Dear blog…here’s hoping it’ll be a camp weekend…

a "must have" for getting into the camp in the winter

Well Scott is off to HarKen Lodge today; our camp (in the truest sense of the word) in the middle of nowhere. Check out: He should have just headed my advice for some deets and pics of the camp.

Well, he’s not actually at the camp. He is at the first of two roads leading into the camp. He drove out Tuesday night and to his dismay, he found that neither of the main roads to get into HarKen Lodge was plowed.

Now this isn’t unusual. The camp is situated on provincial crown land so it’s not something that has guaranteed year-round access. Luckily, some years, a couple logging mills will get permits to haul wood from around the area near the camp. And then…if the stars align…a couple of fellow camp owners will track down and convince the snow plow driver (who keeps the logging roads clear) to take a quick swipe through the camp roads. I mean, it would literally take them half an hour – short little roads – and it’s RIGHT on their way.

But it doesn’t always work out. Some years we’ve had access for pretty much the entire winter, some winters it’s touch and go, and we’ve also had some winters when we’ve had no access from around mid-January until April. It’s a crapshoot. So far this year, considering we’ve been inundated with snow in Jan/Feb, it had been going well and the road had been plowed. But alas, not for the last two weeks and in that time, we got hit by three major snow storms so…access denied!

Normally we would have just chalked it up to “guess we are waiting until the snow plow goes through,” but since Scott got himself a Rhino with a plow, he decided to see what he could do himself. And another camp owner from out that way (who is as determined as Scott to get in this weekend) was going to meet him with his ATV and plow. They hoped between the two of them, we’d have access for a Friday night arrival.

I am not so sure. That’s a lot of snow to move with two bikes but I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

I’d love a weekend at the camp for reading, writing, and relaxing – that would be heavenly!

The other thing that starts this weekend is NASCAR! We are huge fans in our house. Although we don’t let it consume us through the summer months – who wants to stay inside on a sunny Sunday to watch NASCAR; hello PVR! For this weekend, the idea of curling up by a fire and watching the Daytona 500 sounds simply delicious!

We need a GREAT weekend because Monday is the continuation of the court case for Scott’s Mom (who was killed by a drunk driver in the summer of 2009). During this next court session, we are supposed to find out if the judge will allow the medical blood expert testimony in as evidence, which was presented on December 15, 2011. If the judge allows it in as evidence, we would be nearly guaranteed a guilty verdict. But, if he renders it inadmissible, this would ultimately mean that the defendant would be found not-guilty and would get away with killing Scott’s mother. To catch up on the court story (fiasco), here are some related posts:

And just in case you are interested in getting involved (if you live in Canada): Call to Action (for random breath testing).

So…a lot is riding on Monday. A good weekend is a must have!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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