Dear blog…it’s not a day…it’s a season!

This past weekend I celebrated turning 36 years old. I have always typically made a big deal of my birthday but I find as I get older, it’s becoming less and less important. And it isn’t that I have issues with getting older nor do I have a sudden hate on for my birthday but I just find overall, I am toning down in my life. I am calmer and more at peace and I think I like my celebrations to reflect that.

Rather than have large, loud party this year, I opted for more intimate celebrations spread out over a longer period of time. I consider my birthday a “season,” not simply a day! Considering I have a fairly large group of dispersed friends (meaning not all of my friends are part of the same large group), celebrating with smaller groups in different ways allows me to visit and connect more closely with folks.

So here’s the birthday season celebrations summed up.

Friday – March 18

Scott surprised me with a snowmobile for my birthday (although I was certain the Kindle and the cross-country skies were for my birthday). Alas, he found a black and pink sled that screamed my name and was a must have. It’s a 1992 Polaris Indy 500 with 13,000 kilometers on it. This is perfect for what we want. Snowmobiling in New Brunswick is a huge sport but the season is so short and the fun is mighty expensive. Scott and I planned on getting a couple older, cheap sleds so that we could get into the camp all winter and putter around. One down, one to go!

In the evening, we went out to dinner with a group of friends of about 7 adults and two small children and we had my fav…ice cream cake!!

Saturday – March 19 (my actual birthday) 

I had the honor of going for a soul reading with my good friend Donna Somerville. Donna is a spiritual medium and facilitator. A soul reading is meant to give a person a deeper respect for his/her human self and an expanded perspective of his/her Soul Self. I went for my first reading with Donna nearly two years ago so it was time for a follow-up session. What an absolutely blissful way to spend an hour. Stay tuned for a post on the reading itself….

In the evening, Scott and I went out for a Chinese dinner and played dice (game called Greed that we’ve tweaked up with some cool stealing rules) with two other couples and also had a hot tub night! The laughs flowed till the wee hours of morning.

Of course, most of you probably think this is where the celebrating ends. Nope…I did say it’s a season!

March 25-26

This coming weekend, we are heading to our wilderness camp, HarKen Lodge, with another couple to keep the party going. They were away this past weekend and couldn’t take part in the fun. So many people to celebrate with, so little time!

Friday – April 1

One of my best gal pals and I have a tradition of spending a Friday evening together to celebrate each of our birthdays. We either order in something insanely delicious, or she cooks (which is just as insanely delicious), and we drink wine and gossip for hours. We celebrated her January birthday in early February and we will celebrate mine a week from tomorrow. It’s one of my favorite evenings.

Sunday – April 3

Alas, I haven’t mentioned my family in all of this. They are not forgotten or left out of the party! We will be having brunch with the entire family to celebrate March birthdays (me and my brother-in-law) on Sunday April 3rd.

Saturday – April 9

My mother planned a surprise (although she had to tell me about it just to be safe) lap dance learning and passion party coordinated by a new fitness center in Fredericton called Body Slim Fitness. She’s invited a bunch of fun gals among both her and my friends for an evening of lap dancing and laughs! And of course, to attend, participation is mandatory. Have I mentioned how much I adore my mother and how incredibly she rocks!! I just love that lady!!

And that’s it I think for this year’s celebration! Phew…

How do you celebrate your big day?

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