Net neutrality – WTF?

it could look like this...

Okay, so I’ve been hearing little news bits here and there about the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and usage-billing for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that deliver residential Internet access. But, head in sand, I paid little attention until I read a great post by spydergrrl on the web that put everything into perspective and woke me up!

To summarize spydergrrl’s post, in a nutshell, net neutrality is the idea that all data on a network is created equally. So…what’s that mean to me? Well right now, I receive the same monthly bill for Internet access at home. It doesn’t matter if I download 10 movies, watch piles of YouTube videos giggling for hours, or give in to my severe Facebook addiction all night, every night. I pay the same amount each month for unlimited play and…unlimited access. In this net neutrality environment, my ISP can’t monitor my traffic and they have to treat all my data and all my traffic as equal.

The big scary future…

The CRTC just approved usage-based billing for ISPs that deliver residential Internet access. WTF? That means that not only will I have to pay for the Internet at home, now IPS will be free to charge me for how much I use. And as spydergrrl pointed out so eloquently, that’s just one step away from charging me based on what I download and access. YIKES!

To view a really simple, easy-to-wrap-your-head-around graphic, check out the open, which explains how ISPs would like to run their shops. In viewing this, my ALARM bells starting going off and I quickly completed spydergrrl’s to do list (bullets below) without a moment of hesitation:

Here’s hoping we can join together to ensure that Internet life as we know stays the same! I cannot imagine having to pay to access YouTube or Facebook in the same costly fashion that I do to subscribe to the Movie Network and NASCAR HotPass via the satellite. God help me.

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