Dear blog…I am selling my wedding dress

wedding dress for sale

wedding dress for sale

Last week I listed my beautiful wedding dress for sale. It’s a Maggie Sottero in diamond white satin. It’s a strapless number with a rouched bodice and a lace-up corset back so it fits like a glove accentuating the curve of the waist while hiding any hip/thigh flaws you may not want to showcase. It’s got some embellishments across the neckline and around the back with a stunning appliqué that hits just below the hip on the side. I say it’s sophisticated and classy with a good hint of sparkle.

Honestly, selling it wasn’t a tough decision for me. With regards to the wedding, I only have three regrets. Well maybe “regrets” is an overly strong statement. I should say there are three things I would have done a little differently, small tweaks. And my wedding dress is one of them.

I can say looking at the wedding photos that it looked fantastic on me. I was gorgeous. It fit the Caribbean venue and Scott was blown away by it. It showed off every aspect I wanted it to while hiding those I wasn’t as comfortable with. I know that it took some of the attendees’ breath away and my mother quite literally gasped the first time she saw me in it (no one wants a better reaction than that; a mother’s gasp in sheer awe). But me…I never had that “OMG, this is the one…” kind of experience when I bought it.

So why did I buy it? Because I could see the dress for what it was; stunning and perfect for me, my body and the venue. I did love it but I just didn’t “looooovvvveeee” it! It didn’t blow me away or take my breath away. I didn’t well up and cry. I wasn’t overwhelmed by emotion the first time I put it on, or the second, or the third. And to this day, I have no idea why I didn’t.

The moment after I paid the deposit, I sort of regretted it. And in the spirit of “no regrets” I did spend the next five months looking for something to top it. I searched, I tried on, I compared. And that was just it; I never did find anything to top it. So…I wore it quite happily. And it also means I am quite comfortable to sell it. I am not emotionally attached to it.

Looking back…

Honestly, I wish I would have given more thought to the idea of Scott going dress shopping with me. Not because I think the outcome would have been different and not because my very best gal pal wasn’t amazing, wonderful, and patient; she was all that and more. But, one of the things I love most about Scott and I is how we share in everything together; and none more than the wedding. It was a true statement of the two of us, a reflection of us and of our relationship and our commitment to one another. And when we were shopping for his perfect suit, he asked me why I got to be there when he was not welcome to shop with me for my dress. Why indeed?

What is about that tradition that makes us ladies shop for the most important “dress” we’ll ever wear without the opinion of the most important person in our lives? When we got back from the wedding, I saw an episode of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress and they featured a couple shopping together and it was so ultra-romantique and it made me go “awwwww….I wish we could have done that…” At that moment, I was a bit taken aback and surprised that I hadn’t considered shopping together because, in seeing that couple, I realized Scott and I would have had a blast shopping for my dress together. For me, it wasn’t about bad luck but I think it boiled down to wanting to surprise him, to take his breath away, and watch him gasp at my beauty! But honestly, I think he would have done that anyway. In the end, the time has passed and it was what it was and…it all turned out beautifully!

What was your experience buying a wedding dress? Did you have that all-knowing, head-over-heels, MUST HAVE feeling or did you buy something that you knew looked great but didn’t give you that “wohooo” feeling?

Did you shop with close women friends/family or did you break tradition and bring your beau along?

Stay tuned for posts on my other two wishful wedding tweaks soon to come…

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