevention of cruelty to animals. I loved Saucy B’s post, The One Where I Get on My SoapBox – Animal Hoarding, where she wrote:

But animals can’t speak for themselves.  They are completely reliant on us – as the ASPCA slogan goes – to “be their voice.”


It amazes me that there are people out there who are cruel to our furry friends. It breaks my heart to think of animals being abused physically and/or neglected. Even more unthinkable is the madness of puppy mills and animal hoarding.

And worse than even that, if you can imagine, is the idea that there are people out there who know about these situations, know of the neighbor having a puppy mill, know of a family member hoarding, know of that person down the road neglecting or abusing his/her animals and yet they do NOTHING? To me, they are just as guilty!

The issue is tremendously upsetting and overwhelming for me. I feel so helpless and overpowered and emotionally devastated by the stories. How do we put an end to animal cruelty? How do we put an end to human cruelty for that matter? Why are there people out there who still feel like they have the right to prey on and take advantage of the most vulnerable in our societies?

I am at a lost. Every time I ponder the subject, my heart fills with dread and upset. I don’t understand and I don’t know what I can do about it other than support my local SPCA, bring attention to these horrendous crimes, and take care of my own furry children. It’s a small consolation but it’s all I got.

The first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was organized in England in 1824, primarily to prevent the abuse of carriage horses in the days before automobiles. The SPCA helped to pass laws that regulated the carriage-horse business. With this success, the Society expanded to include dogs and other animals in its fight against cruelty. The first American SPCA was started in 1866 in New York City. There are now SPCAs all over the US, Canada, and all over the world.

The common theme among all of the animal organizations is the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans, and must be protected under the law.

In Canada, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies(CFHS), founded in 1957, is the national voice of humane societies and local chapters of the SPCAs. They bring together those who work with, and care for animals to promote respect and humane treatment toward all animals. Throughout Canada, there are hundreds of local chapters of SPCAs in every province and territory. Check out: Canadian SPCAs.

In the United States, there is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Founded in 1866, it is one of the largest in the world. Similarly to Canada, there are hundreds of local chapters located throughout the US. Check out: US SPCAs.

Internationally, there is the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International, which has outreach programs to help thousands of animals around the world. The SPCA International was founded in the US in 2006 with the mission to advance the safety and well-being of animals. Check out: International SPCAs.

We can all do our part – locate and get involved with your local organizations!

Let’s be their voice!

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