Blog of the Month – The Hack Novelist

This month I would like to highlight The Hack Novelist. Recently I started exploring blogs written by aspiring writers and this one has had me in chuckles ever since I discovered it.

Summary of the blog

The Hack Novelist exists to document one writer’s journey as he writes, edits, and markets his first novel.

Why I like the blog

Each posts starts off by chronicling how many pages he’s edited or written that day, which he says helps him to stay accountable (love that). And then sprinkled throughout each post are humorous stories woven together with wonderfully written prose that capture his success and/or stress throughout his writing and editing experience.

I love his “About Me” page which refers to his readers as “Dear Loyal Reader,” a theme that follows throughout the blog and is quite charming. It makes the blog feel personal.

He constantly apologizes in a hilarious manner for his writing, which to me is actually fabulous. I find his style and his posts interestingly crafted together with an amazing story-telling aspect that actually does give you great bits of information on how he’s feeling about his place in the writing world at that moment.

Posts that spoke to me

8 Pages and an Editing Crane Kick: crack me up, in this post, Hack writes a letter to Mr. Miyagi (from the Karate Kid movie series) to outline his distaste for the editing process he’s currently undertaken on his recently finished novel.

8 Pages and the Conference Call: a hilarious post less about writing and more about life. I nearly died laughing reading it since it was something I could totally see myself writing. Obviously he ran into someone at the coffee shop who was obnoxious and inconsiderate and I loved Hack’s letter to him.

2 Pages and a Lil’ Mornin’ Learnin’: this is one of those posts that makes you feel like his writing is so personal, and written just for you. And then he adds this hilarious list of blogging best practices. Loved it and totally cracked me up.

Be sure to check out The Hack Novelist – a very humorous and delightful blog all about the joys (and not so joyous) aspects of being an author. It’s definitely a worthwhile, fun visit and I guarantee, you’ll keep going back for more.

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